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WGBH IdeaLab: Designing Green and Equitable Communities

WGBH’s 2018 Innovation IdeaLab convened powerful writers, grassroots activists, economists, architects and green designers around the theme of The Changemakers for the popular day-long gathering supported by The Kendeda Fund. The purpose of the IdeaLab is to plant new stories for public media, with sessions ranging from Saving Nature, Saving Ourselves; to The Future of Work; and Designing Green and Equitable Communities.

In This Session:

» Michael Murphy, Architect & CEO, MASS Design Group

» Yorman Nuñez, Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative; MIT CoLab; Grist 50 Fixer

» Damon Rich, Designer, Urban Planner, & Partner, Hector Design; MacArthur Fellow

» Karilyn Crockett, Author, People Before Highways; MIT Urban Studies and Planning

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