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good morning it is cheese dangand we are off on holiday today we'realready all pet we just waiting fordaddy to come home from work it is aboutnine o'clock we fly at two so we need toleave at 10 but Dan had to work thismorning because he's got so much onholiday actually right at the wrong timehe is just manic so he's been workingall weekend he worked two really lamelast night and he's working who had beenreally early this morning working thismorning so yeah we're off on holidayvery excitedall Pat I'm just going to show youquickly what's in the kids plain bagsbecause I have a lot of questions aboutthem before we go and I had a spritehand yesterday which I'm loving it'skind of quite natural which I like justto give me a little bit of color becausebecause I've been poorly and had a bitof food poisoning and I've had a waterinfection hmm just like I say I lookedlike a ghost so I thought don't want tobe getting in somewhere looking likethat so I had a spray tan on I'm feelingamazing really makes me realize shouldhave a spray tan every few months orsomething just to make me feel great andanyway let me show you what's in thekids plain bags here they are they'rejust taking the all rucksacks we used totake tron keys but god they were paid inthe bum time log around and but I'llshow you what's in Louise because firstand then I'll show you your naviesthey're pretty much the same and I'llshow you anyway we're travelling for 10hours in total from here to the hotelwell 10 to 11 hours anyway so that'squite a lot of hours and because it'sdaytime they're not really gonna sleepany of it so I've got loads and thosebits in here I've got one of theseNinjago and blind bags I've got somenightstick is Louise really in tonight'sat the moment dinosaur coloring book andpens I just got that these two fromWilco they were actually a pack of threecoloring and stuff and stickers butthe rest in the suitcase for when wereaway and traveling home I've got him adinosaur magazine it's got loads ofgoodies in there he's got his Amazon Ithink it's called fire kids fire tabletis it caught fire yeah and I've gotloads of films and all sorts or neitherwipe and his headphones got Packarddinosaur I just picked up from the localtoy shop they were three ninety-nine butI know that he'll get loads of use outof those and they're kind of things thatwill last forever picked him up one ofthese from peacocks just a little pawpatrol with Smarties in it he's got hiswallet that just he wants to take byfizz well it's this is one my mum boughthim and this one he got new stockinglast year and they've just got a feweuros in there that my mum's given himand he'll spend in the airport then Igot bag of various different snacks sohe's got an orange and some raisins oneof these fruit yo-yos packet of crispsthere's a kinder egg in there sorryLouie wanted me yeah so we've got akinder egg in there a couple of packs ofsweets and then one of these likePlayskool heroes transform a blind bagsand one of these Marvel 500 line bag Igot these from there's like a chippyshop in the town where we live so I justpicked up those and then he's got anempty water bottle his school one whichI'm gonna fill up in the airport becauseobviously we can't go through securitywith it I'm just gonna fill up withwater when we get through and that iseverything in Louise so in Evie's shehas got one of these My Little Ponymagazines she's got the same snacks inhere she's got her um Amazon fire andher water bottle she's got a pack ofdogs instead of dinosaursshe's got her purse with her littleeuros in manshe's got trolls buying back a babylittle sister lol a trolls sweet thingsome ballerina stickers and then she'sgot some felt-tip pens from ilk eyes andagain she's got coloring back sohopefully this will all entertain themand it will be lovelyyoubackdrop done now security and we canget some foodreally need some lunch Security's doneand holidays begun they were Frankie andBenny's Louise Vikram Pixies hungry[Music]I smile on camera[Music]yeah[Music]we pay by credit or debit cards sterlingand that is when I want to segment abusiness I would in our first day weshould have a holiday and we are reallyreally late last night and the room isabsolute chaos but good tidy up and thenI'll do your little room tour when weget back but we're just going to go tobreakfast because everybody is very veryhungry eight o'clock and it's stillreally tough work outside which is a bitweird muna stood up and obviously getslight ready late hood which is verystrangebreakfast and our babies coming with usand I'll show you have a let me getthe EB has gone for some scrambled eggsand bacon got some fruit and yogurt andpastry having you Evie is about havingsome fruit and pancakes so you is sowe are