When you think hiding in a bathroom is a GREAT idea…

[Music][Laughter]no sireewe're gonna go shotgun some peoplefoodies there we gobeauties I'm gonna lay on top a bigbrick I'm gonna wreck these guys he wasaiming somewhere in the garage oh that'sall I mmmthat's sexy like me oh my gosh yes Ijust did I'd love to see it I love tosee the dynamitejust broke them both down here comesround two you ready guysjust kill them I'm done with yourshenanigans what oh my oh I didn't meanto do that it Otto swamped no no it'ssolos it so it starts in 30 minutesprobably thirty five minutes down onewith the headshot push it oh I got him Idon't know where the other guy is mmclean and crisp ready for the bait youknow you want to shoot memmmnice and spicy just the way I like itguys I don't recommend trying this athome this is for the brave and the braveonlymm I was all like 607 605 gets everyonedoing in here whoa camera works overover to DVD five someone's on top of aport of always on the tree down him witha headshot he's gonna fall to his deathcalling it Ohnot sure how he connected where the heckis he he grappled over thank youhey buddy oh you're not gonna shoot meare ya dude that was like the mostcalculated play I shoot this downha you're dead shit hi you guys want tosee something that only the crazy peopleon whose street fort and I do noteveryone is as cool as me guys I wantyou to know I'm the coolest streamer thecoolest fortnight screamer on YouTubehere we go oh yeahthat was kind of pretty dang cool if youask me all right so we're all preparedoh I just got him with a head shotwhat the heckstay down there boy see you live Cap'nCrunch no coming over coming over comingover he didn't finish you did he morepeople Adamhahaha dusty Depot we need Oh get awayfrom me man yeah you guys don't want togo in the water do ya oh I saved um hegot bogey EdithI wish I could see grenades I got to puta fax on high to be able to see them heybuddyyeah hate to see it he still thinks I'mup there he's trying to go for highground lowit's weirdoh yeah actually smelling aloe let'sjust see you guys to admire it having agood day he sees me in the sky alwaysgot an RPG what's the point of buildingreal brother hopefully no one else therewe go I see youthat was like the quickest kill everthere's only one logical thing left todo here ladies and gents with someone upabove me we've only got one option whatare the odds[Music]

A full squad in Titled Towers…hiding in a bathroom…doing the default dance…LOL!
• Episode #60 of Nick Eh 30’s Best Fortnite Battle Royale Moments! (Highlights from my streams)
• NEW Ranged Recon skins (Insight & Longshot), Season 7 gameplay, & Explorer Pop-Up Cup, on Fortnite Battle Royale! (Update v7.10)


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