Waterproof your bathroom with Classi and MP Moran

[Music]designing or installing a new bathroomkeeping water where it should be can beworrying to a homeownerand as such careful consideration shouldbe given to movement settlementshrinkage and the drying out of buildingmaterials how much movement will occurin your bathroom two months six monthsor two years after installation at waterproof your bathroom calm you'll findproducts that'll put your mind at easeproducts which are innovative anduser-friendly from shower trays to bathswith overhead showers or wet rooms wehave waterproofing products to suit yourneeds and budget a family-run businesswith over 30 years manufacturingexperience we are dedicated to providingquality and innovative products withinthe bathroom sector watch ourinstallations videos and find the bestproduct for you keeping leaks out ofyour bathroom water proof your bathroomcalm[Music]

Working on your beautiful bathroom design? Most of us spend time researching bathroom designs and have our own bathroom ideas. But have you considered how to waterproof you bathroom?
Whether you are fitting a shower tray, a bath or a wet room we have a product that can help you, we have waterproofing products for all bathrooms. The days of simply splurging in silicone sealant are coming to an end. All our products are preventative, designed to be used at the time of your bathroom installation- prevention is better and much cheaper than cure

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