Tiny Bath Design Bath & Shower Tile Ideas EP 22

what's up guys welcome to bath andshower tile ideas episode 22 this one iscalled tiny bathroom design we'll showyou some before and after photos someprogress photos as well as some progressvideo clips and then we'll do a quickwalkthrough and talk about the materialuse tile layout waterproofing and whatwe basically use for this bath andshower remodel so here we go[Music]alright first guys we'll talk about thefloor installed here was an 8 by 8porcelain tile this tile is supposed toresemble that handmade concrete glazedtile but this is better because it'smuch more durable doesn't stain doesn'tchip doesn't scratch so again 8 by 8porcelain decorative tile here we have a1/16 inch grout line hereboy stur gray is the color for the grouton this floor and the ground is prism bycustom that's the make of the grout thefloor turned out great a couple ofthings to mention before we get going onthe shower we installed a new toilethere installed a new pedestal sink aswell again this is a very small area soyou have to make do with small itemslike pedestal sinks small toilets weinstalled baseboard as well so customerwill be doing some where drywall workand paint things like that let's take alook at the shower on the shower turnedout great it's a subway ceramic tiledshower ok so let's start at the tub thetub is original this house is very oldover 100 years old this is a cast-irontub they like the tugs on the toughstain we were responsible for demo prepwater proof tile and obviously new valveand trim kit so let's talk about thefield wall tile here installed was a 4by 12 matte finish ceramic 1/16 inchgrout lines we installed it at a 50percent offset like you should with thistype of tileyou've got the groutI'm starting right up the middleeverything is symmetrical on both sidesof the walls as you can see here westarted with foals and half sand ran itthrough grout line in the middle againfoals and halves on this side so yeahfour by twelve matte finish ceramic weused a tile leveling system on thisentire build left techas you can see extremely flat walls Ireal briefly have forgot to mention prepand waterproof this is a full Schluetersystem shower we've got shooterkerdi-boardon the wallswater proofing as well very easy quicksteel system for waterproofing all rightlet's take a look at this small littlebench again originally this tub and thisopening is a lot bigger than 60 inchesthere was a small little bench hereframed originally so what we installedwas 3/4 inch courts as you can see therewe've got ports for the small bench topas you can see we mitered the 2 cornersright here let's take a look at theshampoo niche again we use courts forthe sill and the perimeter of the nichethat turned out very nice we've gotmosaic in the back of the niche as wellas you can see nice clean tight squarecorners in the niche guys don't ever letyour grout build up in these cornershere clean it out make it square theniche turned out wonderful everything issymmetrical as well so we've got portsfor that niche sill and perimeter courtsfor the little bench top as well andthen also we trimmed the window out withthe course also as you can see herethere's the shower day we installed anew valve and trim kit by Delta andagain there's your valve trim kit spicit let's talk about the trim edgy to cutthe cut ends of the ceramic we use clearon deck PVC again this is a veryinexpensive low profilelow maintenance trim rather than having12-inch pieces of ceramic and horizontalgrout lines along this entire edge ofthe wall this is a seamless low-profilelook again by Schluter it's called Rondeck I believe you can pick this up atany tile specialty store Lowe's carriesthis as wellagain trimming edging on this side sothere you guys have it at the showertile is episode 22 the shower turned outgreat extremely clean the customer isvery happy we are pleased this bill tookapproximately a week give any questionsplease leave them in the comment belowas usual thanks for watching guys I'llsee you on the next one[Music][Music][Music]

Episode 22: Tiny Bath Design

Episode 22 Shower:
Shower wall tile: 4X12 Subway Ceramic
Niche, bench and window: Quartz
Trim edging profile: Schluter Rondec white PVC
Floor: Porcelain 8″ X 8″ decorative tile
Grout: Prism Grout. Grout Color: Oyster Gray
Shower head and valve trim kit: Delta, Chrome
Pedestal Sink with chrome faucet

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