Dining Room 

THS The Dining Room 12/14/2018

andyou see what these rooms were designedto catch you in the morning light allsay French doors lovely garden floweringcrafts do I imagine imagine having along leisurely breakfastexactly you know this is a room after myown heartI grew up in a dining room like thissame sort of furniture everything herewe are thenwe'll come down here maybe show yousomething more contemporary that doesmean something farther out we gotta findyou a home one day you can look at thekitchen and the tiny room yes notice howit gravity right to this room I know itsure mother doesn't one day she hardlyhas room for what she's gotshe wants us to taketurns without fight what's wrong offsetunless one of us wants something in theother doesn'tI've got to do this today you thinkthat's enough time to divide up a wholehouse I have to get back sound will trylots here will use this you need youwant to start you gotta start somewhereyou wanted a cat if you would come onchoose you don'tonce it of course I won don't shortyhave it's perfectly goodso you want to dining rooms I give ourold stuff - Debbie - Jenny she's our ownthis child is Debbie Haven wants a dinergirl she might in a comedy she'd nightin Denver she justwhat's image effectwhich handare you planning to put in storage wouldI check on that that cost they are in alakeso does shipping it to Denver goodmorning Annie I know what happenedwhat's feeling up selling it so it'llkeep around for a while and they don'tend up going up furniture feeling okayabsolutely amazing is that where you putother everythingI begin tonight I would be lucky if Iget to keep this spoon you could have acoffee table yes sir I kind of see myorange juice yesterday morning mystraining sir I'm sure you did butnonetheless I think I may have detecteda small seed I'll strain it twice sir sican wreak havoc with the digestionyes sir they can take root and grow yessirI'm sorry sir yes good morning listen toCharlie and I Charlie I can see if youwant breakfast you certainly may loseagain I'd be delighted to have thepleasure of your company provided I saidprovide sit quietly without leaning backin their chairs and don't fight herargue I'll tell you one thing if there'sa war no one gets creamed that there's awar will all have to settle for top ofthe bottomyes America thinking about that we'reboth looking forward to it as soon as hechoking hard to sit up straight when Isee no reason why we can't all have apleasant meal together tonight we'regiving a small dinner party but I dovery much hope that you would listencome down and shake handswell you just have to learn so we definehalf of what is learning to meet peoplewas that a crack doesn't crack bluffingit sounded very much like a smart guywisecracking me and people will makecracks like that don't normally eatdiamonds the boy ignore it go on withour breakfast your coursethank you my thanksyou bye darling don't be latesay good morning to the driver work hardrun run byecertainly backthis won't mean much due to thisgovernment is systematically ruiningthis countrymr. Pelletier pal she's my teacher Idon't remember any miss Kelly she's new[Music]you tell miss Kelly she's wrongI'll tell you exactly why the governmentkeeps on handing out money that no onewill want to work and no one wants towork then there won't be anyone aroundthere supporting such as the privateschools and if nobody's supportingprivate schools then this Kelly you'restanding the breadline along witheveryone else you tell miss Bella -thank you[Music]we'll leave when we always believe whenwe allnever too late you tell everybody toconcentrate on that hand sandingspotlight on Richmond Avenue that's ourtime it's not just you listen to meCharlie miss Kelly made me an excellentteacher her factory may be flawless orgeography beyond question but miss Kellydoes not teach us politics nor is shegonna teach us how to run our livesshe's not gonna sit here tell you or meto leave in the middle of wasn'tbreakfast just so that you can arrive intime for a silly Kim long after you'veforgotten that Amy long after youforgotten disability and falling out onhow to factor you will remember thesePleasant breakfast at this dining roomtable and here's your mother approvinggood morning dear good morningthat's all right dear I also know peoplewho rush to pushing their mothers sharethank you and finally I know people whoare quick to give their mother thesecond section of the paper Charlotte inthe moment if you would look at theirlovely mother bathe in the morningsunlight and reflected in the diningroom table Russell now charlie carefullyask yourself which is work our ultimateattention your mother or mr. Kellynever mind dear which I take a tripupstairs where we are where we are onour way to say goodbyehey oh I thought you'd gone I forgot mybriefcasewhat's going on in here where elseyou're going to type of course type andhere it that toowhy not you're going to sit therebanging the typewriter on my family'sdining room tablewhy not because it wasn't designed forit that's why