Home Staging 

Unparalleled Eye Designs- Brookland, DC completed Home staging

check it out our single-family homelocated in Northeast in Brooklyn DC isstaged and ready to be sold you can seehere y'all we're looking at a completelyopen floor plan this is like really whatpeople are into now so Noel and I had tothink creatively how can we incorporateour staging inventory to give buyers anidea on how they can incorporate theirgoods there is that lovely dining tablemy labor of love yesterday let's walkyou over here to the kitchen just a lotof thought dark hardwood floorsbeautiful dark cabinets honeycombbacksplash we brought in some fabricbarstools a super fun abstract area rugand I am totally obsessed with theseclocks I am a stickler for time so thesealliant clocks that noel fun on etsy aretotally my favorite and we finish offwith a desk in the kitchen

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