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[Applause]hello is someone there if anyone canhear me please respond immediatelywho is it custom is going on hereOh Michael oh look there's no time toexplainjust fill it you are in grave danger Ijust got there with you my husbandno he isn't he just went to what do youmean I'm in dangerOh ma'am I am very very sorry it's allmy faultyou need to stay calm I'll try to helpyou through this just please listen tome very carefully listen there aremonsters that are going to arise yourroof real soon if you are dead do youunderstand that it's very important thanwhatever occurs just don't let them seeall right hi okay I know I know loveyou're in the living room right tryingto focus on a 300 design yes the houselaughingly will come through there thereare inch monitors your violations for sojust a camera system for you may I getthe TV in your living room turned on yesbut it's a static all right I'll pleasekeep an eye on this challengelook they usually come from you to theleft side or the right side you havenothing to stop them so if you see oneof them about the enter the room justsidehi hi wherejust Balochistan sighs okay if theytrying to tell me is just move somewherethey won't be able to see you all okayso I don't know which one will come fromI sighs but if you look on TV you mightbe able to tell by yourself maybe youcan try to see if you look yours toowindows do the exit deal if your doorshaven't Co you can be group checking itthey won't know it was your sign Frankieit's a so yes I can't stress this enoughanything comes through those doorshi just hi away from you you might hereknowing this later on of the night topay attention to those don't look atanything that appears in your room andtry to stay safe please do I have tostay here all nightwhat about my children what about myhusband so look it's very hard toexplain ma'am and no just wait until6:00 a.m. to be safe but don't worrythe title passed much faster to keep aneye on the clock and wait for that timewe should all be gone a few minutes andthe cowards always said no please yousurvived I need you to grab your kidsand get out of this house as soon aspossible I could help Scott get out ofhere myselfdivorce just please get yourself andyour son's out of harm's way i I don'tunderstand what is even happening how doyou know all of this stuff wait wait asecond how do you know my house to say Iwas there when he found you Michael henever said his name how do you knowMichael[Applause][Applause][Applause][Applause][Applause][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]

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