Howardlucky I came back next thing you knowyou'd be feeding the dog off the littlesoft Chinayou're not going to use these places Ithought I would guess those arebasements we only leave them in tenyears those are extremely good placementally mother got those literallyfirmest cooking two more misses for thefirst two fell off the plate while shewas buttering the toastPesci we're drinking again you know isthis I don't think so business pickbetter go see two poached eggshonestly honey sometimes I think it'sbetter just to think ourselvesdon't you have a plane to catch thetabloids work one husband is hoveringover you like a helicopter well it'skinda hard to leave when your wife issystematically mutilating the Dynojetpower comic careful I swear goodbyedon't you please work somewhere else itdoesn't work all over my foot all that all over the Sun you're going tocommandeer the dining room to the restof the turn it just fits here how it'snever used what does he want to throw adinner partywhat if you want to have a few peopleover for pricing that doesn't make itrightyes word let me get this one let me geta good grade on my term paper and mymaster's degree so I could be on expiryday what the hell am I just startinginto a tool room every nightI know it's Saturdays here and I'm sorrybut something important this come up andI want you to make a little decision sitdown dear nobody can think on an emptystomachyeahgasps ooh telephone this morning yourAunt Martha oh I love herso do I hear the poor thing hasn't gotenough to do so she was on the telephoneat the crack dawn what did you wantwell now here's the thing darling she'sgot an extra ticket for the theatertonight and she wants you to join hersorryisn't there something rather importantis going on in your life tonight am Iright or am i right not just adancing school sweetheart the firstsession of your junior assemblies whichis a big step beyond dancing schoolI told aunt one things called her rightback so she could drum up somebody elsesweetheart I wonder if you're being alittle impulsive this morning you don'teven know the places well it happens tobe a very talky[Music]just some endless plate but you're madeit well let's go if it's that importantto you Karen you realize on the firstday of junior assemblies everyone getsacquainted oh yes it starts the wholeteam up on the right foot I did it helpsyes dear it's like the first day ofschool once you miss you'll never catchup you see why we shouldn't make hastydecisionsand then maybe I won't pull it off whatdo you maybe just get all the juniors ohI don't like itthat's nonsense it's true mother millionyears yes and look what happens statejump I don't care your Aunt Marthaaround 3:00 this morning maybe your AuntMartha seems to have opened up a wholecan of worms I'm glad she did all rightCarolyn then what do you suppose you'regoing to do one more other Saturdayevenings I mean when there's no AuntMartha and Saint Joan and all of yourfriends aren't having the time of theirlives at jr. assemblies I'll dosomething like what hanging around herelistening to that stupid hit paradebothering the babies when we're tryingto plan a party I'll juice somethingmother what you obviously aren't boldenough to make an intelligent decisionI knew you wouldn't let me design allright then decide I like but before youdo dear story about your dear AuntMartha who also made a littleshe was just about your ageshe decided and if you breathe a wordI'll strangle you she decided she was inlove with her right master and so shethrew everything up and ran off with himto Tom's new mexico where your fatherhad to track her downbut it was too late Carolyn she had beenover stimulated and from now on refusedto join the work day world so there missdear in a nutshell so please decidewhile I'm ordering the groceriesgood I hope I am Abbi I up jumped twicewhy haven't you done my my mother saysshe wants to leave us last Thursday onyour day off when she was cooking dinnershe says now that there's a war you'relooking for a job with more money isthat truemoney isn't everything Aggie you couldbe rich as the King and still bemiserablehe's drinking himself into again I looki dinner in the dining room mountains Ilisten and I know my uncle Paul isdrinking himself into oblivion and mrs.Williams[Music]well it's true act and it proves thatmoney isn't everything what I love doyou have too much work to do I know I'llhelp you I swear I'll make my own bedand pick myself so many dinner partiesI'll tell the board send-off I won'ttell them to give you all this Sundayyou[Music][Music][Music][Music]big room like room caucus room breakingit upnowI suppose just suppose I startedcleaning sleepsuppose we break up this throw that outover this up here some of being in heretake out all that yeah[Music]over look I'm putting in an eating arearight here see the bridge the kitchenunits to please hard to butch abouttable girl and chairs up in the spacebelowbut booths keeps at the table you stackthe dishes all right here democracy atwork in your own home[Music][Music]well you go