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[Music][Applause][Music]hello hey I'm downstairshey guys it feels good to be back let metell you guys I feel so good to be backI feel like the last time I've loved waslike yawns ago in a different country ina different world where life wasdifferent but if you also got to be backit feels so good to be back to routineback to just what I'm used to just backto familiarity it feels good to be backno lies so I hope you guys have beenwell I've been so it's Christmas seasonChristmas sales everywhere but before weget to Christmas sales it's Black Fridaysalesyou know Black Friday it's such anAmerican tradition that we've recentlyacquired honestly five years ago youwill never have seen like a Kenyan doingBlack Friday or anything or any businessbut now people are doing a lot of BlackFriday sales and I'm heading to toreverse my to me heading to reverse isreally a journey like it's from whereI'm coming fromit's a journey and they have like hugeBlack Friday sales they have up to like75 percent of in different stores so I'mgoing for window shopping I'm taking youwith me so that you don't have to gothrough the entire journey that you seewhat they have so that you can decidewhen to go their Black Friday goesthrough all the way to the 23rd 24th tothe 23rd of November so but you can shopbut you can shop between now and thenand they have like crazy sales likeshops restaurants makeup stores retailstores fashion gift stores even Parisland I did a whole in Paris land andthey also have sales on the Paris Londonso it's 30 percent off this time andthen it's 30 percent off and then theyhave another one for 50% off so you'reget your coins readyI just got to two rivers and on to startgoing round their shops but you knowwhat I thought I thought it's nice likeI give you guys like Black Friday tipsand how to like navigate their space andwhat you need to do you know to just Iyou know to like make to get the crazysales and also to save as much money sothe first things fast is wearcomfortable clothes I mean a t-shirtjeans and like grappa so wear somethingcomfortable I would suggest you wearlike leggings would be nice with like at-shirt something you can easily removeon your clothes and you know like try onsomething in case you want to do thatanother tip I'd like to give you guysthis go with a friend because you'll bewalking for so long and doing so muchshopping it's always nice to havesomeone with you someone who knows justyou know chill with also someone to gofor lunch after after you finish butit's also good to go shopping with afriend so make sure you do thatanother tip I'd like to tell you guysthis is the perfect time these sales arethe perfect time to buy gifts for peoplefor December gives and even for otherholidays like if you have a friend whohas a birthday coming up in January orFebruary this is the best time to buylike a Stephen Valencia[Music][Music][Music]so now I'm going into Paris land Parisisland currently have up to 30% off andfrom I think the 23rd they will behaving up to 50% or so let me check whatthey have although I already got mystuff from Paris London owes here like amonth ago but let me see what ends thereso oh my god I found this really nicething for putting your drinks this is sonice for the holidaysit's a lemonade container galvanized andit looks like that it comes that it'shugeyou can put cocktails water lemonadejuice whatever like oh my god this isreally nice and I love like that vintagevibe it's really dope they also have onefor bread another one for bread adifferent colour this one's look reallynice how cute is this place oh my godit's really nice you don't have to useit for food it's 490 shillings and thenyou put like the 30% off but you can putlike you know cute stuff for your childyou can in her bedroom you can put likeHama Fattah and stuff like that or youcan even just serve like you know likesnacks or needs I think it's really nicethough she would love this so much[Music]holiday hat at Elte Waikiki oh my god Ilove it so muchAruba in Bangkok I tried looking forthis time of heart like a still heartand I never found another tourist beingthe regime but here is this one and itfits my head the one I got in bunkerdoesn't reach my head and have a we goand I like this one it's so cute hellohoney yesshould I take it or should I not take ittake ithey guys it's not a makeup video nostill a blog so trying to get ready Idon't know if you can see but I look sotired I slept at 3 a.m. editing myphuket vlog huhI really want that blog to go uptomorrow and I have so much footage Ithink it's the footage the footage is sodiscouraging because it's a lot buttoday I was like let me get ready youknow let us get ready it's been a whilesince I did like a get ready with me soyou know let's get ready today I'm goingto Adam ends to look at my table optionsthere's our table I had seen that Ireally loved and I hope it's