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hi I'm Stacey IH I'm an artist interiordesigner mom preneur and white this showis about how good design can change yourlife follow my process from concept tocreation welcome to my worldhey guys welcome to our very firstepisode of our new webseries this is myclient and friend Rachel and we aregoing into her house she has not seen ityet this is the first time she's seeingit since we started construction it'snot ready yetbut at least you get to come see herher teaching is the existing kitchencabinets that were here before we justwanted to modernize the feeling of thekitchen and had a very time tree feelingand we wanted to give it a little bitmore of a sleek lookso we're really quickthey just put in and she saw for thefirst time and they are a gorgeous we'redoing some new countertops here andwhite changing the handles out and onceyou know the surface decor comes in thewall covering window treatments and thelighting and we're adding an island hereto give them more spaceI think the finished project is going tobe outstandingI think you guys are gonna be happy staytuned now yes okay I want Peter to makethis at a stone or removing the woodthis way the stone will frame thewindows the tile will vary right into ityou can actually come in and see thissite is completely done with the stripesoh how gorgeous I mean lot really willbe really stunning 30 it's gonna beperfect okay 30 is gonna be perfectdon't you head said yes but to fill thespace it's gonna be perfect it round orget round gold and then it's going toreflect the black theright behind you so when you're lookingin the mirror at all times it's beenthat half the reflection of a book lovethe black know it's like an amazingthing so when you're looking at this oneyou'll still see the black white andgold because of it and then Savannah T'sblack on the white wall and the whitetoilet on the black wall very positivenegative and like really dynamic awesomefollow me upstairs let's go see what'sgoing on there so we're in the masterbedroom to be a war profiteer there wasa window there will be configuring thespace to make the space work moreefficiently poor Bernie and I'm gladthat you said that because what I wantto argue is that that's always the casein an empty room okaythis space will completely expand itselfonce we start putting all of our designinto the space it's it's gonna explodeyou're not gonna feel that way at all sowe're in the master bathroom wecompletely changed the layout there usedto be a much smaller shower here and agiant bathtub here and we just felt likethere was no need for the death ofanyone it was the most important elementin this bed I realize so we are usingspace in a much better way we've givenher a much larger luxurious shower witha benchthis is the wall tile that's going inhere which is just amazing in this spaceI know you're gonna have a spot for youtoilet and a double vanity which in theold layout she only had a single vanityso her and her husband couldn't use thesink at the same time and this is likegoing to be life-changing for them everymorning when they have to get ready atthe same time they're gonna each havethe home sink and being able to do thatso really nice so we can make your lifea lot easier every morning and I getready

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Stacy Ayash Designs is a full service design firm based in Brooklyn, New York offering comprehensive residential and commercial decorating services.

Founded on the belief that good design will actually improve quality of life, Stacy established Stacy Ayash Designs in 2008 after a ten-year stint as a fashion designer for The Children’s Place and attending Parsons School of Design. Working as a fashion designer spoke to Stacy’s talent with textiles and enhanced her love of color in interiors as evidenced in every room she creates.

Stacy Ayash Design is grounded in the belief that good design should be practical. “It’s so important that the space that you live in is both visually appealing and functionally suits your needs,” says Stacy. By helping her clients analyze their physical needs, pinpoint their aesthetic and refine their personal style, Stacy and her client work together to actualize the client’s dream home.

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