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Webisode 2: Parlor & Dining | Project Client Big Gray House

[Music]hey guyswe're Joel and Erica Sneyd with threethink design studio we are ahusband-and-wife team from SavannahGeorgia and welcome to our secondepisode at hashtag client big gray houseall right so to recap the house is an18th century Italian at mansion facingan awesome square in downtown SavannahGeorgia alright so today we're gonnafocus on the parlor room and the diningroom at the parlor room it's like aliving room it's typically the firstroom off the foyer and the place toentertain you know which then leaves thedining room which is then usually rightoff the kitchen our client I guess abachelor he's 29yeah just made it you made it superclear he wanted to have a casual areakind of a lounge area right off thekitchen didn't want anything formal noformal dining he really just wanted toeat it a kitchen counter or at a coffeetable absolutely listen guys let'sremember this isn't a Telenet mansionsituated in downtown historic Savannahso what our client wondering what thehouse said were two different things butit's an ultimate challenge we feltstrongly to really be the right party tobring it up to task right so we knew hewant a casual hangout spot but we wannamake it you know sexy so we had to flipa few things around by swapping thedining room and the in the parlor itreally becomes sort of like the entrywayinto your home we got rid of thetraditional round table immediately uponwalking in and placing the dining andwhat was really important here it wasyou know creating this really beautifultable became a sculptural piece that wedesigned and had made here by localartisans as well as these amazingeditors both in brass wood and metalthese pieces in particular just floatand Lao your ID graze over it's not yourtypical you know brambles china cabinetand what I like so much about it is itactually houses all the audio/visualcomponents that you don't want to seeand most importantly in the bar yes thebar so when pairing chairs we wantedsomething that easily you knowslid around the perimeter of the tableit did not allow the eye to getdistracted we really felt it wasimportant to see those cleanup linesmoving on into now what we're callingthe new living room this is the placeright off the kitchen our client reallywanted it to be a little too casual forus so we had to compromise so it was keyfor the furniture to be low to theground to allow the eye to continue pastinto the kitchen so guys let me justremind you when we first approached thishouse we have the previous clientsfurniture everything was at chest heightto here okay so you have that you reallydon't get to appreciate all thesurrounding areas so we probably wenttotally opposite way right yeah and Iand I liked that because we were able tobring in a casualness to a young guy hewanted to sit and watch TV but it wasn'twhen their oversized couches that lookedlazy right listen I'm scared when hementions you know sectional it oftenconjures up the bonus room above thegarage the casualness that reallydoesn't the house and the sofa if wereally want to be warranty so what Ialso really like about this space isthat we were able to bring in thesereally cool modernizedlight fixtures and they were placedalmost mimicking what would have beenthere years ago in the old world whereyou had crystal chandeliers in each roomthat created this beautiful symmetryalright so the truly the best surprisethat came out of this design bill theconcept was what do we do about theseEast Lake balances our client wonderwritten down or paint them and listenthat would have been an easy solution Ithink one that we often as designers youknow felt guilty of but we really wantto take a step back strip the house ofthe original furnishings and come inwith these really streamlined as Ericasaid it's getting avian pieces thatallow them these balances to beone-of-a-kind special elements again didyou like the eyebrows too welllandscape beautiful face alright but nobut truly they are the eyebrow in theeye into the space I think the best tipto learn is that sometimes you justtake a step back and before you doanything to the architectural elementsnecessarily wait to see how things cometogether and then decide because itcould become your best feature cuz youguys sometimes you can never go backit's easy to replace or move furniturebut once you remove some architecturalfeatures ok so again there's so muchmore to cover so much more detail headto our blog rethink design studio commyou can shop the look you can learn moreabout us and don't forget to subscribethanksyou

Episode 2 of 6 takes you through the parlor and dining room of a modernized 1800s Italianate Mansion in beautiful Historic Savannah, GA. Husband-and-wife, Joel and Erika Snayd, walk you through the design of the two spaces sharing along the way their decision choices and tips. To learn more about this space and Rethink Design Studio, head over to their blog at

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