still thereand it was one of the affordable tablesbut the chairs one bit so the chairs wasso uglythe chairs of the table the beauty is Ican get that table alone and do awaywith the chair so I wanted to go seewhat other chair options I can getbecause I do want to start my datingtable and each call my phone theyhaven't called my phone D so I don'teven know what kind I need to paint mydining literally as much as I'm backI'll do everything my life is soconfused but I it's just DecemberDecember is usually like this I knowonce like I know once the holidays startcoming in out be you know a little bitcalm down a little bit out of you knownot under pressure as much but yeah I'mquite excited about my dating table issomething I've wanted to do since lastyear when I did my bedroom so I'm quiteexcited about it so that's what I'mdoing today so yeah so ordered us tochat as I'm doing my makeup so so I'mgoing to start by moisturizing my facemy god I just got this is Rachelle likeHydrabad so like collection and my madethe facial wash was confiscated at theairport when I was living Phuket becauseit was in my carry-on and it was it wasover 100man I was so salty like I wanted to crybut it's it's fine so my daughter hasher cousins over and oh my god has justbeen so noisy no house but she's sohappy because she's visually alone sonow she's so happy that she has otherpeople to play with him and do stuffliterally she's not even she doesn'teven care that I'm around for myfoundation the last couple of since Icame back from Bangkok I've been mixingmy muck in c-45 with the Revlon hazelnutso I took a couple of drops for mark andthen I just add a little bit of that hisor not then I mix it so someone asked methe other day on one of my videos is howhow was my first month of business oh mygod her I don't know I feel like um itwas a half half type of thing umI learnt a lot in my first month firstof all like I learned so much in myfirst month and also the kind of thesales I was expecting humbled me so Ididn't get the sense I was expectingtruth be told but I also learnt a lotone of the things that I learnt is oneof the things I learnt is no matter whatyou do and I talked about this on myInstagram follow me is some things youwill never know you will never learn youwill never know what to deal with untillike you start the business like youjust never know whether I did all thatresearch if I did literally everythingbehind everything right I would neverhave known these things would crop up onme another thing is I realized that Istarted my business during the timewhere there was a whole 16% they werejust adding tax on pretty mucheverything so of course was a time wherepeople are not trying to purchase thingsas much people are putting moneyit's it's really understandable Itotally totally understand I'm done thisis my second time doing this is mysecond time starting a show and the onething that I can say I feel I feel likenow now I have to work 20 times as hardeven with the amount of followers I haveeven it the friends who have so muchinfluence after what 10 times as hard tomake the sales I made like in 2015 whenwe didn't have all these you know taxissues and stuff so that's that's that'sjust how I feel but you know whatthere's no better time than now that'swhat I tell myself so I can't say Iwould have started it next year whenthings are favorable we really don'tknow if they're gonna be favorable ornot so I'm done with my base and this isthe match foundation I have left soanother thing that I'll and one of theother things that like what I'm naturelike lesson was give the people whatthey want don't give them what you thinkyou need to give them or what you thinkyou want to give them give the peoplewhat they want at the end of the daywhen you're starting a business you areout here to fulfill a need you aresolving a problem that's how you'restarting a business to solve a problemif you see that there's a gap in themarket what's what you are doing you aresolving a problem so if you're solving aproblem your primary person is thecustomer and they're the ones are goingto give you the money why because youare solving a need that is somethingthey want that you have so that's one ofthe other lessons that I learnedsometimes we think we know that'sanother thing sometimes we think we knoweverything and to be honest sometimes wedon't know anything even though youthink you know stuff so it's always goodto just educate yourself and keepresearching so that's one of the thingsI've been doing but also just I feellike now you remember the video I didthere that they were I was just ventingand I was in such a fearful place nowit's different now I mean a more hopefulplace I'm not stressed you know I justsee things from a point of it's gonnaget better it's gonna be better it'sgetting better you know I'm learningeveryday as opposed to the point of justbeing fearful what the future holds andI don't think