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Virginia Beach Staging minutes from the beach!

hello everyone today we are in VirginiaBeach and I am very excited to show youthis house as you can see it is aamazing space if you like the outdoorsyou are really gonna love this propertyI mean as you can see the entry alone isso well maintained and look at all theplants there's even fresh rosemarybushes it's just really a great spaceinside and out and look at the size ofthis front porchit's huge along with the top deck I meanI was truly amazed the first time Ivisited this house and not only by theoutside but just look at this gorgeousentry with all this natural lightingthere's just so many windows that flowall the way throughout the living room Imean look at the size of this space tallceilings nice ceiling fan real hardwoodflooring very clean modern look and veryunique as you can see over to the leftthat little circle way leading into thekitchen and here's the entryway againlook at all the lighting through thisspace and as you can see it's very wellmaintained inside and out and as I saidbefore if you like to entertain if youlike the outdoors look at the size ofthis outdoor deck and yard and even thetrees so much greenery which is reallytransparent through the living room aswell it's really a great space forentertaining also not to mention minutesfrom the beach and I mean look at thesize of this room and these walls Ireally love what they did to this spaceand as well as the fireplace and themantel which I will show you hereyou get a nice glimpse of that in theaccent the Navy accent it's just reallygreat this is a three bedroom home in atwo and a half bathsand I am really excited to show you themaster bathroom and closet upstairs isreally really amazing this is a really agreat living room if you like toentertain because of the amount of spacein here and there's a wiring hooked upin the living room for surround sound aswell and now we are making our way intothe kitchen as you can see additionalseating the little bar area this is avery nice clean modern kitchen nice realwood counter or cabinets along with thestainless steel appliances which give itthat modern touch in here I love thislittle round window that looks out intothe living room and just really bringsin that natural lighting and just kindof opens up the space from the livingroom into the kitchen and there's evenanother little like Brecon breakfastnook over near the windows anotherchandelier you could have a littlebistro table and chairs that overlooksthe front porch and again lots ofnatural lighting nice tiling throughoutthe kitchen and here is the formaldining room look at the size of thisroom it is really a great size forentertaining I mean so much space youcould really fit a large-scale table inhere and again three nice sized windowstall ceilings nice hardwood flooring andoverlooking that front patio the frontporch and here is the downstairshis bathroom and look at this modernsink I really I love this sink it's soclean and really just goes with the flowof the house and as I mentioned beforenot only is this minutes from the beachbut it's also walking distance fromthere's a boat ramp great nightliferestaurants there's schools all kinds ofstuff in this area so it's really agreat location and as well as I got mepersonally I love the outdoors and Ilove the beach there's lots of trailsit's really a great spot and now we arein the upstairs full bathroom and thisis a really a great size for for theguest bathroom and I love what they didwith these mirrors here and the woodencabinets tile flooring and another greatfeature about this house is the dualwater heaters in the dual zone HVAC aswell and now we are in the first bedroomreally nice sized ceiling fan and aswell as access to the huge balcony Imean look at the size of this balcony Ican just imagine waking up in themorning and having a coffee and also asyou can tell just so much naturallighting that comes through the room andthere's also two closets in the room sonice amount of storage and not tomention the carpet is really great uphere very soft neutral color carpet andnow we are making our way into thesecond room and again nice size lots oflighting this is a there's really a lotyou could do with this space I mean itcould be an office space a nursery akid's room a guest room there's a nicecloset there for additional storageand these nice kind of neutral walls andcarpeting again and I absolutely lovethese sliding doors that lead into thisamazing master I cannot wait to show youthis master is going to blow you awayalong with the the closet and the masterbathroom so now we are making our waylook at the size of this master and allof this lighting the windows surroundingthe walls nice tall ceilings and Ireally love the the paint color thatthey chose very modern clean look and asit wraps around over here you can seethere's even additional space over tothe left here this is there's so muchyou can do with this with this space andeven two closets which I will show youone over to the left and then againaccess to the huge balcony which I willbring you out to shortly and againanother really tall window look at thiscloset I am in love with this closetbuilt-in laundry and look at the theamount of detail that went into thiscloset I mean I would love to have acloset like this I am definitely thetype of person that likes to keep thingsorganized and if you are too you willabsolutely love this closet along withthis master bathroom look at thiscabinetry the lighting the details ofthe lighting on the top here absolutelygorgeous I mean this is a stunningbathroom look at the wood all real woodtile flooring and wait till you see thisshower look at this amazing walk-inshower Ilove to have something like this in myhome I mean absolutely gorgeous andalong with this another window again andhere's the bathroom the toilet over hereit's nice separate door and then againthere are two double vanity two sinkswhich is great especially when there'stwo of you trying to get ready in themorning and again with the cabinet spaceunderneath this is another overview ofthe master bedroom look at the size ofthis I just really can't get over it Iwould absolutely love to have a bedroomlike this and I can look at this topbalcony it's amazing and look at thelighting coming over I mean imaginewatching the sunset here every night andeven just walking to the beach and lookat this I love the path leading up tothe entryway it's really gorgeous andagain very well maintained it's reallyhard to even explain over video howgreat this house is and it's definitelysomething that you should see in personand will not be on the market for longso please reach out and definitely tryto view it in person if you are someonethat likes the outdoors likes toentertain this is a perfect houseespecially for the beach it's almostsummer and it's really gonna be a greatspace to show off to your friends andfamily I mean I would personally love tobuy this house if I could I can imaginemyself living here so thanks so much forwatching this has been successfullystaged and we hope to hear from you soon

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