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What is the Cost of Home Staging? Interview with Marie Graham

[Music]so Murray won that one of the one of themost one of the first questions I getasked let me guess fighting chance yesyes so especially when it's somebodythat wasn't even planning on doing thisyeah if I if I look and I see thatthere's a need for a stager to come inand give us some advicewhat are the costs associated what canthe client expect to kind of weigh wellI'm gonna answer that in two parts whathow it works with different types ofproperties and how I set my own businessam I you know I can't speak for theindustry okay yeah but I spent a lot oftimes in people's homes before I startedmy own business a number of years agoand I specifically decided to separatehow I do things into two steps staginggetting a house ready for sale isdifferent for every property you knowthis so you know every different sizesof properties issues abilities etc etcso the the first step that I do is aconsult which I go to the home and wework together we figure out not justwhat it should look like but what why wehave that conversation we prioritize wetalk about money time who can do whathow is it going to get done all thatsort of thing because especially as theseasons change you guys are underpressure to get houses on the marketsooner rather than later some people arepuzzles are it just exchanges again ofinformation setting a plan setting astrategy giving you information most ofmy clients probably bout 80% of them aregood to go after the consult but duringthe course of the consult if theyunderstand and define the scope of thejob and they say we get it we want to dothis but I that's the second partimplementation and I help people inwhatever way they want so in terms ofjust a business model that that's how Iwork so it sounds to me that when youbring on a new client it's kind of liketwo phases phase 1 would be theconsultation which you would come in andkind of explain everything to thembooks tell them what they should do andif the client is ready it's not ready todo it on their own then there's anadditional cost for you kind of takingover right well that's how I work butgot everything everything is the clientschoice so we can't we can't force you todo it right right right but where areyour partners where your friends wereyour advocate I started my businessspecifically not to be sales based youknow I my husband is not a painter mybrother-in-law's not a contractor I youknow I don't make any revenue fromthings but all people like you and I cando is bring the best information andideas and rationale to our clients andif it makes sense then you'll do it it's[Music]

Interview with Marie Graham of The Refreshed Home https://therefreshedhome.com/

In this interview Marie Graham explains her home staging process.

Step One: Begins with Home Staging Consultation
Step Two: Follows up with Implementation

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