Y-Lion’s Adventures – Ep.22 – EXTRA FURNITURE

hello guys and welcome to anotherepisode of ventures let's continue now[Music]uh before I actually saw me clean eachpart of ki-jung tasty myself a bit leftnow in the previous episode we went tothat water temple a crowd or not to getsome new things and so I done I got manynew things it also be this new sword nowI got my books I got fire aspect on itwhich took me a while to get it but andI got fire store shoppers and break1looting now all these things are new soI just got them and so like I said I'llshow you what I built in my buildingwell now I built in here in this roomwell now can we finish today but twistwe got like a dancing room I'm gonnahave me a DJ standing here somethinglike that and now also is it to peace aroof here like I'll show you my commandand exit there we go now here's a roofhere roof here and every building andthat's because without it there be waterdripping and at first it was just okay Iguess but those are getting more andmore annoying and so I decided to justplace a bit of slabs there looks justnice so let me could we get out of thebuilding and it's nighttime probablyslept but today I am even joined bysomeone let me just quickly go to thehotel er she's a bit annoying kind ofjump around like that gonna go anywhereand then just come around this way andthat's the way to gocome on okay so there we go seats whyliners joining me today hello welcome toyour hotelah my hotel you can go stay on that sideand you probably should have gotten somearmory for this hole got in some armorbut yeah legislate but could we sleephere and now we're gonna start so beforeI do that through saying we cooked a bitand while I'm finished or work more onthat I'm gonna Pharma but now now it'swhat I'm planning to do seriously do youto annoy me all this much anyway so it'sabout to say yeah do you please break itas I was about to say is that I wantedto kind of include a bit more furniturethings like thatmiss we see we come here we come it'sstill about anyhow look all the reallyis is a bed that does approach mybedroom so I thought why not let's havesome fun make out of you mods cuz what'sthe point home stop Anila minecraftthere's not many things and so I did adamn order now I'm now gonna be tellingyou that I'm gonna I'm not gonna tellyour name now and continue watchingin this episode I'll hopefully tell youthe name of the smart put ads simplefurniture and sauce me any drama guyyeah that's how I get him down like thatanyway so let's make some I yes startdecorating our house by coming here I'llshow you I need some juice and also yeahI forgot to tell you I didn't organizethis time because who's getting soannoying like yeah organized it and nowI can get some wood I guess for now andno choice other simple things they comehere there are things like chairs okay Idon't actually need toys I don't needthe book anymore or chairs there ourtable isn't and so I need a bit morewater and when I go get that right nowdone now I got a bit more wood and alsoawesome line so heats my helpwhy didn't you write why do you need myhelpdid you break itlots of babies always fall it's a lot ofbaby zombies nucleonic could you pleasego look at this block I'll close thisarea off and let's kill some these babyzombies done there's a lot of them butthere is a lot of you baby so I'mbasically come towards me look look lookon this disadvantage in the water andyou slapped me and also look instead ofkilling then actually don't count thatvision when I use your swordnow could you not don't do that pleaseawesome liner please stop well don'tstomp you have any big deliver they'lleven bread first evening a good idea butnow if they lifted up you can't do muchabout them so what there are so many ofthese zombie lows ah me why should allchasing meoh no huh sorry about thatyeah now there's nothing can get all thegood stuff from this chest put the stuffaway and so anyway before I came torescue awesome liner I was planning onmaking some furniture just just it outyou must always talk like that get sothis iron gold cannot get out and I madehim in the previous episode will not anypair Shem so myself enough sheep in thisepisode but I finished it in between andI'm not sure what his name will be yethe looks cool he has it arm goal when Iplaced fence around him seeking onescape and now they come down hereseriously seriously awesome line come onopen up thank you I got some dirt no andnow I can make somethingdecorate the space a good storyakshay doing a crafting table that'sinteresting crafting tables nope nocrafting tables I'll probably make it Iput a piece around this areayeah crafting table start crafting stuffno I think there's gonna be a smalldining room so I could do that couldn'tmind this part oh no no no let's justblock back and now Oscar oh these blocksthere we go now completeplease back down oh no not like that Imean did this up taste this down thisdown this down make this kind of lowerarea this will be our dining room fromnow on so let me make some chairs chairslike this there are different types butI'm gonna need two chairs and I'll makeit right I'll make it right here justalso a back area here I got a table likethis a coffee table don't mind tablelike that I need maybe six of them soone two three four five sixthere we go the team will go like thatthat's nice big table actually that's abig table huh yeah I'll cut a little bigwe have a four blocks for nice tea overfor what other things like crafts I haveno idea actually um let me see let meseeimportantly lots of other things foreverything else and what doc Starksweird no actually I'm gonna have a placelooks weird other than our craftingtable cuz why not so I play some torcheson here only if he's pleased with theright there like thatso it's still bright and because that'show gonna be posting enough light now Icould make some bedside cabinet tastymore bed no I need chests for them andmake sure this they make them