Home Staging 

Virtual Staging Snippet

here in the kitchen and dining area youmay see a blank slate but let me showyou what I seewhat if you wanted to have friends overfor dinner I see a six to eight persontable right here in the middlepossibly a wine bar over on the side andwithout the warming dinner that youcould be cooking right here in yourkitchen now let me take you over to theliving room cozy winter evenings in yourliving room can you picture itlet me help you in that you've got athree four person couch right hereyou've got two extra seats here foradditional guests coffee table with yourpopcorn maybe someone TV showing thelatest thriller and a lovely consoleunderneath perfect and last but notleast we have the one bedroom with alarge walk-in closet and in every onebedroom we can fit a king-size bed andjust look at that balcony that youconsider in the morning and have yourcoffee

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