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What is Home Staging? || Real Estate Explained #45

Hey what's up? It's J. Lucky Henry and today we're gonna talk about staging. What is staging?Does it meaning put together on a whole stage and production theater in your house?Find out in this video.This is J. Lucky Henry -- Keller Williams agent in the Greater Boston area.You won't believe how many people need to get REAL!R-E-A-L: Real estate Explained Amazingly by Luckyin 90 seconds -- give or take.Welcome back!This is J. Lucky Henry so today's topic is staging this series actually is all fanrequests so we've put out a couple videos now you guys have been interactingliking the content and these are actually the series of random words it'sgonna seem like but they're all requests from fans so today's word is stagingwhat is staging so typically when you're gonna sell a house you want to presentit in a way so that buyers coming in can envision themselves living there now ifyou have a lot of personal items and family pictures in the house you maythink that it seems inviting to people however what happens is people getdistracted oftentimes people are distracted by looking at the family photos andlooking at where you were on vacation rather than looking at the house youwant them to spend a lot of money on and buying so what's taking is is itsteps right you get you remove some of the personal items clean up the house asbest as possible tidy up dust all the areas you might not have dusted in awhile right and then you can either get a staging consultation where a personcomes in and uses what you have to move around with some suggestions or they cango out and get the furniture and different materials going into theproperty where they remove some of your stuff keep a combination of differentthings and your things to put together this fabulous presentation that allowspeople to envision themselves living there so staging is not a whole bigproduction every time sometimes it can just be a consultation for you to setthe stage sometimes it's a whole production where the stagerbrings in different rental pieces and you guys can negotiate how that worksand they do a combination your stuff and their stuff or maybe they gotta geteverything out the house maybe the house vacant and they bring anentire new stuff that's what staging is it's getting the house ready so thatpeople walking in can have a really good and impactful experience understandingwhat it would be like for them to live there but it's been REAL it's been 90 comeback tomorrow for another video and if you got a term you'd like me toexplain drop a comment below we'll do the same for you too as well.This is J. Lucky Henry and I'm here to keep it REAL with you.Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate --call or text: 978 - 712 - 0244 and make sure you subscribe to my channel for more.

What does staging a home for sale mean? J. Lucky Henry answers this question in today’s Real Estate Explained video.

Preparing a home to be sold may require sellers to work with a home stager. What does the stager do? How do the stager and seller work together?

J. Lucky Henry explains what a stager does and the benefits of using this professional in the home selling journey. Having these real estate tips can be valuable in your next real estate transaction.

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