Will carpet installers move furniture

what's good everybody it's Michaelauditor here from carpet expertblueprint comm covering some more Q&Athat had came in which was will carpetguys move furniture the short answer isyes carpet guys move furniture so let'scover how much it's gonna cost you whatfurniture will carpet guys to actuallymove and what you should be moving toprevent any drama in the future so firstthings first we cover carpet guys domove furniture what can you expect topay for that so you're gonna payanywhere from two to three dollars persquare yard to have carpet guys moveyour furniture so if every bedroom isroughly twenty yards on average figureyou're gonna pay anywhere from forty tosixty dollars per bedroom sized room tohave a carpet guy move your furniturearound now living room figure roughlydouble that it could be anywhere from 80to 20 depending upon the size of yourhouse and the square footage so what isactual furniture that carpet guys moveso beds dressers nightstands lamps TVsTV stands things like that these areitems you can expect your carpet guy tomove what do carpet guys hate movingdirty laundry clean up your house manshouldn't have your carpet guy movingyour dirty socks from room to room notnecessaryvaluables you want to put these away doyou really want some cracked out carpetguy moving your diamond rings from roomto room that's a horrible idea it'sgonna turn out missing and someone'sgonna get the blame into you at thecarpet guys an ethical guy you're gonnablame him or her anyway so put away allyour valuables put away your dirtylaundry carpet guys are typically notmoving those computers always move thosecarpet guys do not understand technologywhatsoever and if they bump somethingthey don't know if they're shutting itoff pulling wires did you just type up abig WordPress blog there forget to hitpublish it didn't save and then aunplugged you and you have 3,000 wordsgone these things can happen so have allyour computers unhooked and move so yourcontractor doesn't have to deal withthat so these are a few of the thingsthat you want to handle and then thebalance is what the carpet guy is goingto handle so also any breakables even ifit doesn't have an actual sticker to itif great-grandma gave it to you and it'shanded down the family is just a littleglass boss you should put that away aswell because if it tips over and breakswho's to blame and how do you replacethat soables dirty laundry knickknacks thingslike that that's on you you should movethat everything else your carpet guy canmove for you and that consists ofcouches TVs TV stands beds dressers andnightstands lamps even a couple otherthings if you have pianos pool tablesreally scary big items figure one to twohundred dollars per item to have thatmove so on top of the yardage therewhich we just discussed you knowbedrooms anywhere from you know forty tosixty of room living rooms eighty to ahundred and twenty if there's a pooltable in there go ahead and tack anotherone to two hundred dollars on top ofthat depending upon where you're basedat so you know higher-end area is biggerCity Chicago let's say for instanceyou're probably going to get hit withthe bigger sticker just because of thecost of living over there in areas likeCleveland where we're based you mightonly be a hundred dollars cost of livingis a little bit lower so you couldjustify what they're getting pay fortheir time in their labor on that so formore tips and tricks on the flooringindustry be sure to tap the subscribebutton if you have questions commentbelow I'll create a video just for youthank you so much for tuning in and I'llcatch you on the next video

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