Winter Decor Ideas For Your Home || Rustic Decor || Glam Decor

[Music]although the holidays are over winter isstill upon us so keep your home warm andinviting during the winter season andhere are a few ideas on how you canincorporate a beautiful wintry look intoyour home regardless of your decor stylechoosing some faux or if you'refortunate enough to have it in your ownbackyard some faux cedar branches laidinside of a wooden bowl with some rusticbeautiful birch flameless candles is areally gorgeous way that you can bring alot of natural element into your homeand it looks earthy and wintery andelegant and very very inviting[Music]small touches throughout your home are agreat way to keep the winter seasonalive and to make things beautiful andwarm and inviting and I've chosen to usethis little evergreen in this wickerbasket it is faux and it's just charmingI have them set on our nightstands inour bedroom and it's a way to spreadthat beautiful warmth anywhere in yourhomesilver and white are not just for theChristmas or holiday season I use thesebeautiful matte silver pineconesin this rustic wooden white bowl and itthis is a way that you can really addsome beauty if you really want somethingto still look elegant and beautiful andwintery this is a great option I choseto use the matte finish because I thinkit really gives more of a nod to thewinter season versus going more towardsthe Christmas or holiday mercury glassis the perfect way to create thatbeautiful silvery nod to the season I'vejust placed some silver branches insideof this gorgeous mercury glass vase andthis is something that works beautifullyto still add a little touch of sparkleand a little touch of glam[Music]

Although the holidays are behind us, winter is still upon us. Bring life into your home this winter season with a few simple touches of rustic charm, & beautiful glam.

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