to your session[Music][Music][Music]soon separate good easy cooperativesupper with your family[Music]oh sure this is home turf to me yeah mypocket I'm sure just look back my sisterhereit is torture those headless needleswaiting to begin waiting to desertreading the leaves that you do not knowanymoreman it's true I remember this one time Icame to the table without washing myhands my father Tim Williams doctorI'm tired a session with ultimatums Ican connect nice what I want is thechance to get in here and open up yourground floor now would you sandy okaytake your timetype up absolutely work I've done so farall right[Music][Music]it should be girl boy girl[Music]now what do we do with our napkins[Music]because this is a special occasion[Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]all right[Music][Music][Applause][Applause][Music]this is where and if we're seated nextto each other we'll have to make aconscious[Music][Music][Applause][Music]OhI'm Nick grant and what do you want 150grand then you're lateI haven't talked to the club me and myparentsdon't have the people at the clubanymore rather this to my auntie Noratakes care in a dungeon or yes sirwell you tracked me down anywaythat shows solemn enterprise bring themsomeone store thank youso you're doingyes I am what do you want well I don'treally want everyone who sits down withmeusually it's money you want moneyyes sir for what my education grantseducation that's a good thing or candydoesn't happen and me impacted or you onthe entropy state loose won't listyou'll benefit never earned it it's anexcellent morning school for boys toCatholic I don't fix up Graham contactme I think it's high at this opinionGrahamthen it's expense my birthday for aschoolbut that all the boarding schools woulddecide about this is the best theydecided a concern and they decided youshould gain to ramp up and take anotherone leaving the next Dora we can a pieceof the nextwhy don't you stay home me you because Imust broaden myself what I want tobroaden my horizons my horizons hebrought it in I see and help meinteresting new friends interestingfriends hereoh sure Gramp I I haven't any friendsright here I know a man that buildsboats in his day spikes I know a manthat plays ball with his one totallydifferent sex grant from all over thecountry from New York to California whywould you want to be that one from NewYork because they're more sophisticatedgrace and the buck me up they'll do whatmy mother says I need buffing up Dorayou think keep buffing up they haven'tbeen flattened there andand it'll free yes andand beautiful Browns in the surroundingdon't we don't we have beautiful groundsand surroundings why do you have to goaway to have beautiful Browns andsurround I don't know grant all I knowis every which way these days I did goaway you know Graham didn't even go toCountry Day 36 down on Iran screams pullthis Graham get inside my father died Ihave to go to work and the support finebut I know that Graham my father didn'tgo to school at all you learn to frickinapply you told us Graham yeah well Ididn't do too badly I without a highadmissible boarding school in yourhockey but you're so funny man Graham ohis that what I am and what are you don'tyou worthy something or do you wantother people to make you the sameI want to wait twice took two vacationsin my entire lifefirst vacation I took a week off of workwith the Hot Springs Virginia marry yourgrandmotherI bought this tape second vacationEurope 1928 again with your grandmahated the place you I looked miserableneedles I took a trunk load of shreddedwheat along came back to my grandma backto this thing they're always in thestore scattering like birds yes sirthis one wants to go to one of thosefancy New England boarding schools youplay ice hockey indoors that crowd LongIsland and Philadelphia look I'm alltalking with marbles in his mouth wewon't understand a word nor and we won'tsee much of a mind to go visiting in NewYork and Baltimore will drink liquor inthe afternoon get mixed up with womenthat wear lipstick in trousers whoseonly thought is the next dance he wantsme to pay for it all is that right no nono grandpa I want I'm going to stay herewith all of youfinish your greensyou know you goI'll send you to the state blues musicBetsy - miss Watson and young Andy cango to whatever it's gone there you cango to here don't even have a car it'sall fine me go on see the world enjoyyourselves all of you it's down to actbut you know what we sitting here rightwe get back nobody sitting right at thistable some Irish spelling some Jewishgentleman don't be saying the same thingto his grandson your bracelet back applycome to thinkthat's not such a bad thing night[Music][Music]we'll go on Mary don't know check thosebefore falsity[Music]we thinklike lesson by X that we have spit smokefuel things we should watch them but ofcourse I couldn't do everything and youwouldn't do anything through your aregiving this the coup de Gras hey look atthis what we're gonna hear out there[Music][Music]all right see look at this