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Turn Key Home Inspections: Interior Painting Tips

are you prepping for some interiorpainting at home we have a fewsuggestions to help the project runsmoothly first make sure you clean thearea and all surfaces so your paint canhold a strong bond we suggest using acanvas drop cloth over top of plasticfor easy portability around tightcorners and it's durability for use withfuture projects while stirring yourpaint make sure to tilt your stick topull paint up while mixing to avoidoverlapping marks and stripes try toroll the full height of the wall andkeep a wet edge so each stroke of yourroller overlaps where you left off ifyou need to store your paint overnightto complete the job tightly wrap yourbrushes and rollers in a plastic foodwrap put your wrapped brushes in therefrigerator to stay fresh and thenremove them 30 minutes before you wantto resume the next day for moreinspiration and advice around the homefollow us on social media or visit usonline

Are you prepping for some interior painting around the home? We have a few suggestions to help the project run smoothly. Vists us Online or Contact us at:
(314) 420.5627

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