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hi everybody's care of the old crittersthis is what's written in mah Kerry'skitchen now I have to confess I've onlycooked two days this week because wewere gonejust northern california to see mymother I only ate at our favoriterestaurants and then one restaurantwe've never been to we ended up reallyliking and here's our week of dinnersabout three or four eggs whipped ty inbread countdip in the egg wash dip them in thebread crumbs and right into the oilright there I want to make sure theywere cooked your shot for those arehomemade chicken tenders fries and alittle bit of dipping saucemedallions it's delicious[Music]and thank you this is half a chicken toestado you're just kind of mangle damageokay is my life's blood[Music]this stuff[Music]liquid gold he finds me highly annoyedwith my cameras[Music]yeah we all have Marcus wedding uniquein spaghetti our second favorite that'shuge that some people's they're out massMarcus you're working too hard sir yeahthey're right here yeah rich that's likethat I just want to dump more cheese onthis I can live with that yeah 1992establish never been in here sosmells good[Music]damn Jennerthank youit goes yeah Marko's my friend is happywith the cheese of the varietythat's the little primate that's notthat's the 6-ounce if you can believethat cooked perfectly websitedeliciousjust goodis gloriousit's very very good Michael thumbs upyepso you've got the same thing Mondayabout a minutethe breakfast burger I'll show you afterI've done[Music]every something is there to cooperateyes it's not a bad situation[Music]these are Jackman's I've had the partydeliciousI just no no this is we used to get thekids beat okayit's been crazyit's always like thiswhy are you do thatif you liked this video please give it athumbs up that would help me a lot we doappreciate you and we would love if youwould subscribe and make sure you hitthe bell for notification when we uploadand we will see you next time thankseverybody bye byegender omelette

Hi everyone, I share 2 home cooked meals and a few days of eating at our favorite places in Chico California as we visit family. All delicious! Thanks for watching and we hope you subscribe!


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