support I seeit it feels like mad and look over thereI'll have to put a whole new pieces overhere see this is gonethis pedestal is probably a new dollI'll have to read it out and puttinganother things upoh sure that's your dining room needs tobe screwedI mean Daniel would just a couple of bigwhite boards rightFreeman's furniture well it's Marty aged89 cakeoh that's the manufacturers 1898that's not at all but not even anantique American there's a lot of thesearound these to crack about then in the19th century solid serviceable copybased on me well I bet you know libraryto note here on beginning to beginningto I bet your father Academy orsomethingmy father was a banker a banker and Iwas this I don't believe it sure Idecided I want to see what I was doingin touching it see the results I'mamazed I mean I know some stockbrokersthat's one what did you put a nail inhere alright[Music]okayit's okay what you have no I gave thoseup for some questions about it here[Music]I have a place mistress well you've gotyour hands full with that Turkey[Music][Music][Music]all right we're ready everybody you cancome on innot muchoh yesI'll get the churches that can help herfocus there's just a humanist educationwhich is alwaysall your attention you watchfirst date against peopleyessomething stressful I always see thiswhich is whatyou are my mother Elizabeth 15 yearsthank you very muchit's notwe dropped out of a buildingright then[Music][Music]then piped I've heard in sing-sing[Music][Music]music when you spend[Music]that new office[Music]that's scarythey were just ghosts or somethingyou know how to like a stiff drink mr.smoothy's drink - let's ask hermr. yeslet's have a drink rum is stressful andthen dig into those Turkey and figureout a way to get through the rest ofthis godforsaken[Music]mom-mom see I told you she is at homewhere she she works anyway my mom'salways oh hey eat up what this room Iknow what it's viciously nice wellokay do you use this right surespecifications huh when relatives cometo visit every night every nightwell at least every night they're bothhome at 7 o'clock my father insists weeat the dining room hereit must be niceyeah sure we have to lug things out likethese back and nobody can begin untileverything's the bolt and we're supposedto carry on a decent conversation andthe whole thing really bites wewe're still is watch local news weatherat least that's something at least youngto talk but now we can't miss my momread and Family Circle TVs back heels sonow that under Mysterio mr. semiclassical music my parents said theytried eating in the kitchen when I wentaway to boarding school but what I gotkicked out they came back here it'ssupposed to be some sense of stabilitydo you think it does no it makes me nervousthey take the telephone books so no onecan call and my brother gets itchy abouthis homework and when my sister hadanorexiashe just had to sit there and watch forGod's sakes and my parents spent most ofthe meal bitching and the whole thingreally sucksyou call boys on the top there[Music]Sara yeah when the boys come over can wehave our drinks in here I mean wouldn'tit be nice sitting at this shiny tablewith Eddie and Wayne turkic gin andvodka fresca no absolutely no way ithere I know I've been here Gordon I seewhiteyI know how to begin that peace[Music]in the dining roomwhateverthe sound qualitystopthe car the car stopifmarry Ricardothe renovations because carts up doorswill be frustrated if you like slingingthem I'm going over the price tea housesit's the quick tumbled with the floordried with your best friends[Music]you get two days early you knowawesome team here or but I was taking anap record and stopped by me but we havesome fear how do you fear for big boysottersI heard he's in Europe darling I like toknow[Music]motherOhgo it wait where are you going we don'tjust walk away Christopher ChristopherI'm Your Mother and I'm latewould you mind setting up over here auntHarriet I want to get you in the lateafternoon light[Music][Music][Music]every please[Music]and all of the system but one less areearly stupid but the goblets andintervals are on fire[Music]would you show me how they wear[Music]sustainabletake them away know this and then inputcombinations[Music]apologywell as you see we're studying theeating habits ofwell consider the finger bowls forexample there you have an almost anerotic obsession with cleanlinessreflecting the guilt which comes fromthe last statement with capitalism[Music]notice the accumulation of glass inChina and the compulsion to display oreven some ahead of aggression in thosecrystal otherwiseI was joining for cocktail but now Iwoke up right now before I tell peoplewell distance to her mother kind ofthing culture I I hope the you tomention by name in the classroom or showa glimpse of my personal propertyand you guys not a professor of yours Irun the adverse with this this willhandle cutter knife on the steepest myfeet and come with entomological ball[Music]are you only not body I think they'rebut like that's why she I want one shewants no such