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now to our special your town a segmenteach summer were traveling to localcities towns and villages finding whatmakes them unique and this week we'refocusing on Geneva and what makes it sospecialyou may have passed by this building inGeneva wonder what's insideit's really one of the best kept hiddensecrets with the most famous office andboardroom furniture maker in the worldis based art Eric Evans got a sneak peekinside to see what it's all aboutone day basically we went to lunch andsaid you know I know how to sell it youknow how to build it and here we go it'sone of the best-kept secrets in Genevaget well-known in the industry a reownfurniture maker highly respected byarchitects and designers who deal withmajor companies including the rich andthe famouswe should product virtually all over theworld we never win on price we're veryhigh priced but we are really a custommanufacturer a native of Missouri dickConnor got his start as a salespersonback in the 70s eventually opening asmall company in Rochester it grew overthe years into the company he runs todayCC and international they have manyfamous clients including PresidentDonald Trump filmmaker George Lucasinternational banks and iconic companiessuch as fort and Apple companies allacross the country it's very rewardingfor all of us and the employees to whenthey know that Donald Trump's furnituresgoing through for him they get excitedabout it and they might bring theirspouses in to show them what they'redoing on the table kind of heardtributes much of the company's successto his hard-working and incrediblyskilled workers he makes it a priorityto be a steady presence watching hisprojects come together several the guysthat I when I first hired him I didn'thave high hopes arm are some of the bestpeople we havewe were honored as the business in theyear in Geneva a couple years ago andwhen I got up to speak and show picturesof jobs that we've done people wereabsolutely stunned incredible this ishappening right in our own communityyeah a lot goes into making thosehigh-end tables now our coverage ofGeneva continues tomorrow night we'reexploring a booming industry in theFinger Lakes I will take you on a tourof one of the local vineyard then learnthe art of wine tasting that was a toughtime yeah yeah tomorrow night at 5:30right here on NBC 3 and we will have ouryourtown special live broadcast fromGeneva this Friday starting at 5:00 p.m.we will look forward to seeing you therecoming up

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