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Tips for Staging Your Home During the Holidays

hey st. Louis I'm dawn with the dawngrip and real estate group powered bycirca properties all of our clients areasking this season how do we stay showready and still be busted so I've gotfive very quick tips number one theexterior Christmas lights are your curbappealjust pick a single color strand and useit to highlight your home's architectureoutline the roof the windows and thedoorsnumber two the porch fire spend a lot oftime here while the agent is strugglingto get the key out of the lock box sothis is a great way to make it feelfestive and welcoming make sure yourpathways are well lit because many ofyour showings are gonna happen at nightand put up a very fresh and classicevergreen me number three the fireplacest. Louis is full of beautiful historicfireplaces and even if they don't workthere's still a focal point so tryfilling them with baskets full ofblankets for a cozy feeling or a mirrorand some candles to make it feel brightand more number four the Christmas treeyes absolutely put your tree up nothingsays home for the holidays like a treetwo things to consider one whenselecting your tree make sure it's theright scale and then it doesn'toverpower your roomthe buyers still want to know wheretheir sofa will go and number twocomposition when you're decorating thetree make sure it's a complimentarycolor palette to the rest of your decorfinally scent pay attention to how yourhome smells instead of using a bigoverpowering plugin air freshener trysomething very simple like a Fraser Fircandleso those are our five quick tips clickbelow to see our blog and all theinspiring pretty pictures we pulledtogether for you and happy holidays fromall of us at the darker than real estategroup

This time of year home sellers often ask how to decorate and keep their home show ready during the holiday season. Here are five quick tips to help make your home look festive and welcoming to potential buyers.

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5 Tips for Holiday Decor While Your House is on the Market

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