thing that than Island nowsome type well then let's go see how theRed Sox daddy stop stop what avoiding meand receipt never mind we haven't beenable to talk to it would what do youmean it seems to me enough Kentuckycontinuously and simultaneously sincethe moment you got off the plane alonethat alone and you know that all rightwhat's a weekit's rocky city comes in puts us a nicedinner and we have you herehere with three small chips however mylife time is it it must be a survive theSun is over Sundiata don't you work itisn't them it should be I think it'salmost permissible for you need to havehad a little drinkrightat least on sweetheart making reasonablystrong you'll find the silver measuringgizmo in the drawer by the trays liketwo shots and the splashing water andI'd like to use that big glass with thepheasant time and not too much itisI saw me do not give they can hear mehere you know there she was it's being avery good sport with her third husbandher third who stepped as opposed andextremely disagreeable so and to putaside and I said theory to the side andI said now Mimi tell me the truth if youhave been half as much effort with yourfirst husband maybe these guys too don'tyou think you'd still be virgin I askedyou that point-blank and you know whatshe said maybe that is exactly what shesaidmaybe if she make an effort that'sregeneration that that's everything it'snot mineevery generation has to make an effortgo back to your jabthe kids used itsave your dadI sleep in your net your mother kickedme out because I snore and we use theboys room so I do use the effort and thechildren you can say that thereforeinmates from we close them off pleasegive it a try first no another tribealready got then fly back and keep herup I'm seriousyou don't know this but that's what yourmother did once I became romanticallyinvolved with mrs. shoemaker and we tooka little trip to the Sea Island and onceyour mother got wounded she came rightdown and put Betty she labor to get onthe next training and that's all therewas to it now let you go do that go tellthis woman to depend of her papers housebetter what's it with the children whileyou do I've got someone else to do that[Music]Oh stay with his girlawell let's review the video do you planto marry miss you man no you're not inlove with them oh it's already marriedanyway decided whatno but you were looking yes or yourhusband yes and their husbands going inwell meet somewhere else and yourchildren my adventures come and go amongthese various households yes it soundsextremely it is that it really is whatit seems to me the person in YouTube issimplified it's that's the first thingyou ask a man you're living with deleteyou sue your husband for divorce youkeep the children if their presencerules you over on your house as yourhouse someone else someone else entirelya third person yeswhat was that movie your mother and Ilike so muchworking I decided to come home died Ineed to touch basewhich you might work here of teacherglassesI'm all mixed up down I'm all over theballpark I can see the crisis counselorI've been lugging two miles a day I'vegotten a part-time job but one of itsworking dad would come home I want to goto the archive room Missoula you and momused to do it awesome we were kids wewant to start again MaddyI beat one for your mother and I foundthe glass in the trashlet's have a nice cocktail with yourcolors and see if we can get thechildren to sit quietly while we do youdon't want us here do you that of coursewe return a week ten dayswe can't go back down[Music]I could wring its neck it should be thinit should be I can't even finish mywhat did you say that yeah I believe Iwas speaking to your mother feels bigtomato remark or associate explosivelycoffee from others no no I telephone theclub I spoke to a member the members insaying that they confirm the incident soI've got you what you tell us we saidUncle Henry I'm not I will not dignifytheir mark I repeat come on babiesyes gigas really we're not quite readyyetBertram just misses he said yeah sheshould not everybody should know mr.Boddy's made an unfortunate remark aboutyour Uncle Henry'sI'm afraid we'll have to be morespecific here mr. Byersobviously been drinking since earlyafternoon you alluded in very specificterms to your aqua Henry's personalrelationshipswhat personal relationships isassociations in the outside world Idon't care if you've got it from God I'mnot having this house the point is myown brother's new name is club so whatcan you do go down the entire drill Ohdaddy I can't let the remark stand likeI'm with you dad you may not know yourhomework your mobile signature hundredstake no argumentsbleep so picky buyers is half her age itmakes no difference I think you from theboxing team at Dartmouth no differencewhatsoever I'm sorry I imagine myself IIseriously but I can't stand lamp nowlisten to me oh and YouTube Bertramthere is nothing I'd rather do then sitdown and enjoy some of her trans farmingcelery soup followed by a leg of lambbut make sauce and roasted potatoesthere's nothing