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my Channel today I'm gonna be continuingmy tiny house living series so if youare new here my name is Yami and I havetwo boys who were four at nearly 4 and14 months old and we live in a verysmall kind of little two-up two-down weactually live in a smallest house on ourrow of a really old cottages and somehouses have now got like extensions onthe back either full extensions or justconservatories but our house doesn't itliterally only has two up and two downwe know how to leave our married quartervery very quickly my husband was in thearmy he left and we are currently savingfor our forever home we've decided tostay put here because we really reallylike the location I personally reallylike the house there my husband doesn'thave so much love for it he wanted tosave that little bit of extra money tobuy our forever forever home and juststay put that a little bit longer justmaking the most of the space so peopleask me how we managed to fit the four ofus in this house and we actually stillhave extra storage room we live veryminimally I think minimalism is the keything so I wanted to do a tour of theupstairs on our storage solutions onwhat our room looks like I'm stillunsure about having a third child myhusband really wants one I have said ifit does happen it will have to happenwithin the next two years mainly justbecause of my age and we just want tokind of crack on with life really and ifit does happen and it happens in thishouse we can actually fit another babyin here the whole house in itself isprobably too small for three childrenmay have moved beforehand I don't knowbut at least I know that if if I was tohave a third we can definitely fit athird in here so I'm gonna go ahead nowand just show you the room how we storethings and just a little room tourreally I know some people love to have anose this is our main bedroom itprobably you probably can't tell thesize so much from camera but it's reallyreally really it's really nice as youcan see there's plenty of room betweenhere to like walk through which is wherethe cot is and when we did have theco-sleeper we actually fit it alongthere we haven't moved a bed at all itjust fits in there perfectly and youcould even fit the cot in there as wellif you wanted toso yeah so this fits fine and he willprobably go into the other bedroom whichI'll show you in a minute but for nowwe're quite happy having him here thisis our malim unit which we've snugglyfit in the at early bus and I've justgot a nice little mirror here like tokeep this size really kind of clean andclear and we've just got a load of likeI keep things that we need for Albert heis teeming horrendously at the moment sowe've got all the hardcore stuff out andthen behind here I just keep a littlelight for if I need to do stuff atnighttime um I won't show you thedrawers they're a little bit messy so hemessy but with order there's all myunderwear there's my staffs and myhusband's stuff it is generally likequite tidy but yeah it's course orderthen here we've got this nice good sorryabout the duty washing space here andthis is my beloved Brentwood rockingchair which I up cycle and I love itwe don't mean sit on it very much but Ijust think it just adds a nice featureto the room you could perhaps put itlike a dressing table something here butI just think the last furniture becausemy husband was gonna get me a dressingtable and I said no I think the lessfurniture the bath says just this justlooks nice and clean we've got all ourcloth nappies which we store in thisRothkopf unit and then just some nastybaby disposable so it's usually fitunder there but they're not very tightlyput away at the moment this is our bedsjust a normal double bed for Mike herewe massively regrets not getting aking-size in fact we'll probably sellthis when we move and get a super kingthis is one of our biggest regrets butthe key thing for us was to make sure wehad under bed storage if you live in asmall house under bed storage it'sessential you can just store so muchunder there it's such a large space soto be able to fit as much as you canunderneath that large space is awesomeokay so I'm gonna go ahead and show youmy under bed storage so in here is whereI keep all my kind of summer clotheshowever there have been days when I'vebeen dipping in and kind of taken out afew t-shirts and stuff and then I've gotsort of dresses like these kind of likewood type dresses that don't need to behung up in their shortscard pins and things so what I will docome the time come the time then it'sreally warm I'll take all this out andparticularly the dresses and the shortsand things and transfer them into thechest of drawers and into the Wardrobeand all the kind of I'll leave maybe oneor two pairs of jeans and a couple ofjumpers and the rest of it that's winterstuff