Yr 11 Furniture Construction

welcome guys here to talk about year 11furnished construction so you're mostlyyou know we have two courses ones ofcreative millwork creative woodwork costand ones are creative ones a traditionalwoodwork course and there's differentfor different reasons so if you have apassion or interest in traditionalwoodworking skills making traditionalwoodworking joints types things and makea traditional furniture style our sortof timber with traditional joints thenthis is probably the course you want tobe thinking they're doing so they'remore bread of course it's a semestercourse with ten sage credits it has acouple different components to it so westart off with our skills tasks whereyou'll make some traditional joints andI'm sort of timber you'll then testthose joints with joint strength and youreflect and evaluate on the process ofmaking them to help you better make itmore formal choice when it comes to yourmajor product from there you'll do it aslibraries do some research littlesimilar products what would you like tomake once you've established with youwhat slate you're gonna make a scalemodel a cardboard now they might seemfiner making a cardboard but it meansyou can get a half size scale of one puttogether quite quickly you can see wherethe S thing's gonna work and you canevaluate it to see whether you like thedesign of the it or you want to make thechangecuz Nia's trying to make changes what'sgood Carol model locked up you know ifdrawings and your CAD drawings with yourproject you then going to practice theskills you need to do your project andthis is where your project and yourlearning might be different to eachother so depending on what you're doingis you be practicing crystal fingerjoints is in one type of shape reveringor making a traditional frame usingframe drive techniques and railingtechniques for assessingtops and stuff so you're going to be alittle bit individual to you around whatyouno you put these skills and knowledgeinto your major Prattand sir so for those that don't knowwhat the major product you want to do wehave a default small bedside stand herethat we use as a default project forstudents you're not sure then it comes alot of techniques like chef and you justusing some power machinery like makingmost tenon joints using the machineryreflecting on the learning you learn tojoy and skills tasks and applying thoseto make a standard project how we doencourage you to make a project that'sunique to you that you would like to usetake away in doing this and getting youready for year 12 there's going to be aportfolio put together which is a foliopart which will have an investigationinto timber industry in South Australiaand looking at advantages of plantationtimber over all growth timber alsoyou'll keep a journal or a log a blog ora journal to pinch with your ballot ofyour learning and this will be doneweekly as you go through those stagesyou've done what you've worked newskills things like what things that youneed to tweak long practice and whatyou're going to do in the future sobetween your skills tasks your majoryour minor and your journal that takesup your assessment for stage one Frenchconstruction hope to see it courseselection and have you seen finishedconstruction this yearcheers guys

Through this video series you will be able to understand what is involved in all of the Design and Technology Subjects offered at Reynella East College. This is imperative to your success in these subjects and is going to be really beneficial for you with subject selections coming up.

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