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York Day Trip & Painting the Dining Room | Weekend Vlog | Jess Who

me back get running guys Saturdayhello we on our way to York today andit's my it was one of my friends birthit's in the week so we've decided thatwe're gonna have a day trip to Yorkwe're not really sure what we're gonnado yet but probably just involve foodand drink and wanderings yeah it shouldbe nice and I've logged in a while so Ijust thought I'd make up they come dosome vlogging and apart from that thisweekend we are gonna have like a healthyday tomorrow I think so hopefully we'llget some bits done but yeah we're justgrabbing some petroland I need a coffee real bad and yeahwe're gonna be setting off there takesabout an hour on four to five minutes Ithink to get there so it's not so on thedoorstep but yeah it should be a goodday so I will take you on with us[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]lightning strikes by my windowit's my chest ride in the morning like awarning could've slept here[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]good afternoon so I'm just checking inbecause they were not filmed a lot againand I'm not very good at vlogging at themoment I keep starting them and thenbasically never finishing them but I'mdetermined today I'm gonna somemore this afternoon every eveningand yeah show you what I've been up toso yeah yesterday New York was reallyreally nice it was really nice to see myhome friends and yeah we just had a bitof a mood to really and went to a foodmarket we went inside a pub and just hadsome adrene's and caught up and then wewent out with some food and see it wasreally nice and then we got back butabout 10:00 and we went to one ofgirlfriend it's just down the road towatch the boxing matchso yeah that's quite a late one hand Ididn't really feel much because I justcatched up really so today we had a liein because I'm not gonna lie I've beenexhausted recently so yeah we had a lionhunt and breakfast and we painted andthe world in the dining room that we'vebeen talking about in for ages and so wedid one go of that this morning and thenwe went to you Adams Nana's for Sundaydinner so yeah we did that and then someof his family end up coming round cuzthey haven't seen the house yet so it'snice to show them show them the progressand and yeah now it's about half also Idon't know why the day goes to be honestSunday's always seem to be like thisthey can't likeand vixen you dinner but it's been niceit's nice to have a bit more of a dealbut yeah now we're gonna I'm gonna beable to put my painting clothes back onand we're gonna do another coat of theblue so I'll just show you what it'slooking like so so far we've just donethe chimney brass Walt so we're a littlebit concerned about how dark it wasgonna make the room so basically wecan't decide whether to do this bit blueand this bit blue obviously behind thedoor and I don't think we should and I'mnot sure I'm not really a fan of theidea of having like feature walls inevery room but I'm just really nervousabout the dark color see I'm not surewe'll I've made a decision by the timethis goes up but yeah we'll seeI've just posted a picture on InstagramI check to see if anyone's got anystrong opinions on it and well she'sgonna show you so we so on a trip toIkea the other day we've got thesecurtains and originally we're gonna getthe Navy velvet but we just thought nextto a blue wall it's not the exact samecolour all your affairs it might look abit silly so we've gone for some thin tokind of contrast so I'm hoping this isgonna look nice when we popped theyellow with the blue but well let me sayI think these ones were 40 pounds for apair so not too bad and then we've gotMesser they got dinner party on Fridaythat we're having here with like sixpeople so we need a table and we stillhaven't decided on one so I have madethis one a while ago so we're thinkingwe'll use this one for now but ideally Ithink we want something a little bitbigger so yeah we'll give that a goand see but I'm gonna gonna pop mypainting clothes onI do believe and then we can get back inI'm done get up I'm ready to gothese don't worry is have really taken abattering while we've been doingdecorating like they used to be I'mfired one of them on an everyday basisbut now they looked like this whoopsthey've been the second coat but it'sstarting to get dark now so it's a lotdarker than it actually is and we stillcan't decide on what to do yeah nice tokeep it white or do more of the blue butwe think we might have to get more painanyway we want to do that so we're gonnasee how it dries and then have a look atit tomorrow I think in the daylight andthen also which I don't table up herefor the time being just to see how itfit in the space really and so now weneed to try and get hold of some chairsfor Friday but we've just taken all themasking tape up as well I'm reallyannoyingly it's like pulled up the colorso we're both a bit unhappy about thatbut it's just one of those things Ithink so now I'm gonna go and have ashower and get cozy because it's Sundayevening and yeah we're gonna probablyhave some tea probably just like littlenibbles like to think Wreckers and it'sthe body guard final tonight and ifyou're not watching the body guard youneed to catch up because it's so so sogood we on the side watching it well wecan go I think so just like binge 5episodes this week and it's the last onetonight so very excited to see how itends for