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Vintage Style/Modern Life with Leah Ashley: Mismatched Dining Masterpiece

[Music]at my house we'd love to entertain myhusband is an incredible cook so I livefor a good dinner party we don't evenneed an occasion good food great companyand a chance to decorate my table yespleaseI'm in on this episode of vintage styleModern Life I'm gonna show you that bymixing classic furnishings withpre-loved pieces you can create a diningroom that is both inviting and uniquelycurated I'm Lia Ashley and I've turnedmy love of vintage into a lifestylewhether it's a flea market garage saleor your grandma's closet I live for agood treasure hunt I believe that addingantiques and unique vintage finds intoyour decor brings your space to life andgives your home its soul and it's mymission to share this passion of how tofind the balance between old and new andto show you how to incorporate vintageinto your home no matter your designstyle this is vintage style modern lifeincorporating vintage into your diningroom can be overwhelming with fears atthe room and more importantly your tableare gonna look like something out ofgranny's Atticno offense love you granny Vicky andpulling off this look is to start withclassic sturdy pieces of furniture soyou want your big pieces of furnitureyour investment pieces to be cleanclassic and able to stand the test andtrends of time I love this dining tablefrom the design Network because it'sclassic shape its traditional in styleso it could be dressed up or dresseddown depending on your taste it couldfeel modern or vintage the crisscrossand diamond detailing on the top reallyset this table apart the scroll feetgive this piece a timeless charm and itcomes with two leaves and can extend upto 11 feet comfortably seating up to 10people now that's my kind of dinnerparty next up let's talk dining roomchairs now dining room chairs come inall different shapes and sizes but rightnow I am loving the look of themismatched chairs so that's when you usedifferent sets of dining room chairs tocomplete your table it kind of has a funstylized vibe and it really makes yourtable more playful now people are takingthis trend to the max and they'reactually using a different chair forevery single seatand while I do love that look we aren'ttaking it quite that far today I foundthis set of six vintage chairs at acitywide garage sale I just love thespindle backs and the distressed blackpaint originally I thought aboutchanging the upholstery on the seats butdecided that because it's so neutral itreally goes well with everything else inthe house for 20 bucks a chair I justcouldn't pass them up the most importantthing to keep in mind when buyingvintage chairs is seat height you don'twant people to be on different levels atyour dining room table that's kind of anawkward dinner party hmm to ease intothe mismatched look I'm using a pair ofhosts chairs that I found in the designNetwork these chairs with their turnedlegs and upholstered backs anchor thetable the nail heads are a fun spin ontraditional styling and the creamyfabric ensures that they will go withany style overall these armchairs bringa bit of sophistication to the wholelook when it comes to centerpieces thereare a million different ways to decorateyour table but I really wanted thistable to feel modern clean and fresheven though I'm going to be using a lotof vintage elements I like to start byadding some kind of runner or tableclothto my table using table linens is agreat way to add color and texture toyour table and because the top of thistable is so pretty I don't want to coverit up so I'm opting to use a runner whatI love about these awesome metal candleholders are obviously their shapethey're cool they're modern they'reclassic but I also love to think outsideof the box so we're swapping out candlesand we're gonna replace them as plantersnow because I have swapped out my candleholders and made them into planters weneed candles so this is the perfectopportunity for me to break out my brassvintage candlestick collection becauseeverybody looks better by candlelightI've collected these for some time nowand I love mixing different shapes andsizes together it creates a reallydramatic table and I'm adding in someantlers because why not we're in Texas[Music]now it used to be common knowledge howto set a table right everybody knew butin today's fast-paced world that ideaseems vintage in itself we are a prettylaid-back family so our table tends toerr on the more casual side of thingsbut just because we don't host fancyAffairs every weekend does not mean thatwe can't still wow our guests one way tomake a casual table feel a little bitmore fancy is by adding chargers now Iown a couple of different sets but Iusually get the most use out of thesereally pretty natural jute roundchargers but when I'm feeling a littlebit more fancy I like to double them upthese galvanized chargers are coolsimple and chic when it comes to dishesfor me it is vintage all the way I'veloved looking at different vintagedishes and I love collecting differentshapes and patterns and sizes when I'mout on the hunt and I see a cute vintagedish I always flip it over and I startlooking for markings insignias and Istart doing my research because I'mtrying to see if there may be a littlebit more valuable than just being cutemost of the time they're just cute i buythem anyways cuz they're cute ifstarting a vintage dishware collectionis overwhelming I always suggeststarting with a simple set first thisbeautiful set was passed down to me andit is my go-to for almost all of mytable settings you can't beat white andgold a casual table calls for only onewater glass and one wine glass but whenwe're having dinner parties I like tokick it up a notch and offer a whitewine glass and a red wine glass that'sjust more wine of course when it comesto stemware I love to mix modern andvintage glasses together my watergoblets are a vintage set that I pickedup at Goodwill for 16 dollars but thewine glasses are modern chic and cleanwhen it comes to napkins you coulddefinitely go vintage I prefer to gomodern because I don't like to iron thema lot of people love to use differentkinds of flatware vintage sets thatthey've found that thrift stores orgarage sales but for me I like to keepthings simple I have a modern set onhand when I saw this ice bucket on thebottom shelf at the thrift store coveredin dust I knew I had to have it a littlebit of TLC and a little bit of cleaningthis ice bucket was giving me visions ofdinner parties lasting late into thenight overflowing with champagne but mytoddler gets up at 6:00 a.m. so Who am Ikidding I bought the ice bucket anywaysbecause it makes me feel more fabulousthan I am when I'm out hunting fortreasures and I see marble I don't carewhat it is I buy itin this case it's in the form of thesecute salt and pepper shakers marbleanything makes your table feel a littlebit more fabulousno matter your style mixing vintage intoyour dining room successfully is allabout balance starting with strongclassic pieces and then adding intouches of vintage are a great way topersonalize the experience ofentertaining remember it's a party pouryourself a glass of champagne and have agreat time thank you so much forwatching this episode of vintage stylemodern life I hope I inspired you to goon a treasure hunt all your own and ifyou liked my dining room table the hostchairs or the candle holders you canshop them right here on the designNetwork

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Mixing in vintage decor is one of the biggest trends in dining room design — but a step too far in the thrifted direction and the look can quickly start to resemble something from grandma’s attic instead of the pages in a magazine. The key to getting the look right: achieving balance between the old and the new. Watch as Leah Ashley blends flea market finds and antique pieces with new purchases to create a beautiful table–and tablescape–that has plenty of worn-in charm, but still manages to feel perfectly present day.

About Vintage Style/Modern Life:
Lifestyle expert and self-proclaimed “treasure hunter” Leah Ashley has made a career out of curating beautiful spaces with soul, thanks to her keen eye for blending unique and unexpected vintage pieces into her of-the-moment aesthetic. In Vintage Style / Modern Life, Leah’s bringing new meaning to “something old,” and sharing the art of creating the gorgeous, layered look that’s become her signature.

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