we'll all go back in here so I canget it if I need it but it was just kindof stored away and then on this sidethis box is basically a container ofstuff that I that Albert's grown out ofor that we don't use anymore that Iwould need to transfer downstairs soonce this is completely full I thentransfer it downstairs into permanentstorage and this is stuff I want to keepand that is a toy that Sebastian thatAlbert was given that we probably thathe's rarely got so I'll probably savethat to give to somebody else so thesetwo containers are usually kept prettyempty until they're totally full andthen everything goes downstairs and thecycle starts again the best move meansto do this is to actually lift up thebatteries but back there if you can seein one of those ziplock bags so that youcan suction the air out of is my weddingdress and um and under here on this sideit's just pretty empty I've got myclarinet there this is just an emptybasket with some of those storage bagsin my figure skates and a collection ofbras I'm not kidding you like a milliondifferent sizes because my boobs havefluctuated so many sizes so I keep theback side is completely empty basicallyI've just got a grave lined here atravel grow blind and some waterproofsnow trousers and the rest is it'scompletely empty yeah that just hashangers and the empty map book boxthat's literally it I think my weddingshoes up the back somewhere butliterally that's it so this is empty andI think what I'm gonna do is I'llprobably take you on a journey with meto sort out everything all my kind ofclothes and everything when I come tochanging seasons and you know this willI'll clear this out and this will befree storage then so that's always goodto have free storage and as you can seeI just like to keep the clear the sizereally clear I've got this this wassupposed to go downstairs but it doesn'tfit so I've put it here let me know whatyou think if you think it's a bit tookind ofcluttered I don't know yeah I I like itI think it's nice to have a bit of greenI am gonna be getting some new cushionsand things that match and just makingthis area look a little bit nicer but alot of terrace houses that have like acurved staircase tend to have like thislike a box in it's kind of the bit wherethe stair comes down like at an angle soa lot of people box in because at leastit gives you a surface to have so youcould put furniture on there but I thinkit would be really easy to kind ofclutter this up with staff put stuff init I think it's just nice to keep itlike clean and fresh and just nothing onit here we have like my husband's medalshis core beam and we have this Killicksee unit which I really like and again Ilike to keep this kind of as minimal asI can it's got all my perfumes which Isort through regularly make sure there'snone in there that I don't like wherethat's just ornamental my makeup brushessome picture frames and I'm currently alittle bit obsessed with succulents atthe moment and I have I'm probably gonnaget some more plants here again somemore storage so I think I have that Idon't use I always make sure that I'veused it within the last year if Ihaven't then you're not going to useagain I get rid so in here's all likeelectrical goods electrical itemschargers that kind of thingit's a bit of organized chaos in therebut I know exactly what's in there andcameras the equipment that kind of thingin here there's some Wellington boot ohsorry about my nails guys someWellington boots some normal walkingboots and some little kind of ankleboots kind of winter Footwear at themoment I'm just wearing one pair ofshoes that I keep downstairs and if Ineed anything else I'll come back andcome in here so this is just scarves onejacket and these are a lot of these Itend to wear more sort of in thesummertime but yes a nice scarf thereand in here all my slings to buckleslings couple of wraps so that's allkept in there got this little lightthing up here SF's makes it easier toclean as well easier to maintain and allthis is just makeup and it is all makeupthat I use I regularly go through itmake sure it's all in de acceptor soyeah and hair stuff and whatnot somoving over here this is the big kind ofwardrobe I really love this this is abit of big essential I think we're luckythat we've got enough space between thechimney breast and the wall to fit in anice deep wardrobe and this was justfrom Ikea and what I really like aboutit is it's got the double wardrobe buthere and then a single one there so allin there is Albert's closed and I thinkpeople think that kids like one kidneysindividual clothing storage and Albert'sclothes all fit in there of course Ikeep stuff on top so keep suitcases uptheir presents and things that they'vehad up there that are they're gonna getand that box is like Albert's next sizeclothes and going to two and depth inthe wardrobe