so sad for it to finish mixedemotions but yeah I'm gonna get get someugly now and wash my hair because it'sum I put dry shampoo in it this morningIeat hate this is my help of dry shampoolike even if your hair isn't that greasywhich mine is not I just hate that smellso yeah I'm gonna gonna give my hair andwash might listen to a podcast I'm stilldoing it and yeah it's about it reallyjust trying to end some day what a bitof a chilled one because we just alwaysseem to be rushing around doingsomething at the moment so yeah be niceto have a little jail before Mondaystarts all over againhello so it is Monday lunchtime now andI just thought I would check in and showyou the dining room now that gets lightsout and you just kind of run this vlogoff because last night we ate food watchThe Bodyguard which was amazing so goodI'm so sad it's finished and yeah then Igot an early night pretty much because Iwas a bit sick but this morning to go tothe gym and which was quite good I'mglad I went to start the week on a goodgood note and then on a Monday I go intoNottingham to me up with a few of theirlike freelancers so that's usually niceway to start the week as well so yeahdid that this morning and now it is oneo'clock and back home I'm gonna havesome lunch and then do some more wipesafternoon but yeah I just thought Iwould show you the dining room and seewhat you think so this is how it'slooking and it's quite dark at themoment I think the sun's just gone inbut yeah it's looking looking nice I'mjust really not sure whether to extendto this wall and this wall and I'm stillnot sure I don't really wants to somaybe I'll just have to trust hisjudgment on this one thing because I'mreally not sure and then yeah just popthe table up there just to see and but Ithink we want something quite a bitchunkier so we're looking at replacingthat at some point but it'll be good forthis Friday and because that's what wereally need it for so yeah and thenwe'll get to put up our curtain as wellso I'm excited to put something on thiswall as well to make it more of afeature and also replace this hideouslampshade so we're looking at somethinga kind of industrial and maybe somethingquite low hanging so it'll go over thetable I'm not sure yet but I will beupdating you no doubt in future booksalso I just thought I'd show you we havestarted gettingfresh because meal planning and foodshopping are one of my least favoritethings and it saves argument I am sohappy to get hello fresh and yeah we'vetried it out we had it last week we havethree meals and we've got the half pricebox and at the moment so it means it'sdefinitely worthwhile I think there'sloads of codes floating around so if youcan get hold of one of that onedefinitely suggest give me a go but I'lljust show you the meals that we're goingto be making this week here's a box thatit comes in it's literally just arrivedso I need to package it but it all comesin these little bags which are for mealso makes it really easy and thenthere's also like a what you call itlike a freezer bag at the bottom foranything that needs to be kept cool it'sreally good so on the menu this week wehave Chinese five-spice pork stir-frywhich to be honest we don't have pork alot and we don't usually eat meat in theweek a lot either but we've been goingfor some of the non veggie options justbecause we want to give different stuffa try so yeah we've got that one we'vegot the paneer veggie curry with sweetpotato and courgette that one soundsnice and and I'm not even a Kerry fanbut yeah sounds goodand then the festive leek and kale pieI'm absolutely love that so yeah lookingforward to giving that one a try andI'll just show you what we made lastweek as well because I've still got therecipe cards up here if we want to makethem again so we did this chickenshwarma which I didn't love to be honestbut then I don't know if it was thechicken I'm not the biggest chicken fanor meat in general as I've just said butmade this one myselfand Adam really liked it but I wasn'tconvinced I wouldn't pick it again Idon't think well I wouldn't make itagainand then we have the creamy prawnspaghetti which I really really liked Ilove like prom linguine and Ivan doesn'treally like poems so this was my pickbut even he liked it and eat everylittle bit and then this was both of ourfavorites it was the pan-fried naki ohmy gosh it was so good it's so tasty andit was just very filling I reallystruggled to finish mine off even thoughit was a super tasty so yeah I'm justgonna pop away these bits into thefridge and freezerand then have some lunchand finish some work off whispers andedit this blog is Fox I'm gonna put itup this eveningso I'm a zorse wrong things off herebecause I don't think watching me typein away at my desk is that entertainingbut yeah so be getting back into doingvlogs because I really enjoy them I justalways think they're not veryinteresting and I always start them andjust never never quite follow through sohopefully fingers crossed this is thestart of weekly uploads again so yeahplease give it thumbs up if you enjoyedit and leave me a comment and if youhaven't already subscribed I would loveto have you on this channel for futurevideos so yeah please do hit thesubscribe button and hopefully I'll seeyou again soon[Music]

Come and join me for a weekend vlog as we head to York for a day trip and spend some time doing some house updates including painting our dining room!

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