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[Music]on my Fiero so try this thing out of youlet me just show you guys what I findwhile I'm finding it a beautifulchampagne dresses hit the handles I betit's by Bernhardt or Dixie let's see ifwe can find out oh and look at them likethe Chinese think is called Chinna Ican't pronounce it Sheerness Chinna treecorrect meis by Drexel dyes is very vintage verysought-after brand I'm gonna look upsome cops see what really nice diningtable but I think it's old and doesn'thave a tag on itI like it like spray-painted gold but Ihave counter height dining chairs yourglasses really thickAfrica for theagain at basil embroidery so beautifullaser once again I'm gonna make crampedfitting room but look at this secret Ilove how the shoulders like go off thebootsthen I found this authentic army jacketit's a size small attracts shorts thoughI'm not big enough for me definitely agreat demand but if just one for a moreshe already has a camouflage jacket butthis is a coat so I thought this wouldbe greatthis I love this because it's likecropped but it's like a Native Americanjacket blazer like this toggle fastenedso yeahliterally only been in here like thealarm is going off but I found thisabout hundreds burn if you see thisbrand make sure you pick it up becauseit's like the skater urban brand and Ijust sold a jacket for them for $45I'm glad I recognized the laborI like this duster hey guys I found thisin not the world part may want to pauseand like I redid lovingkindness lecturemadamdon't don't Jack it swayedLevi jacket chillin and I've beenlooking for more but I want a denim andwe surely skimming the eggs batterytexture usually what I dothe finisdabathank youtoo busty forKrux water she's from or I really likethe 5 - I think it's really like 90ssports we're just just a cheer it wassuper day and cheered rocky how cute isthis beer alike some leggings right somereally cute tennis shoes he just fitthey were actually not together and alot of hmm Lizziehmm full leatherswith its head I just found Tory Burchauthentictory burch sandalsour YouTube so I'm at the goodwill inWest Carmel like 100 and forth inMichigan Road so we're gonna pop on inhere before I go pick up I'm more fromschool and see what they had lamps justtwo dollars[Music]

Hey Fly Girls and Guys! This is some footage from several different Goodwill’s around Indy over the course of a few days, I hope you enjoy! As always, which find(s) is your favorite???


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