because it needs to besorted but basically I capture wardrobeand most of everything in here is likeautumn winter stuff that I am currentlywearing at the end of the season Irotate it over and put all most of thiswill go in storage I'll keep a fewjumpers out but most of it will go intostorage but I basically only ever havestuff I really need and use and thatgoes the same for my husband as wellthis area here is the clear believe ornot boxes empty with just storage boxesin it so this whole area if we needed itcould be completely made clear put somelike shelving and there I don't knowit's purely just storage boxes and thatbig box that has bags in it so I couldprobably condense that down this isactually what my phone made me it's gota wire in it and you can squish it rightdown so it's quite handy for squashingthings down storing it hey so here isAlbert's wardrobe and it does have a bitof organization to it but I just kind ofhang everything up here and I have likelittle containers with tights vasts likekind of staff shoes and then this bigbox in here that has some jumpers in andtheir dressing gowns as well you a hostI put video this is all whatchamacallittowels and stuff people keep rippingstuff out it needs to be reforged reallylook at it it's an absolute messnevertheless it's all mydown here is like I all needs to besorted outcamera equipment sewing equipmentlighting my sewing machine so I probablywill do a video of me sorting that outand I will take you on the journey withme nevertheless that's where we keep allour winning right I'm gonna go intoSebastian's room we haven't opened thecurtains because he's gone straight tonursery yeah this is his bed it's asmall little toddler bed but we havemeasured it and we can fit a bunk bed inhere then we actually plan to get thekirov bunk bed so that Albert can be atthe bottom and Sebastian at the top myonly worry is that Sebastian they saydon't have a bunk bed until the age ofsix although he's very fine getting upand down I'm more worried about kind ofnight terrors and things so if you havea child under the age of six in a bunkbed can you let me know is wardrobe andI actually think we could probably fitAlbert's clothes and Sebastian's clothesin here and the reason is he doesn'tactually wear half of his clothes peoplekeep buying him stuff kind of annoys mebecause he's so small he lasts in thisclothes for so long and then people keepbuying more stuff so I'm constantlygifting clothes away giving to charitywhich I know it's not wasteful it's atleast I'm giving it to charity but forme it does feel quite wasteful so Icould probably condense this downobviously he wears like a uniform tanpretty school three days a week and thenI could probably condense this down andlike half of it could be our butts evenI don't know but we have like the samesort of storage containers down therepajamas and that's just jumpers butyou're an idea of how you know yourchildren don't need all the clothesUnder the Sun I don't think anywaycertainly not if they're in school andthey're wearing uniform or dumpingground I guess we'll certainly not thebooks but for the toys these are toysthat they don't really play with but Idon't want to get rid of I'm not a fanof storage that's kind of open like thisI do feel it can make a room lookcluttered but never I've got it now andI liked it at the time I had bought itstore cloth nappies and originally but Idon't want to get rid of any of thisstuffbecause I know that Albert will eventhough Sebastian doesn't like the duplohe might in future Albert might like theduplothe mr. Potato Head he does play withoccasionally but Albert plays with itmore so this is just kind of like aholding station for our toys until Idecide you know I don't want to buythings back again even though this roomis kind of a conservative size it's notmassive there's definitely plenty ofroom in here to fit another bed and atthe end of the day the boys mainly justkind of sleep here they really hang outhere at all it's mostly downstairs theside hallway and then down there as youcan see there's stuff that's going tocharity so this is our bathroom and isthere's not really much to show in herebut I like to again keep this kind ofreally clear I just like to keep thesurfaces really clear and just have someplants on thereI really hope you like this video justgives you a bit of an idea on storageand what you can do to kind of condenseyour storage my key things in living inthis more home is make sure you just bereally savvy with your storage and keepas little as you possibly can capturewardrobe where you can[Music]

We are a family of 4 living in a 2 bedroom, 2 up to down cottage.

In this series I go through a room/upstairs tour of the house to show you how we make space and live and still have room!!



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