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[Music]hey double hey San Francisco BayMonterey my name is Aleksandra I'mdoctor Shasta we're here with anotherepisode of your healthy living and boywe've been having some fun this weekEvelyn you almost got me going therehe's talking about the fact that I gotthe giggles in last show dr. Chestergave us her Kelly's heels so if you everknow dr. Shasta make her giggle for alittle bit and it just once I'm once I'mnot supposed to - laughs I just I can'tnot laugh it's just I know that's whereit is that like a syndrome or somethinghave that been diagnosed I'm sure thereare some people who would like to labelme whatever exactly it's called growingup around a big dinner table where wherewe were supposed to be quiet and a lotof really funny things are going on andand the more you're supposed to be quietthe harder it is not to laugh I was justwishing you would have let me in on thesecret because you were laughing overthere and I kind of felt a little leftout I didn't hear the doctor CarlaMcClure from joyful life acupuncture andintegrative medicine up in are you inTruckee in Truckee love Truckee andCarla is currently a doctor inacupuncture and Chinese medicinespecializing in women's health with afocus in fertility and obstetrics with asecond reallysecond specialty in pain management andrelief for any pain conditions carla hasbeen practicing acupressure and massageand diet nutrition for over 20 years inacupuncture for the last seven yearsshe is credentialed at Tahoe Foresthospital to provide acupuncture duringlabor and delivery as well as in themedical surgical unit and the ICU Wowyes and I have a follow her on Facebookand I see her out you know onlines helping helping patients with manydifferent issues from pain to tonutrition to fertility to pregnancy topostpartum she is the old-time generalpractitioner doctor a holistic doctorand she's serving their community upthere and we're lucky to have her on theshow and I think it's beautiful here yougot snow on the ground up there rightyep yeah yeah I know it's been a realyeah you know I guess we were kind oftalking before the show we were talkinga little bit about Tahoe and Nevadayou're actually licensed in Nevadaexactly right and what do they call youin Nevada instead do em yeah and are youlike are you people come from both yeahI actually have a lot of clients whocome from Reno because it's a lot moreexpensive to get your license in Nevadaand it used to be much harder the testused to be harder and you used to haveto intern and another acupuncture jobthat would have to nominate you for thetest Wow Wow now they're making iteasier but there's there's actually inTruckee North Lake Tahoe we have like 20acupuncturists maybe a total of 50,000people and in Reno they only have 14 14oh yeah so they probably needed two ofthat population yeah I actually have ashortage and and so I actually havepoints have come from Reno and even whenI signed up for the test I even actuallygot cold called from Vegas and offeredthree acupuncture jobs yes that's reallycool I I'm gonna guess that skiers needmore acupuncture than anybody else isn'tthat right you would think that's theway it goes hey we're gonna be rightback after this commercial breaktalking a little bit more with dr. carlaMcClure and all this awesome acupuncturestuff that I'm just gonna listen in alittle bit we'll be right back afterthis[Music][Music]hey hey hey San Francisco Bay Montereymy name is Aleksandra I'm doctor Shastawe're back with your healthy living onthe ki YS kindness in your soul radionetwork talking with dr. carla McClureyeah another acupuncturist is in we didour doctorate together oh really okaythat's coolyep and she has a very unique situationI've never heard of an acupuncturisthaving where she's able to do work inthe hospital during the labor anddelivery most mal practices won't covers acupuncturist really assisting laborbut she has managed to actually havethat happen and be doing that whichshare a little bit about that so thereso yeah there's there's a lot of thecompanies that ensure that physiciansmalpractice for doctors are now ensuringacupuncturist to because more and moreof us are working in hospitals and theycover everything in the scope ofpractice without exclusions so there's acompany so I did have to change myinsurance to be able to cover activelabor and so any way that there was adoctor who wanted to have acupuncturistbe able to work in the hospital andvolunteer so they had to get hiscredential so it took her a few years toget it through the medical committee andI happened to I set the intention inschool that I wanted to get it into thathospital and and then a year after I gotup here I ran into her in the hallwayrandomly in front of the obstetricsDepartment and not randomly you she saidgreat we're on the agenda for the nextmeeting can you they want anacupuncturist to come answer questionsabout safety and efficacy and then shecalled me and said we're getting sixminutes I'm gonna introduce you andhere's the topics I want you to discoverto discuss yeah and then they can askquestions and the medical committeethat's their time and so I went withTyler lap conjunto five branches andlives in tow city and another localacupuncturist Stephen bar and we did thepresentation and they unanimouslyapproved us to be there now they alsoone of thewe got approved I heard from the HRperson later was because many of thedoctors knew both myself and Tylerpersonally because we've lived in thecommunity and they knew us through otheravenues so they had a trust in us on aprofessional level and a personal leveland and that's actually important ingetting into a hospital I got a guessthat's