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Toy Room Storage Tour 2018 | Minimalism with Children

[Music]hey guys and welcome back today I'mgonna be giving you a tour of all of ourkids toys I did a video not too long agoabout why we got rid of the toys in thehouse and why we moved them out into thegarage today I'm gonna give you a fulltour and take you through each bin I'mgonna share some of our favorites whythey're our favorites and just kind ofhow we organize them so let's get intoit so starting off with some of our mostbasic toys we've got the play-doh herethis is definitely a staple for my kidswe make homemade playdough we dye itwith different colors we even useessential oils to make it smell reallynice and of course all of the play-dohaccessory is like plates and the cuttertools extruders all of that fun stuffthis is definitely like hours of fun inthis box over here we've got our megabloks and these are really great forreally all the kids my two-year-old canplay with these my 3-yard also reallylikes them they love to make towers andof course they're safe for little littlebabies so we really like these ones thenext bin down is one that we've got ourbigger toys in it so I've got a lot ofCara's there's some airplanes weactually really love the green toysbrand that's where we've gotten a lot ofthese bigger cars they're really durablethe kids have been able to throw themaround for years they stand the test oftime and I also really love that theyrepurpose materials so they're actuallymost their toys are made from recycledmilk cartons which i think is reallyneat over here this is kind of a messybin but this is where I keep all oftheir art supplies crayons pencilspapers we've got some stickers coloringbooks that sort of thingalso down below I've got some of ourplates anytime we have people over weusually pull out the glass plates I liketo do our parties all reusable I don't Ijust hate buying paper place so I've gotthose all in here we've got mugs andfourths over here back to our toys sothis is the train track so we've gotcars like little Matchbox carsthat's probably my kid's favorite toysand over here this is just some decorthat I've got for other seasonsjust not in the house right now overhere we've got stuffed animals the kidsusually like to keep a stuffed animalwith them like when they're sleepingespecially cake me and Landon like twoand three year old but any of thesestuffed animals that they're not playingwith at the moment those are in hereover here we've got some of the smallercars trains we've got a green toys boatalso their little firefighter outfitbasically just the miscellaneous toysthat don't have a specific bin up herewe've got our wooden toys these are theones for littler kids I've got littlewooden stacking blocks and like all thedifferent colorful shaped ones I believethose ones are from Melissa and Dougthey make some really cute puzzles andstuff we also have some wooden toys fromGrim's that I purchased on Amazon and Ireally really love those this littlewooden horse is so cute and we've gotsome of little old people that you putin a little cups those are really cuteespecially for little kids over hereI've kind of got a mix but they'restacked in an organized way at least tomeso this bin right here is full of allthe little animals so anytime we'retrying to play something like Noah's Arkor any jungle or dinosaur game I've gotall of those all togethergenerally when they're playing with theanimals they're also playing withsomething like the train tracks or theblocks I just really like to limit howmany bends or how many different typesof toys we have out at once and I reallynoticed that the kids appreciate theirtoys more when they don't have access tothem like 24/7 so it's exciting they getto play with toys that haven't playedwith you know in the past week and Ithink it really just helps to keepeverything organized they've got to putthe bins from the day away before theycan pick out new ones so it just helpsto keep them nuts down a little bitwe've also got some play food in hereKaylee is really into play food rightnow Cameron used to be super into theselittle asset and Doug like choppingfruit and veggies we got this set onAmazon comes with a really cute littlecutting board and like a knife set and Ithink it's super cute also on this stackhere we've got our implode block theseare sort of medium sized block there inbetween the mega blocks and Legos whichthe one toys that we do have in thehouse at all times are the Legos thoseare in a bin up in Curtis closet so hedoes keep those up in there but theseDuplo blocks there are a lot of fun forCarter and Cameron when they're doingthe animals they like to make likebigger houses out of these and it's nicetoo because they'regood size for younger babies - also uphere we've got our Melissa and Dougpuzzles we bought the animal ones thetransportation puzzle that's got likethe bust and I think I can airplane anda police car - those ones are reallynice for just developing fine motorskills we really like those another bigpuzzle that's our alphabet one also uphere we've got some of our miscellaneouspuzzles and games I also have some moreof those wooden blocks in here andlittle matching games and then basicallythe last toy set that we have up hereare the magnet Isles the isms are a lotof fun I think even for adults it'sreally fun to see what you can make likejust flat and then I'll see you do kindof 3d structures these are really funthat's pretty much it for a toy storage- where we've also got like the adultgames and I bought some of the kit bookshere also shoes and capsule wardrobeyou know like offseason clothing but ifyou guys like - this toy storage tourgive it a thumbs up let me know down inthe comments your children's favoritetoys ones that you would recommend leavethat in a comment down below and don'tforget to subscribe if you are new alsoif you are interested in saying why Igot rid of the kids toys from the houseand brought them out here they make sureyou check out my video about why we didthat I will link it up in the cards aswell as down below and I will also haveour inside of the house tour if you wantto check that out I'll have it linked inthe description so hope you enjoyed itand I'll see you guys soon bye

Today i’m taking you on a toy room storage tour of our kid’s toy shelves & organization. With 4 kids, we’ve got a lot of toys to organize, but keeping them minimized and out of the house until they’re ready to play with them keeps our home clutter free and less stressful. I think we can all benefit from a minimalist approach when it comes to toys! And p.s. I know i’m not an extreme minimalist when it comes to how we store our kids toys, this is just a tour of how we’ve minimized and organized them, and what works well for us. I hope you find it helpful, and let me know what other tours you’d like to see of our home!

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