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Why Green Design Matters

[Music]Green design currently I think is in ainteresting state I think it's now beena doctor quite universally as somethingthat people recognized needs to be donethere are ways that are a little bitmore tangible and measurable likeWinston's using a certain kind ofmaterial that's locally sourced aboutbuilding in a way that consumes thatenergy in the production of the designas well as in the operation of thedesign design has the power to massproduce and also mass communicatemessages therefore it's also thedesigners job to think about how his orher product or Architecture isrepresented in social media because thathas the power to shift things towards usfavor again if we can pick a design forour clients that they absolutely lovethat they absolutely treasure butdoesn't follow fashion that will lastthem that will endure we could saythat's ever bring that has to be thegreenest type of design that we can giveand in that way it's not about constantor renewal it's not that constant changeit's about using time-tested design thatwill mean that we consume less over thelong term so I think this responsibilityto future generations means we have tokeep pushing through Singapore forinstance should be trying to shrink itsecological footprint to the size of theisland and we're very very long way fromdoing that[Music]

By creating designs that stand the test of time, designers and architects alike can play their part in creating a greener future too.

Filmed for the Tatler Design Awards, a series of signature events by Singapore Tatler Homes, this video features industrial designer Hunn Wai of Lanzavecchia + Wai, architect Richard Hassell of WOHA, Nikki Hunt and Andrea Savage of Design Intervention, and design director Colin Seah of Ministry of Design.

Watch part one of the video here:

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