that is such a good caseto be in constantly it will happen weare human beings we are no perfect butyou know what you just keep it movingyou know just just keep it movingtake your air andmoving chop-chop don't waste timepicking up your ale you know what I meanjust pick it up I assume so I'm donewith the brows I haven't cleaned them uphere but I love how they look sonaturally this brow is usually higherthan this one so I tend toovercompensate with this one to make itslightly higher to watch this one and italways never matches and you know what Idon't care I don't careso the video I did for Appsremember the fit right unusual apps mygod I loved you guys suggestions andalso I was so surprised you guys lovedthat video like I didn't think somethingas simple as apps would do so well sowell but one of the apps that you guyssuggested was custom academi I waslistening to it it's for podcast forthose who don't know there was listeningto podcast before so Q do those like Ijust used to take the link and then Isave like the podcast on my home page sowhen I click on it it takes me to thelink because you can save the link onyour home page on Android save it's oneven though it's on iTunes you canactually do that so I had like a folderfor podcast so if every time ADA tolisten I did have to have like Wi-Fi orbundles but Cass books has well it hasall podcasts local international all ofthem and me eggs into podcast daily soI've been using that app ever since Idon't know that it and another thingabout that after I love is you candownload those podcast and listen tothem offline like Siculus abundancebundles bundles at Rizzoli POF equinabut when a Wi-Fi free coffee see andEiffel in between but Dubai bundlesknow so at least whenever you go withthe Wi-Fi you can download and thenlisten to the offline and maybe in lovedit I can't really love that up man Ireally really love it I'm get to checkout the rest of the other apps you guyssuggested so I'm going to check out PaliPali so for those who don't know I'm amoma daughter called Susie and whoa heySusie of late has been catching feelingslike I don't even understand and I tellthat don't do that it's not like Tia'sit's not like I'm mad at you althoughshe can't roll her eyes pretty well it'smore like Oh like catching feelings likewhy'd you do this to me like wait waityou know like she's just like catchingfeelings and you know just walking awayand closing the door like in halffeeling and I'm just like when I cantell you the truth you know like Icannot tell you the truth and I'm noteven shouting at you I'm just tellingyou just don't touch the wires they'redangerous feelings feelings I don'tunderstand what stage disease I wreckedevery day don't I need to go read aboutit because I'm just like this is this isnew nobody tells you these things nobodyprepares you for these things I have noidea what stage this is we're doing sowell when they stick us but not eventhey're stickers now they work but thosefeeling things I don't know what's goingon I don't know where she been quietthis habit from or it's a stage I wantto start planning my content for 2019 Ifeel like I don't know I'm excited for2019 my god don't even remind me in 2017it was ending I remember saying I'll bedoing like two videos whoa girl honey itwas real I did what I could do I didwhat I could do so yeah so yeah but for2019 I want to plan my content out Ihave you know newer ideas on what I wantto do with my content and what I want toyou know to do so if you whatever I wantto know your suggestion what do you guyswant to watch the NBA need to help asister so wanna know what you guys wantto watch what kind of content did youguys enjoy and I can see if it'ssomething that I also love and enjoy andI can create it so that'sfinal look I've used the TAT man-eatermascara it's a sample that I got fromBhandari Beauty when I got some productsso it's actually really nice I like itit's gives my non-existent lashes lifeso now I'm gonna set my face with myUrban Decay all nighter makeup settingsprayit's almost over and then for lips I'llprobably wear my fancy beauty glass ballit's in the other room it's in the roomit's in my handbag so let me start myjourney to Morden and I want to be doneand I want to be back because today Iwant to finish up editing that video forbouquet as well I spend a little bitmore time with saucy so that's my planfor today it's a Friday and that is whatI want to do first things first I'm hereodds and ends have this new section Idon't know if I mentioned it it's likeit's like a very it's likely created asection where they have different roomsas you can see it's well lit like theyput on tile like there's this sectionwith a wallpaper and like the seats sothey like different rooms which havebeen like created to mimic a living anddining room so I want to show you guyssome of them so there's this onesoon is it's really cute but it'salright and there's this dining overhere