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for this guest bathroomwe again kept the existing cabinetry andwe went with a countertop that's meantto look like marble it is a quartz andwhat I really like about quartz is it'snot a porous you don't have to stealit's not it can't be a food source formold so these are all great things aboutquartz doesn't really like about it andthis reason why I constantly recommendit we went with a quartz countertop andthen we did the og square edge profileand then we did a square polish threeinch backsplash so it's nice to havesome type of backsplash you don't needsix inch - big chunky 6 inch splashesyou can do a little dainty 3 inch splashlooks a lot better and it protects thewall just as good the customer providedus with these really cool beaded glassmirrors and I really just think it had agood design to the space go over thewall sconceon the side of the mirror and gave itits own switch so that way didn't get itright that way you can have somedifferent lighting options which is kindof nice this gives you a little morelike nighttime feel you can usethings like that and then when you comein and you want ready the morning thenyou go to your traditional downlightthat's over the that's over the mirrorthis is also the same series as thefaucet is so it's all coordinating thematches and the same finish as well wealso did a another mount sink squareunder mount sink these are very popularand then I just really like the way thatwe cut in their sinks I think they lookreally good for the shot where we did a12 by 24 porcelain tile this is actuallya commercially rated porcelain tile ithas a polished finish on it and it'scommercially rated so that means it'sreally durable stuff and is meant tolook like creme are filled and it reallylooks like creamy Marvel I mean reallylooks like it it's like it's if you tooka picture of it and printed it on apiece of tile and that's exactly whatthey do they take a picture of realmarbles and they printed on top so itlooks really really realistic we wentwith a tumbled four by four stone aboveit and we did some little glass jewelsand then we separated it with a littlepencil Darrell this is actually a realmodel and this tunneled stone designgoes all the way to the ceiling and Ithink for the space because we have ownreally tall ceilings in this house it'sreally nice tooyou lie that face and go all the way tothe ceiling is a really great finishedlook to the whole to the whole show andthen again with a really big rainshowerhead now our shower heads we set afour inches so it helps you getunderneath them you know or like inminis and the 70s where they build theshower heads that are really low and noone can get underneath them so this oneactually has an extended shower arm thatraises it up even a little bit more andthen there's a tilt shower head so youcan tilt it and get underneath it if youwant to or if you want to tell them thisway and step back you can get out of itso your hair doesn't have to get wetevery time so it is a rain shower headbut it's a versatile rain shower head wejust knit here for the products and weput a shelf here made of the quartzmaterial and this actually gives you anextra inch of space which is nice we dida quartz top and then we did a 2x2 whoomosaic on the shower floor and we likethe 220 mosaic because it's easier toslope and this is a matte finish versusthe polish on the walls and then we didthis really fun chrome degree for theshow and for this floor room with acontrasting tile it contrasts thecabinets well in contrast the tile inthe shower and it is a commerciallyrated porcelain tile that is a mattefinish and it's a 12 by 24 so if we canlay it in the staggered pattern as yousee if you can see it what I like aboutit is that it looks kind of like a baconcut travertine mixed with wood so it'scool about the new technology inporcelain tiles is they can pretty muchmake anything they can dream oh so theytook the best parts of a bank uhtravertine tile and thenwe'll go to it you know heighten some ofthe areas of it to give it like a reallyreally cool look this is a 18 inchmedallion bordered in the absolute blackgranite and then we did coordinatingtiles so this is the same tile that thisis it's just in a polished finish versusthe matte finish and then this is thesame time that we did in the shower thatcreme are filled looking porcelainexcept we did it in the matte finishversus the polished in the shower so wekind of reversed it for this Jack andJill bathroom we did a quartz countertoplooks like creme marvel and then we didthat same moment faucet that we did inthe other guest bathroom so now we havetwo of them what I like about thesefaucets is we went with the 8 inchspread and that basically means that ithas three components to it as you cansee the hot the cold and then the centerfaucet it does come in a 4-inch spreadthat is where the all the hot and coldand the faucet are on one plate that hasa little more kind of a guest bathroomfeel to it this has a little more masterbathroom a little more upgraded feel toit so I'm glad that we did that we didthat and also you can have just up asingle faucet that comes out too andthat normally looks best in in likepowder bathrooms and things like thatdepending on the design but I'm reallyglad we went with this faucet because itjust really ties the space together itmakes it look very elegant this is whereguess I'm gonna stay so it looks reallygood so from this bathroom originallyonly had two gamebox that means it hasjust two switches so we added anotheranother box so this is what's called a3-game box and this just gives you morelighting options so we have the vanitylights overhead we have another overheadlight and then we have a separate switchfor the for the pinna so if you want thefanbut for the floor we went with a primerfiller looking porcelain this is a 24 by24 it is a matte finish and then actsensitive with a polished porcelain tileit does look like marble but it isactually this is all actually porcelaintile so it's gonna hold up really wellon top of that having the acryliccomponent in the grout that we usethings of this bathroom floor excuse meis gonna last a long time what I reallylike about the design feature on thisfloor is that we did just do a box wedid a box with these little with use alittle extra arches in the corners and Ijust think it really makes them lookthat much more elegant so I really Ireally like this design feature and I'mreally excited about the way that itturned out so for this tub shower combowe actually kept the existing tub justcleaned it up we changed out theoverflow and the drain to chrome tomatch everything else and this again isthat same moment a faucet that matchesthe vanity faucets we did a niche on theon the back wall this is actually thewall entering the bathroom I like aboutthat so right when you into theyou do not see the niche and we addedthis quartz shelf line so you have alittle extra space but it gives you alittle extra inch of space now for thisback wall all the tub we did pretty muchthe same picture frame that we did onthe bathroom floor it's a 2 inch framemade of that porcelain tile and then Idid that extra little curve in thecorners of the picture frame now thathas to actually get waterjet that's howyou cut that so that actually has aprocess same way to make them Italiansit's a high-pressure exactly what theword implies a water jet that cuts thatout for us so it's really cool becausewe can come up anything to come up withwe can we can make that make it into acustom design okay for all our chefworks we do a lap and scratch and thenwe do a floated method that is themethod we use we don't use any backerboard or anything like that and so thatmakes the wall thicker and so we alwayshave to figure out a way to cap that offfor this jar we you actually makes abull nose for it so we we have this bullnose made for this particular showerthen that's a really classic way to justcap that off and it looks really mixablebulky look to the shower and a realcustom and finished look to it and thefact that is a flouted wall means thatit's not last[Applause][Music]

This traditional guest bathroom includes, a stone from Daltile called Fidenza (FD01) in a 9×12 for an accent there are 2 6″ bands of SA60 5/8″ by random linear , a glass and stone mosaic also from Daltile. The shower floor is the same FD01 material as the walls in a 2×2. In the middle of the bathroom floor there is a custom 3′ Estes Medallion. There were custom, beveled mirrors made for both of the vanities one was a 63″x59″ and the other is a 77″x60″. All of the fixtures are in a gold finish that ties the traditional feel to the bathroom.

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Type: Master, Guest & Jack and Jill Remodels
Location: La Verne, CA
Style: Traditional
Year Completed: 2018
Designer: Jay Adams
Project Details: Medallion, boarders, a foot rest, a bench, and added lighting.

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