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The Unusual Suspect Rants On The Green Goblin Design In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 On Helium

you know despite how we are out thetwo-hour mark now and I now only seenthe Green Goblin I am still excited tosee how they've improved on their designyou know after the horrendous suit theychose for the rammy film surely it's gotto be bare right right sweet Jesus Ithink this is worse it looks like itleave us a bullhead contracted syphilisoh hell spawn of an ark and a troll dollbut like okay this is not the GreenGoblin because believe it or not theGreen Goblin should look like a goblinthis looks like it's groats turds hadteeth[Applause]

A parody of the Green Goblin scene in The Unusual Suspect’s review of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to make it look like he’s on helium.

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