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What are the benefits of staging your home when trying to sell?

hi everybody its Jane Johnson the BriarHill Group every Mexico cent and I'mhere with Melanie Hansen of homesteadsolutions so Mel you and I work togetherto help people get their homes ready forsale while we're out looking forproperties I'm just wondering what isthe process for that well we do aservice called the first impressionconsultation and what that is is that wego in and give them our first impressionof their home and what potential buyersare looking for we talk about thecritical areas the master bedroom themain living areas the kitchen andpossibly the ensuite and outdoor areaand we give them an action plan and arecommendation list we go into detailabout what to remove what to add andpossibly move things around for photosit's really important that they'recapturing their best potential view ofthe home on the photos so it might be alittle bit of rearranging and editing atthe most part and I find well two thingsone is I found when you work withclients of what you've done is kind ofsort of coalesced themes in differentareas of the home so if they havecertain pictures they're now alltogether and also I find one of thebiggest mistakes people make is theystrip the home absolutely I'd like to goin two weeks prior to listing theproperty so that they have a little bitof time to find movers or storagecapabilities so I'd rather go in as itis now and then help them decide what weshould keep and what we shouldn't keepbecause that's what happens is theystrip the walls and then there's nothingto work with and you need something forinterest it to capture somebody'sattention and just be able to stage thisspace so that they can tell the storyright so you're taking it from a livingsituation to a selling situationabsolutely it's about editing and it'sabout taking a little bit of thepersonality out but leaving somethingfor again selling the the lifestyle theaspirational living that we like to saythat's great okay so if you wantinformation how do they get in touchwith you well we do have a website whichis at home style solutions CA but youcan also reach me on my cell phone twofive zero three nine one one nine twofour or email home style team at gmailokay and if you want information on whatyour homes worth contact me I'm JaneJohnston with the Briar Hill group atRemax kawasan have a great day

Watch this video and find out the benefits of staging your home as well as what the process looks like.

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