so see some paintings there's thisdining set over here that has beencreated and then see this wall art righthere really nice so this is the secondroom this one has like Grey's and goldand like a really nice jus Trog my godthis table it's got its coffee table isso nice but it's so I see and it's goldand acrylic and the tufted chairs reallyhave a nicethey have such a nice touch and thenjust look at the look at the legs of itsit's mine it's so nice it looks so goodand I've seen this table here this I'veseen this TV you need before and I loveit because of this texture of cowhidelike it's really such a nice touch andthey have like a shitload of paintingsthey have too many paintings like theyhave so much even there you can see theyhave like paintings of cities as you cansee so here's another room this one hasa like a whitewashed type of by veryllama style you know like beach housetype of vibe oh I love the mirrors oh mygod oh my god it's so nice so the otherthing is get some wall hangings and notseen these ones and they go perfect withmy theme and select really nice wallhangings for the like the dining areathis one is written pepperoni is garlicthat one is tomato[Applause]this is my fear the eggplants that is myfave rightthat is so okay this is the table and Iwant to get I wanted to show you guysthat I feel like I don't want to showyou guys at the same time I feel likeit's best that it's a surprise but Iwant to show you the chairs that itcomes with so this table is quite goodl-like it's a really wouldn't a woodentable and it has like green ornate andthis is what like do me to this table itwas the green and just that and thenthese are the chairs so the table is34000 and they will be having the tableis 34,000 but I know I'm gonna get likea discount on it however the chairs are9,000 each and I don't like the chairsso what I wanted to do is combine my ownchairs because I want something eclecticI want something different I wantsomething colorful I want something likemy daughter will be excited to go to thedining and eat that's like I said coloris something I want to do so yeah sothis is how the table looks you can seethe way it looks the green let me standup you see I also liked the like thelegs it's the way they look like theyare really stumpy and there's like spacein here in this space here cuz that'swhat I wanted I really that's that wasthe main thing and I didn't wantsomething I wasn't ripping for somethingthat's overly overly huge that willoverpower my space I wanted somethingthat I can be able to style and I stillhave like a little bit of space becauseI do want to put like a side table onthis side of my dining that make sense Ithink it really makes extra make senseto make sense on side of my training butyeah so I wanted I didn't want somethinghuge because what I have nowAaron what I was thinking my painting isa small table then my chairs areextremely huge so they eat up this spaceand it just it just doesn't look niceit just looks overpowered so yeah Ithink I'm happy with the selection and Ithink I've decided what colors I wantnow looking at everything once againI've decided what colors I want and Ithink I'll just start the walk this weekyeah this week when I've put up thisvideo I think is when I called the fundaand we can start painting okay so I'mdone I think I was there for like twohours but I talked for like five minuteson the floor but I was quite busy justtrying to figure things out and I lovethe table I've gotten I love it I knewit's the one I wanted and I'm happy I'vegotten it yeah so now I think I've alsofigured out the color like I was sayingI figured out because I did want onewall to have an accent color and I'vedecided I won't do that at all I'll justdo like a plain color and then just workwith the accessories and other colorsthat I have I figured out what I'm gonnaput on the walls cause also in theliving room it's not like the bedroomwhere I I didn't do any hunting you guysnoticed in the bedroom I didn't put likepaintings or anything like that but inmy in my dining I do want to have likewall hangings and wall at cuz I don'twant it to look empty and it's that thatplace can look quite empty so quick soyeah so right now I'm heading homemy nanny the sister passed away so Ihave to go release her so she can go andthen I can just go start working on thisvlog because I wanted to be up on Mondayany of its up on Monday guys a clap forme cuz it's gonna be a very long weekendfor me because I don't have a nanny andI have three vlogs I need to editso yeah so if you haven't yet subscribedto my channel give this video a thumbsup because it really really supports mychannel and leave a comment down belowyou know I always like hearing what youguys like to watch what you loved aboutthis vlog and what you learned and howentertaining it was I love you guysuntil next time[Music][Applause][Music]

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