# Valentine Day Kitchen Vignette Ideas

good morning I'm jumping over here todayto show you a kitchen vignette I did twovignettes in my kitchen and I just wantto show you guys what a vignette lookedlike and it's not very expensive andthat you can make it and move it aroundanywhere in your kitchen on your homewill you like for it to be so guys Iwant to show you that I'm a a vignette Imade two of them one you can leave onyour countertop the second one you canmove it around put wherever you wouldlike for it to be okaylet me show you what the vignette what Idid here what I created here in mykitchen today on my countertop this is avignette I'm a I have a I love youballoon here in a small boss and I juststuck some little heart picks around itand tied a little bow I made a littlebow to put on it and I purchase thatfrom the Dollar Tree most of the stuffcame from the Dollar Tree or something Ihad leftover in my home and I just putit up here I have a little teddy bearthat I purchased also this littlebeautiful voice that I performed athrift store last year sometime I justgot this little teddy bear and got thesethe linens Hart truffles here on thetray also a little flower I have here alittle pink flowers not showing you noreal pink here but it's pink and also Ihave a sign that I purchased from theDollar Tree last yearsale of I have a sitting up here on thisand a pedestal that I did make them giveit some height so this is what it lookedlike here on this tray guys I just wantto show you what a vignette can looklike in your kitchen very elegant verypretty with this balloon sitting here injust a little pause this is what I didhere in my kitchen to give it some youknow height and color for the Valentineholiday you can just make this vignetteso I'm just throwing it early to giveyou guys some ideas that what you can dohere okay the second vignette it's whatI did here I had these little flowercotton ball flowers from last year forin the fall so I purchased these thesefrom last year just a little on placematI have here this heart placemat and justa little love heart sign that I havehere made in a heart shape I'm gonna doa duet DIY with that little arm heartshaped sign that I have here but this iswhat it looked like here in my kitchensitting on the countertop these are twovignettes that I did one you can leavehere all the time the other one you canit's on the tray that you can move itaround very elegant very nice verypretty and very simple I think both ofthese vignettes turned out very nicelythey look very good very simple veryinexpensive don't cost that much andthat you can do for your home givearound your kitchen or you can put it inyour living room wherever you like toput it in your home because it's a trayyou can take it and move it around anyway you like to move it guys I thinkthey both turn out very nicely so guysif you like these two vignettes pleasegive me a thumbs up hit that subscribebutton and please hit that Bell that waywhen I upload videos you all can comeyou know jump on and be the first one tosee when I do my videos just giving youguys some ideas for the Valentineholiday that you can do in your kitchensmall vignettes doesn't cost that muchvery inexpensiveokay guys just the end of this videojust want to jump on and say goodmorning hello and hope all is wellbye-bye see you the next video have ablessed day

Ideas on a Kitchen Vignette for Valentine’s Day very inexpensive most from Dollar Tree easy and elegant for your decor if you like this video please like and Subscribe to my channel MYSTERIOUS ALBERTA’S love to have you in this family please do not forget to HIT That Bell

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