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Virginia Beach Staging

hello everyone today we are in VirginiaBeach and I am really excited to showyou this house love that beautiful reddoor and as we are making our way on theinside you can see this is a newlyrenovated house they really did anamazing job you can see the flooringjust the detail in the flooring aloneand the crown molding around the ceilingis really gorgeousand now we are looking at the formalliving room it's a really nice sizevery nice neutral cool color wallsfreshly painted ceiling fan and newlight fixture as well as double windowsin the front so you get a lot of naturallighting and I will do one more overviewso you can see just really a great spaceand another amazing feature about thishouse is there are two living areaswhich I will show you and there's anentry window and nice closet for storageand new carpeting going up the steps aswell as all of upstairs as well in thebedrooms and now we are making our wayinto the dining and the kitchen and hereis the other seating area to the right Ireally love this open layout just openfloor plan great for entertaining andthe kitchen I really love what they didto the kitchen look at these great cleanwhite cabinets along with the neutralcountertop and the painted brick in thein the back very clean modern look andas well as the new appliances and theflooring it's just it's really gorgeousand I would love to be cooking in thiskitchen and now we are going to make ourway over to the other seating areaacross from the dining and I love thissetup the formal living room and in thisother seating area where you can reallysocialize and even the back porch withthe backyard is another amazing featurelots of natural lighting in this room itreminds me of just like a back sunroom areally great kind of lounge area in theback of the house and a nice size alongwith this panel this painted wood panelwalling is really great and this is areally nice-sized dining room and lookat the amount of lighting coming throughI just I really love I'm all aboutnatural lighting so I think this reallyjust helps open the space up along withthis view of this really nice backyardbrand-new patio back patio and a greatsized tree so you get some shading alongwith storage space in the back so youreally have a lot of storage even if youlook into the kitchen here there's a lotof cabinet space so you're really notlacking on storage at all either and nowwe are going into the downstairsbathroom and again with the moldingalong the wall and the nice fresh paintit's just really pops along with the thesink in this mirror here I really lovethe fixtures that they chose for thishouse and this clean modern look reallyjust brings it up to date and here'sanother overview again with that openfloor plan it's really amazing this is athree bedroom home with two bathroomsand really nice sized bedrooms all withnot natural lighting which you willsee shortly and along with thiscarpeting I really wish you could justfeel this carpet in person just so plushand soft and now we are gonna go up tothe master bedroom over to the right andthis is really a great sized bedroom Imean it's really hard to see through thevideo but it's really a great size andthere are two closets nice windowsdouble window overlooking the front yardand as you can see the paneling niceceiling fan along with a reallynice-sized bathroom which I will showyou next and here's the first closetover to the left and here are thewindows here so much lighting coming inas well as the closet across there andthere's even built-in shelving which isreally great especially if you like toorganize your clothes here is thebathroom this is a jack-and-jillbathroom you can see there's two whentwo mirrors along with double sinks andlook at all of that storage underneathlots of drawers and I really love thesetup of this bathroom very spacious asyou can see over here there's a littlehalf wall and then you have the showerand the toilets a little separated nicetiling in the shower and now we can makeour way into the other two bedroomsacross the hall here and as you can seethis nice fresh carpeting and doublewindow in the back nice ceiling fan bothrooms nice size and along with theclosets and this is overlooking thebackyardboth of these rooms are facing the backyardand still get so much natural lightingboth have easy access to this hugebathroom here right across the hall andnow we will make our way into the thirdbedroom and this has two nice windows inthe back so again lots of lighting alongwith the closet space and this is also areally great location as well VirginiaBeach beaches are amazing here if you'renot familiar with the area this is closeto a lot of restaurants there's a mallnearby along with great schooling sothis is really a great area and a greatproperty if you're interested pleasereach out please at least view the spaceit is really gorgeous in person and thishas been successfully staged thanks somuch for watching

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