pretty unique I mean not allhospitals that do do have it and forinstance Claudia sick of it's inBrooklyn actually has an internshipprogram where you can go as anacupuncturist and intern in both laborand delivery and the stroke clinic andfor a week and up to six months at atime so they do they have a clinicalinternship and I do know there's acouple of other hospitals and probablysome that we don't even know about youknow that have it but a lot of themdon'tsome of them will allow you to come inand do acupressure and actually Deborahdr. Deborah Betts who co-authored wantto offered one of the books on pregnancyfirst English texts on acupressure andacupuncture pregnancy says that theacupressure points are more effectivefor pain and labor than acupuncture soacupressure you can teach anyone to doright that's very or a doula or thenurses so I've actually you know taughtsome of the nurses how to do it and theytotally won't jump in and go if you tellus what point to push and women so theacupressure is actually two or three youkind of want two or three hands on it'sa very hands-on pain management becauseyou're holding it for every contractionyeah okay it's not like sticking aneedle in that area and it'll justletting it sit there and do the work doacupuncture for like failure to progressin the labor or if the uterinecontractions aren't strong enough or ifthe baby like turns from anterior toposterior position we would do somepoints to get it to turn back over yeahI'm done like before really long beforethere's a lot of different and then atthe end for helping the placenta comeout you do a liver 14 but you canactually do that with acupressure too soClaudia stick Yvette'sjust pushes that push it puts our handright in that point and then I do pointsfor postpartum bleeding like spleen oneand liver one and so I just kind ofhover around and do whatever's neededand then do maybe acupuncture points foremotional support like if the mom isgetting tired or feeling frustrated withit or well how long it's going and whata great thing to have natural painrelief while you're going through yes asopposed to an epidural or whatever rightwhich which they can you know epiduralscan finally get a woman through 12 to 15hours of labor with the acupressure andthen they might choose to have anepidural more because they get tiredright rather than because they're havingtrouble handling the pain it's they canusually still handle the pain withacupressure but at 15 hours your team istired that's what happened to me my sonwas 11 days late and then they inducedme and then the pain was so intense fromthe pitocin that there was no way I wasgoing to survive without the epiduralepidural saved me it was I had a goodexperience but it's fine but also withthe pitocin and those intensecontractions you know you can do I doear acupuncture like I'll put the tacksin mhmmm I don't have to take needles inand out and they just stay in throughthe whole labor and yet the postpartumperiod and those help like with reducingthe pain from the pitocin so we can workwith you know even the met reallyexciting really exciting Karla do thestudies show that this helps decreasec-sections have no pain be less trialsshow that even getting free laboracupuncture so from week 36 on once aweek to kind of get ready for labormm-hmm that actually reduces the laborby an average of four hours hmm saysyou're pushing time by half so even thenit's a longer Labor's I've been in thatwe're 21 or 24 or 30 hours they wereonly pushing for like 45 minutes to anhour mm-hmmright so so generally it'll reduce it byan average of four hours which you knowcould mean a lot of different things forit because every labor is different yeahRob but it does reduce the pushing timesignificantly yeah and most of the womenreport that even getting pre laboracupuncture even if they're not havingit during the labor they say it helpsthem deal with the labor better andanything that will come up in the labormm-hmm like complications or even ifit's a long labor they feel like theycan kind of roll with it yeah you knowthey're emotionally more centered andbalanced and ready to deal with whateverwhatever then I I was lucky with my twokids she was only in labor for I thinkfour hours for one and three hours forthe other one so my arm was only gettingripped off for about an you know totalof seven hours after two kids but that'samazing that you know I think tosomebody who comes from a family that'sall medicine you know of course you knowwe grew up in the 60s 70s up here superwelcoming you know when I come inthey're like oh great you're herethey're the the how first hospital theobstetrics has been voted one of the topbaby friendly hospitals in the countrywhich they also encourage breastfeedingright away wonderful skin immediatelyeven if you get a c-section they'redoing skin-to-skin on the mom for atleast 60 seconds mm and that handing thebaby to the father and the father isgetting the skin-to-skin while theystitch mom up yeah that's in the roomfor the c-section so they're reallydoing everything they can to ensure likebest bonding for Mom and being so goodin the certificate in the same room andnot that's just amazing and theimportance of actual vaginal deliveryfor the baby's immune system with thebacteria that the babies get is makes itso important that we have another way toreduce pain in induced labor and naturalchildbirth for the for the protectionand longevity of the child getting theright bacteria from their mother yeah Itell you what I wouldjust listening to this of course I'mkind of the fly on the wall here but howamazing would it be not only for birthbut to really start to bring acupuncturein to the emergency rooms