nice forKevin Na cabinets I need you Neelixshelvesalright so it turns out I need to justyeah there you go looks like cabinetneed to make two more chests yeah itturns out I do need lots of water now ifI go to my bedroom which is this way uhnopenot this way it's well well you throwthis down who threw that downI'll surrounded you throw something downI'm not sure now I can play some bedsidecabinet not the best way to place them Iguess my guru this gold they smelt acabinets they're not hungry no I'llbreak this looking at these boots stuffand then this Hiromi that's right nowdon't need this stuff/ - it was awesome I'll throw it okaydon't need these tables I don't think sowhat else do I need a - made let's mesing I remembered a lamp I need somelamps to put on these metal cabinetsjust to make you look more realistic cuztorches willdon't they look the best do you have toclose sauce and I can you please go backand open the way out I'll sleep for nowbut then I need to open it because it'sreally annoying when you keep closingand throwing random stuff down let mesleep right now like you asked and thankyou please open the door still hungrylet's run away let's run back and pleasecan you also have a piece open thatplease open the door yeah come on runquick fasterdo you play something some derp derpalso well seriously seriously a Snuggieplease stop or I can I know you knowwhat but can you please stop it just abit annoying no I'm stuck okay here I'mnot to do this so hard to do there we gofinally here we goneed to get out of here what happensagain I need to get rid of this can youplease now do that and our bedsidecabinet that needs closed owner needsblack cool and white fool so let me getthat boom Donna some black was so rightfool let me make this so it's gonna needthat that that all right somehow likethat I'm pretty sure was like this youknow like this I just need to checkagain so that needs some upsetting athim so if I click up over here I knowit's in here I pour obsidian suddenly Iactually need one obsidian to make alamp not Rapson we're not sure why thoseneed lamps butmy lamps the Obsidian it's fine makestwo lamps just perfectactually can I I mean Tori can I seethey meant three crafting stuff for thisbe really helpful I don't think sothat's annoying you know it could beclimb down here and put the lamp down goto my bedroomanother good thing cuz I have a bithungry so we eat this yum no that's likepiece left and I could pay some lambstare no look you can just turn them onor off and throw these helpful so manyof these torches anymore and all this isme I noticed just looking if you standhere just jump on the bed or if layinoff the bed but look you can see you canjump on the bed and it's really coolit's funny now if I get this well ofgold where did the other block of goldgo wait a second did I lose my secondblock of gold I think I did back placeda lamp here and I'll spinning of thegold like that yes there let me actuallysee how much gold I do have a plentythat turns out I have this and this nowcan quickly turn us all into gold blocksand I can exactly easy just return themback so not a problem and I do wannataste lot and gold on it cuz the kneeslook awesome let me climb down I'm notsure I'll have in this roomthat's actually pretty interesting so ifI come back to my little base much placeit like that I guess what about youstill like that that's not look nice Isay I'm missing a piece but no that'stoo much that's too much gold who theydon't please tell me I don't lose any ofthis and let me get all this back threethat's how it's supposed to be four fivesix seven seven that's perfect now if Ihave this piece of replace this gold sothis piece also block on gold and thatlooks cool that looks good yeah I likethat now that's a nice piece of a goldwe actually put this in this chest Idon't really need though do you movethis stuff anymore now what else theycould make some more lamps for this Iguess somebody wanted me more lamps nearnow what I could do is an idea if I takethese two tables and go up here I couldtaste them right here just as kind ofright there see that may be actually notthere it's very corner says you look asyou look out you just look and I seeeverything and I almost explore it oryou can have some no it's here somepapers and that looks that makes looknice now I'm probably gonna have no I'mnot very familiar on myself this morningand like I said I'll tell you what it'sname it it's actually mr. crayfishesFurniture Mart and so I'll leave a linkto that in the comments below she'sgonna check it out you can do that thereand also when I see cuz you know aflying car did not work together verywell or doodoo eating together soactually before I do that I'm gonna takethis fence place it up there sincethat's species and more oftenright here there you go actually goestogether now that's great and I can makethis block and these are later but now Iwant to see where mr. awesome mine beltlet's see what kind of awesome thank youbelt it actually looks really cool thatlooks really cool and you can killenough army I'm not sure how it worksyet that's cool I can't really get upthere either so actually on me justbreak that's quickly you know see whathe's doing over there I'll chop it downthere wrong so I left on my bread backmy base that's perfectthere's redstone here is this a secondfloor that's cool let's take lots ofredstone yeah that's great there'sdropper so just so dispensers isexpensive-looking up water to dispenseall the water that's perfect that's ideanow there's a hole in there you knowthat right I mean they call right thereyour Mesa block there there you go ohit's supposed to be there well okay nowlet me climb down here and I'll sleepand I enjoy what I did I think with allthe dailies look amazinglike the furniture there if you lookreally cool and guys I'm gonna end thisepisode here and I'll see you later bye[Music]you[Music]

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