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Why Stage A Home? To Give Your Home A $70,000 Upgrade At A Fraction Of The Cost.

- Hey guys, Austin Schneider here.- Whitley Wirkkala, vice president of OnStage with locationsin Seattle, Portland, San Francisco.- She's a fantastic stager and I'm gonna ask hera couple questions about staging a home.So Whitley, what is home staging?- Home staging is bringing in furniture to prepareyour house for sale.- Okay and why would somebody stage a homerather than keep it vacant or keep their furniturein there when they do go to sell their house?- Staging is a great competitive advantage and it allowsbuyers walking through to create an emotionalconnection with the home.For example in 2018 Seattle locations staged 204 homeswith an average of eight days on market and we seethat our clients are really happy with that.- So definitely helps the sellers get a lot more moneythan probably if it was just empty.- Absolutely.- So how much does staging a home typically costthese home owners? - Great question.Staging is relatively affordable, the average cost of retailfurniture in a home is about $70,000 and we see our clientspay less than 10% of that. - No kidding, so its not justjunky furniture that's going in their house,it actually looks really good and it's nice furniture.So what happens if the sellers and the home ownerswanna stay at home, live in the home or keepsome of the furniture that's here,like a couch or maybe some furniture that they would love?- I think its a great option for people to stay in a homewhile it's staged.Feel comfortable through the whole process.We recommend removing all furniture out of the roomswe stage because it gives the home a cohesive look.It also helps you prepack amd get ready for your next home.- Alright guys, if you have any questions reach outto Whitley with OnStage she'll be happy to help you out.Thanks so much for watching and well see you in the next one- Bye.(upbeat music)

Home staging is a competitive advantage that no seller should skip.

It helps the home sell 73% faster, on average. That reduces costs of holding onto the home while it sells.

Why hire a home stager? For one, they bring in up to $70,000 worth of furniture at just a fraction of that cost to you. Plus, a professional stager can really make your house “pop” and set it apart from the home that’s down the street.

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