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What NOT To Do When Staging An Apartment | Home Staging Tips Ep. 15

do you make this rookie Home Stagingmistake that makes your apartment looksmaller[Music]my name is Carrie Wong from Gary WongRealty calm I'm the author of the bookon Vancouver real estate and we havebeen shooting a bunch of videos on homestaging once again I'm here with Viviantang senior designer and mixed interiorswelcome to the show again and today ourtopic is gonna be what not to do whenstaging an apartmentwhat are like some big mistakes thatpeople make I'm gonna narrow down tojust like a small part okay okay not I'mnot talking about River Greenland soobvious the biggest mistake is havingtoo bulky furnitures in there like alsopart of course not like 702 like themorph underscore secret and like likewhen they try to put like a three seatsor four seats into the living room makesthe space look so small because onepeople wouldn't like homebuyers they buyown apartment the biggest thing is likehow am I gonna fit my stuff in therethis tiny space am I gonna fit a bed inhere am I gonna put nice down can I putnice and it's not talking I see lots ofapartments they have like you know likefive sofas in one room you see where areyou are you one of those people and thena lot of people were trying to stagethey said no we have to put king bed inthere like everyone loves king bednobody want to sleep on the queen bedbut once you squeeze it yeah you couldfit a king bed of course it's like thebedroom it can fit an fit any bed wewant but if it's king bed and there'slike no walking space so first likestaging purpose I mean if you want tolive in their own put king sized bedthat's totally fine it was comfortabledo whatever you want with your space youwant to put it like five mattresses inthat's fine but then like if you'restaging it you want to sell the placewon't you let it go in people are notgoing to live on furniture we stage butthey want to buy it so I always tell athomewhoever hired me that when we're gonnastay to a queen bed just because a smallfurniture just makes it look morespacious a lot of people think that yourfingers are too small like well why areyou creating so much walking space butfor staging that's very important likewhen you're living in there when you'restaging is very is complete differentthings because we're living in this moreabout your comfort about practical youknow they want to be practical like butwhen you're staging let's say if youmost of apartment they do open houses solet's say you have like three groups ofpeople coming in and if you have like afour seats a sectional and space thatprobably better for two seats people isgonna like bump into each other peopleis gonna be like oh I don't know what Iwould buy this place feel so smallentertaining oh yeah yeah so I think thebiggest mistake is like a lot homeownerswant us to change it to something likebigger more luxurious and you know thatactually brings down same thing like itjust brings down the value of the houseand of the apartment would you say it'sbetter to just keep it simple I wouldsay yeah especially the new appointmentnow there's so many new clock newbuildings being buildingmost of their style right now is theircontemporary modern white walls marbleis everythingyeah so I would say I keep it verysimple like you were very like add somecolor into it like we use a lot ofaccessories to add some vibrant colorsor fun and then you do the apartmentbuyers I was there for younger couplesyeah or like students or even mostly notlike people with a big family andactually well as you were mentioningthat you staged with a queen-size bedyeah not that I believe that more peoplesleep on queen-size beds than king-sizethat correct that's a more popularoption a lot of client that I actuallyprefer king-size bed just because theyfeel like if you can put a king-sizeit's different mindset so they'rethinking like if we put a king-size thepeople the viewers will be like oh atemporary king-size perfect you knowthat's what is a different way becauseif you put a king-size it makes it looksmalland just make the room look small youprobably can't belong in one nice then Iknow like nowadays it's like peopledon't really like when you're living Idon't know about you Gary but I don'thave to nice answer my thoughts you knowI just have to one but then like forstaging professor picture practice youdo a lot of video that's all aboutvisualizations or anything exactlyit's about your call say if you have twolabs on each side of the bed just lookvisually more doing yeah it is I I knowit's not practical who really needs twolamps when you're like living I own butthen like visualizing the picture forvideos for yeah it is the symmetricalthat that's I think that's a so whatabout older apartments it's not the sameinstruments they have different kind offour styles they're like more like darkoak wood the cabinets are a little bitolder but we actually staged it withvery similar Stalin tips because samething people who purchase a youngercouples make it more modern and lighterfurniture will make things look a littlebit not as old you knownot as its tacky but you won't use likewould you use like white and black orlike they're you know not ascontemporary of course sites it will bemore like a tradition betweentraditional and modernbecause looking but then like at thesame time I think therefore it's thesame technique but it just will addpaintings on to it like a lot ofapartments like they adding paintingsjust make the space look a little bitmore spacious adding mirrors so likereduce the size of the couch and the badbut add some paintings did you guyslearn something I hope you found lots ofvalue in this video we will talk aboutmore stuff about staging but make sureyou comment below of any of yourquestions or suggestion we will probablywe will look at all the comments and ifit's a good comment we'll include it inthe next video and if you haven't doneso already subscribe hit thenotification bell so you be notified offuture videos and I'll see you in thenext video I know you're watching myvideos to learn about real estate you'vegot real estate questions I've got realestate answers put your questions andcomments in the comment section belowand don't forget to subscribe and turnon the notification bell so you'll benotified of future videos and I stronglyrecommend you to watch my other videosover here[Music]you

CAUTION!! These home staging mistakes make your home looks small! In this video, Senior Designer of Miix Interiors Vivian Teng joins Vancouver top realtor Gary Wong to discuss what makes your home look small.

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