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White Walls Interior: How To Get The Scandinavian Style At Home

[Music]we scan DS love our white walls we'refamous for them because if ice fall theycatch the light and throw it round thehouse and the rooms which is very usefulon those short run and darker winterdays and second they show off paintingsand furniture much better which alsomakes it easier to find curtains andrugs because they don't have to competewith the colors of the walls everythingjust matches automaticallyyouand third whitewalls that piece to aroom there just bless headache-inducingbecause the last thing we want when weget back from work on one of those coolwinters evenings is to be met with ariot of colors all competing with eachotherwe like no drama up north[Music]yes we know what you're thinking whiteis not necessarily the most practical :and that is true so quite a bit ofcleaning is required but in our viewit's it's worth it in the end but toptip thoughdo not have a white floor in thebathroom[Music]you[Music]just imagine lots of food on displayhere or going to sleep here nonightmares for sure[Music]but what do you think could you live ina house that's all white let us know inthe comments below[Music]you[Music]you[Music]you[Music]

White Walls Interior: How To Get The Scandinavian Style At Home. Scandinavian interior design is famous for it’s white wall look. And in this video we show you how much – and some of the reasons why – the Scandinavians love white walls in the living room and kitchen as well as in the bedroom. Could you live in a house that’s all white?

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