whileemergency room epidemic oh my gosh wenever hear about about the pressureshould be used for pain actually becauseactually treats the pain along withreleasing natural opiates and that's whyI was asking about the other hospitalsthat might you know have that the youknow acupuncture available I know theyjust kind of insurance started addingchiropractics and in an acupuncture andthat kind of thing to their you knowcovered lost it's actually been in thecoverage for well over 20 years oh ithas it has been in the past when I wasin college which you know now that's 28years ago hold that hold that thoughtCarlo we're gonna be right back after wedo this commercial break and we'll talkabout on some other specialties you gotbecause you've got some really coolspecialties in acupuncture we'll beright back after this commercial breakwith dr. carla McClure I'm Makenna raysharing healthy tips there's a class ofchemicals that are widely used in ournonstick pans pizza boxes food wrappersand a lot of other consumer productsthat are accumulating in our bodies andthat have been discovered to be causingweight gain these products for the last60 years have been known as PFA s's andare often used to waterproof products orto make them nonstick to use them asstain resistant and so that's why weoften see them in our cookware we seethem in carpets and in our food wrappersthese chemicals have already been linkedto things such as cancers as well asimmune system dysfunctions and hormonedisruptions but now they're also seeingthem slowing down and metabolism so whatscientists at Harvard did was they tooka study of 621 people who eitheroverweight or obese and they took theirblood levels to see how many PFA s isthat they had in their system those withhigher levels actually burned fewercalories and were more likelyto regain weight after dieting this waseven more prominent in women who weremore likely to regain up to five and ahalf more pounds after dieting becausetheir levels of PFA SS were higher let'sbe honest it's really hard to avoidthese chemicals there in everything butif we learn about it and if we're awareabout it hopefully we can at least makea little bit more of a difference toavoid those and maybe help out ourbodies a little bit more[Music]hey everybody my name is Alexandra I'mdoctor sassywe're back with your healthy livinghanging out with dr. carla McClure andsome really cool stuff on theacupuncture side growing up in a familyeverybody's a doctor you know theydidn't believe a lot of course this wasthe 70s and stuff but it's reallyinteresting to hear some of the storiesof dealing with women having babies andbeing in labor and actually figuring outhow to make that less painful and howyou know in the hospitals and theInsurance URL you were saying theinsurance has covered it for the last 20years or so in general right I meanthat's insurance politics but my dad'sfor instance my dad's policy when I wasin college covered chiropracticacupuncture and massage they paid 80% Ipaid 20% oh reallyokay but this was before we went to theHMO model and other models which thenstarted excluding stuff right so in thebeginning it was kind of all includedthen it started getting excluded againright and you know we're really gettingsqueezed even though it's an essentialhealthcare benefit in many states underthe Affordable Health Care Act inCalifornia medical covers acupuncture inCalifornia right now you don't reallycome on they reimburse up to like $37however you know it is covered so soit's covered by a lot of things withlabor and delivery if you're having methere for the whole labor then peopleare hiring me as a labor coach right youknow ami a separate fee but someinsurances do cover that too I have onepatient now where they said yes we wouldcover a doula or a labor coach becausestudies have found that that reduces thenumber of c-sections medicalinterventions to have support duringyour cutting costs you know cuttingcosts for people and and you know me Igot a guess that doctors have just sucha high workload that being able to pullthat youbacala how about having a baby savemoneyflip money but the doctor only makesmoney if he catch that's true that'strueso usually they're only coming in tocatch the baby and that's fine you knowso so you know if they're catching thebait you're still there supporting itbut then they still catch the baby sothey get so okay you've not only do youlike deal with the women while they'rein labor you deal with the childrenafter they are born huh so I createbabies we do a lot of you know Twain ahand Chinese misspelled massage but Ialso do acupuncture and usually with thebabies you're just doing a quickin-and-out and until their one year oldthey actually don't necessarily feel itand they're really tuned in you knowthey they respond really well toacupuncture so helping with things likeconstipation and like if the baby's notpooping because you know what the babyit's like is it eating and as a poopingand peeing right mm-hmm you know thosethings can can have challenges and thatit's really easy to treat withacupressure and you know even gentleacupuncture of one or two sessions yeahI've taught some of my moms how to dothat on their Beach so we don't needlaxatives we just need to know where towhere to get poked when you can make ababy or a child poop within 30 minutesno kidding it's within 60 to 90 minutesno kidding no needles Wow 25 yep that'sgreat oh my gosh well so do you also Inotice that you do nutrition and herbsso are you encouraging that with thechildren also well especially withbabies as you may know when you'rebreastfeeding they can get a little gasmm-hmm a lot of times you have toeliminate certain foods often dairypollutant even