Kid's Room 

Tracey’s Home Kids MY LITTLE ISLAND 1 UNIT 4 : MY ROOM

unit for my room song good nightexercise 1 listen and sing move listenit's the clock tick tock tick tock it'stime for bedtick tock tick tock[Music]goodnight windowgoodnight doorgoodnight toy boxit's time for bedgoodnight lamp goodnight bed goodnighttable it's time for bed good night mumgood night dad it's time for bed it'stime for bedgood night good night[Music][Music][Music]unit for vocabulary exercise to listenand say bed lamp doortoy boxclockwindowunit four story it's a house exercisethree look and listen act it out it's ahouse Wowit's a windowit's a doorbooks a tableand look it's a lamplook Asakoit's a coplookit's bedtime good night unit 4 song it'sgreen exercise 4 listen and sing colorgreen I've got a toy box it's nice andyou I've got a toy box I paint it tocolors colors which one todayit's green it's green it's green I say[Music]I've got a toy box it's nice and newI've got a toy box I paint it to colorscolors which one today it's green it'sgreen it's green I say it's green[Music][Applause][Music]youUnit four square chant exercise fivetreslisten say and do ready make a square[Music]hi-hi-hi make a square lo lo lo make asquarebig big big trace a square small smallsmall then no more square square chant[Music]Unit four values help others exercisesix listen and say I can helpthank you unit 4 I help chant I help myfatherI helped my mother I help my sister Ihelp my brother I help my friend we helpeach other I help chant[Music]unit for review exercise 8 listen andcircle one it's a lamp - it's a door[Music]you

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