just back from breakfast and Danhas taken Libya Navy for a littleexplore I think he's going to go to youlike the park or something and becausewe arrived so late last night I didn'tget talked to like sort the room out andeverything and and it is absolutecarnage and it's really stressing me outso it's both going down for a nap in theother room I'll show you that room whenshe wakes up but this is where me andDan are sleepingIsabelle usually sleeps in this one butfor me the cot in there because all thewardrobes are in this room and I'll showyou the carnagedon't judge me oh my gosh yeah juststuff everywhere and we're not plays ohoh I just this really stressed me out soI'm just gonna go and put it all awayput it in that little joke and then I'llgive you a big grand room tourafterwardsyouand what a mission that was just waveIsabelle to wake up I remember pickingit up off the bus I don't remember itbeing in this room and I've justsearched everyone I can't find it so wehave to ask a reception which should bea bit of a bugger because he'll bereally upset my fate and it's a bitfunny in this light and anywayyeah say love to ask the receptionbecause it's got all of this activityisn't it toys and everything in itluckily his King his iPad was put in myback and so I know that that wasn't init and boom hopefully reception of gotit because why would anybody take it andnobody wanted there's nothing of anyimportance in there to anybody else butyeah so I'm gonna go in and ask areception in a minute it's good thatshe's nothing but I'd really like to sayit to see the Sun it looks lovely outthere I'll show you so this is our viewfrom our balcony how lovely is that notactually sure what island that is andneed to look that it could well be maybeLance and roti or something I don't knowactually it's not that place well maybeit's just a random little island don'tknow but yeah that's our view this isall our hotel all the way up until thereand I don't know whether that was ourhotel or not I'm not sure I'm gonna copyyep but yeahloving this PA this morning the moon wasup there and it was shining onto the seaand it lit amazing and say yeah we'rereally really chuffed with this so thisis day one a holiday and this is my dayoutfit it's all old because I didn't buyanything new for this holiday but Iwanted to show you kind of what I'mstill wearing and it's all kind ofreusable fashion I'm into like this notkind of chucking stuff away and sendingstuff to charityafter only a couple of wears because itis driving me mad and keeping up withInstagram and all that so I'm just notinto it anywaymy shorts are about 2 or 3 years old andthey are just from Oasis just classicChino shorts the top is also ASIS welike the little tie bit here and therefrilly bit and it's just red stripyprobably could do with an iron but youknow and then I'm just wearing my goldsandals and I've got some new sunglassesI did buy as many sunglasses in theairport because Evy broke mine a coupleof weeks ago let me show you them andhere they are done hates them I don'tcare they are from accessorized and Ijust really like so and we take thecamera right it smells like the otherlunch[Music]I really like them they're fromaccessorize and I picked them up in theair here's a V break my other one inspec I really like fur and done thingsare a bit big he had a mammoth napdidn't you darlin huge mama had to wakeyou up in the end cuz a cleaner wantedto come in our room didn't she I had tokeep asking her to come back and shekept coming back and you were stillasleepHeythey're killing found we had a guitar metoday you hungryI'm having a lot of veggies some potatoand I've got some gig big king poems andsquid some sort of me don't know what itis that's goodis well saving some for latershe's actually in that much[Music]good goodness underneath your thing[Music]the owner sangria and the strawberrymilkshakesyes must be holiday so good can you giveme Louie kisses yeah gently with hisface there is about gently loud kisses[Laughter]welcome to my room[Music]so this is Henry's crit click on thisplace this is our bedroom got somelovely wardrobesI'm out here myselfTeddy going on onto a balcony though andthen round here I'll lead you through tothe other bedroom this is the kidsbedroom it's about TV in our room thatshe is nothing in here an amazing goingon which is nice and then she would haveto do a fridge tour don't youthis is our nice little fridge and thenhere got nice kind of Coke or Pepsi turnof beer bottle water some sandwiches andsome yogurt which I topped up every dayyou wanna come on the train and this isour lovely bar image to the twisties andresolution and yet both shower be deepcigarette feed in vivo beedo toiletnice messy sing and this is our Tenerifecrib

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