Top Kitchen Trends for 2019

welcome back to real hustle reviews letus show you the top 20 19 kitchen trendsand please don't forget to subscribe toour channel too and support us so one ofthe top kitchen trends what we noticefor 2019 is matte finish you can see avariety of colors between Gray's blacksblues and even white matte finishes solet's take a look at a few more here's adeep blue matte finish[Music][Music][Music]another top trend that we are noticedfor the kitchen design for 2019 is theexhaust vent there's no longer stainlesssteels for more elaborate designs andmaterials are used for it[Music][Music]another top trend for 2019 is marble andquartz countertops you'll see a la whiteand grey variations take a look atMarvel and course pros and cons as youcan see Marvel is a natural materialclassy and timeless but still porous andneeds it to be refilled every one to twoyearswell of course is a man-made surfacethat doesn't stain easily and isnon-porous and has low maintenance on itanother continuing trend that we noticeis the contrasting islands withdifferent colors and materials let'stake a look[Music][Music][Music]the dominant background color tends tobe whitewhile the contrasting islands workspretty well[Music]

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Top kitchen trend for 2019 are:
Matte finish cabinets with various colors.
A lot of white and gray variation marble and quartz counter tops.
New material and colors for hood exhaust vents.
And a continuing trend from 2018 to 2019 is contrasting kitchen islands.

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