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Why I make vids at my dads tv / living room tv

what is up guys it's your boy kill'emback to a new video just let y'all knowI'm gonna be making videos the reasonwhy I'm not gonna be making videos thatmuch gaming videos downstairs cuz weactually did this yeahwe accidentally broke our TV we'replaying basketball block my brotherblock my shot Eddie in the ball hit theTV yeah I play it's okay right nowthough yeah I'm a 77 you can't see myoverall hope you go down there there butI was working out my jewels of a go seesome more jewels I'm on my player labthis is kind of like a game get gamingvideo a little bit just telling y'allthat I did break my TV right thereso that's why I'm mostly not gonna bemaking videos but will try to like makeit like over here but it's gonna be hardto look cuz this and also on the bottombecause you could see like top of myplayer that's what's a little tricky soit's a little tricky about balls gonnawork on more on my dribblelows and stuff Sahara nations nope ohyeah gameplay Jubal's yep so completethese quick these I cook this oh no Idid it I did it I'm the bad onewell which one do they have who's whatthis one Junior got a joke about tohalf-court nope I bought him Oh hot themost expensive ones let me do the mostexpensive onesalright bomb one of these I'm gonna dothe most expensive ones I did I'm gonnado the most expensive ones cuz I guessthe most expensive ones I buy ones withthe good NBA players like this oneDerrick Rose Oh cp3I don't know ever since I go but Isounds good by James Harden's yepcheck out yep I just want me a Jamesharness dribble moves now gonna be goingmy uh exit out here yes I want to leavegoing here go on this dribble moves waitnot my mother's signatureon a white one on signature it's nothere it's not here it's not here I cansee a little bit your gameplay moves myGerman balls are right herewell let me see if I got James Harden'sumhe's the le 33 one that's how I wasdoing that I'm still working on my drumrules a little bit like that see I'mstill working on I'm still buying themoh yeah fastly bought all my spin move Ispilled it was like fast duster League33 I wonder why James Harden's J Lo's isthis might be itlet me go back to signature up ourcontrols oh that's not game play I'mgonna see how much Park controls are Imight buy one up but I guess I'm in thevideo off right here and that's why I'mMike filming videos that daddy's whoawhat's cuz I didn't have a phone but nowI do but actually but the why won't whyI've always made videos on his house inthe video I made like not that muchhours ago the one I made upstairs in myliving room with the big TV that's cuz Idid that and I can't see a little bit ifI did if we didn't do that we want to uhI want to make videos over here on thisso hope y'all enjoyed this video andI'll see y'all therebye

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