things like broccoli orcruciferous vegetables oh we don'trecommend onions and garlic and theneven coffee like some women especiallyif the babies are born a couple weeksearly they get asked reflux reallyeasily and coffee has a strong upwardenergetic component okay sowhile you may have avoided coffee duringpregnancy or Trump while you're tryingto get pregnant you also kind of want toavoid it until you stop breastfeedingmm-hmm but you can test it out andusually when you eliminate something thebaby usually responds within a day ortwo it's just really amazing so a lot ofbabies they'll get this eczema andrashes and it's usually from somethingthe mother is eating ingesting and andthe poor babies are just they'remiserable and the mothers totallyworried about the baby their digestivesystems new right so it takes it takes acouple months for them to you knowthey've been getting everything directfrom the blood and now their digestivesystem was the last to develop and it'sit's it's learning how to digest foodyeah so you also do this scalpacupuncture and you were talking abouttraumatic brain injuries and we weretalking about the football concussionstuff that CTE that is very much knownnow and would you like to share a littlebit about how you treat how acupuncturetreats oh I actually suffered aconcussion myself in 1995 skiing andocciput and was out for 15 minutes andit was a very interesting experiencerecovering from that and diet nutritionplays a huge role you have that yourbrain runs on protein and glucose andyou need to eat like it was a zone typediet like a really balanced meal withprotein carbs fats at each meal and it'sthe only time I actually tell people toeat sugar because when your brain runsout of the glucose you start to feelfuzzy-headedand you need to get some instant glucoseso they have those energy gels like GUmmm and that's been engineered to goright into your bloodstream and I hadtalked to the the adventure of that whoalso invented the power bar and when Ihad the concussion I said well you knowhe told me he goes right in thebloodstream and I would go get five goosand have them in one sitting it wouldclear my head up for the front of theback really I use that with the patientsand then doing acupuncture and some ofthe herbs they have a couples we have acouple tonics cerebral tonicsbut people have recovered like fromsomething where they couldn't sit at acomputer screen and that was their jobyou know and recover it in like a weekor two just getting acupuncture rightaway and helping them with theirnutrition and doing some herbs and uphere you know a lot of the kids aredoing a lot more intense things like thelevel like soccer and lacrosse and youknow here we do a lot of skiing andthere's kids jumping off of cliffs andyou know kids are taking it all to amuch higher level of performance and youknow that means there's a risk ofgetting your head hit and of coursedriving in a car right gettingrear-ended and having your head go backand forth you may not hit anything butyour brain hits your skull right rightcome in and I go oh you have aconcussion and they go no but I didn'thit my head and I said yeah but you havesymptoms of a concussion so if that canrange from you know having a headache orvisual disturbance to just being moreirritable or short-tempered or nothaving as much patience or having somebalance issues and the scalp acupunctureyou know there's three famous doctorswho brought brought the scalpacupuncture back and that's dr. Chau anddr. Zhu and dr. Zhu has a clinic therein San Jose neuro acupuncture mm-hmm heuses a slightly different style andplacement of the needles but dr. Jo usesthe classic placement and he spoke atour doctorate program of course mm-hmmhe said hey you guys can all do this youknow what I used I used his techniquefor a strokeuh-huh and I had I had a patient who hada an injury from from what is it whenyou're on a zip line a zip lining andshe her hand was stuck like this and herfoot was stuck and I did his techniquethat he taught us and her hand releasedand her foot went back to normal and intwo treatments right right stay thoughit stayedyou can get it like with the stroke ifyou can get acupuncture within 72 hoursof a stroke which is sometimes difficultI'm in hospitals you can minimize theimpacts of morale of paralysis and it'sused for Bell's palsy - and I'm talkingto patients so weird when I first sawscalp I was thinking I was gonna be ableto grow my hair back but this is so muchmore interesting and so doctor doctorJoe was actually he was a brain surgeonat first and then they see in thecultural evolution they sent him to thecountryside and they wouldn't let him dobrain surgery anymore but they let himdo acupuncture and so he's like so Iknow what the brain is like with theneedles yeah that's so cool hey ifsomebody wanted to get a hold of you ortouch base with you how would how wouldthey do that or some well I have awebsite joyful life acupuncture calmthey can call me on my phone numbershould I give that yeah three eight sixfour eight five one you can text meemail me and I also have a Facebook pagejoyful life acupuncture and integrativemedicine and yeah if you google me andyou'll pray Trekkie acupuncture I alsohave a community acupuncture on Mondaynights it's wonderful the happy one dr.Carla I'm yeah this is great reallywanted to share you I'm so much moreenlightened now about needles beingpoked into your skin thank you so muchall right take care everybodytune in to our website at kiy and catch all the stuff on thekindness in your soul network kiy yesradio my name is Alex Andrew thanks forjoining us on your healthy living byebye[Music]you

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