I'd rather do than thatbut I have to work thoughmy little brother has been publiclyinsulted at his club and that means thisfamily has been insulted that meets thistape these chains this room and oldlisten including Bertram are beingtreated with scorn so if I sat down withyou I wouldn't be able to converse Iwouldn't be able to laugh I wouldn't beable to correct your grammar David Iwouldn't be able to enjoy her find me onher truck I wouldn't even be able tokiss my wife goodbyegoodbye for Trump goodbye sir thank youvery much[Music]alright alright mother we're havingsteakwell it may be sweetheart but you don'tsay tip him and you don't say it at theclub and you don't say it within aten-mile radius of your fathernow if I talking here no no the servicethe thought of intelligence trafficpeople gathered around showing a nicemealwelcome today well served just doesn'toccur to you anymorethey'd rather be in their kitchens andliving rooms balancing their place likejugglers pretty soon the leading ineffect or why not simplify the processensue here it breaks its youngI once of my hero with you I do drinksmany apples left in the very point insaying that prefix ma but this time it'strue you're my oldest son so I can't goover with anyone else your brother he'sgone away your mother she always criesyour sister she gets distracted some payattention to this for mefirst yeah my obituary predicted it'smr. Kovak not the office never edit overtwice is what I want to go over mybusiness career my stood at minutes andof course my pen didn't touch myrecreational life that was my lowestscore in golf and the weight of thatscent that I caught up your keysthe newspapers will try to cut both ofthose but do not let them this picturesomeone I got selected to share thesymphony Drive I don't look too young todie nor soul that will make a differenceand I want my funeral funeral to beannounced at the obituary and I wantedto be home three days later that givespeople enough time to adjust theirschedules and change their travel plansthen once we hug at exactly 3:30 yeahthat's late enoughwatches but not so late that we areobligated to serve nicely through thesepieces in place by mr. mansionGordon it's like this end up and thesugar those unlikely pieces nothingblooming nothing grim and next I want myservices started the next rousing himonward Christian soldiers now once wefollowed by a brief underline we statedby mr. Fairweather on my life and worsewell notice I ever like we're sure thisis fair weather Francis in the chapelbut do not delay but this time my wholelife and I know a great deal of peoplefeel comfortable so seeing when millingabout the door go up then find them aplace use the folding chairs if you haveto is that understood good many I do ifyou like to get up and say some words meyouwell done Watson but on the other handyou as my hell is son order to get upand say a few words about of course I'mgood you have any idea what you mightsay don't make it sentimental with youBrett Hawk my son got some verysentimental remarks the other day Ididn't like it neither with a bratyou're making a wisecrack cider Williamyou have the tendency to do that kickand Marcy's wedding and it's yourbrother's birthdayyou got him some very flip remarks aboutthe bend smart guy stuff you're smart ifyou ask megruntsno seal of assumptiontwo monthswe may live a thousand miles away it'smay go away every summer may be aterrible letter writer but she loved uslove me yes yesbutnext bit of bird won't be just the fanOh to get ready to meet my parentsand that's my brother's leave room foryour mothereven if she goes on he remarries she'llbe back in here afterward have nevercome back here but keep an eye on yourmother she makes poor choices when she'sin large crowds for example do not lether use the good beefeaters ginespecially when people like sit in hotwater after everyone leavesSavior at least her penissayahave your other classes we get thistable these chairsnow you should turn to your motherI'll be leading exploder in my stockstock box on top of my will in stocksand admits the key will be in the leftbureau drawer we did notice some purplefinish feeding his young while I wastalking - awwI'll be butterballoh gee it'll have knives oh man actuallysome people oh I heard some strange newsthrough the grapevine this is is thattrue no mrs. even for us Aunt Peggywe miss you more than anyone I'm retiredoh but surely special occasions Icomplete you out here Rebecca right I'vegot my sisteryo man notlikethis never practiceI figured doorbell okay max coatsupstairs limits in the Ohthey need of having this reoccurringdream we have a dining room that we'regiving this perfect party well I don'tneed just our old friend I mean everyonewe've ever known invite we have the manwho fixes our toyota and thatintelligent couple of a house thereceptionist and the detailer andeveryone our children do you realize hesaid what a partyWolowitz[Music][Music][Music]

Tallmadge HIgh School Advanced Drama class, fall 2018.

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