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The Tour of Deaf Couple’s Beautiful RV – Television, Bathroom, Living Room, Laundry, Goes on!!

My name is John Carnaggio.Alison Sehuler.We are full time RV travelers traveling the, theUnited States mostly mainland and Canada as well.We are retired.We discussed about what we wanted to dofor the rest of our lives.We decided we wanted to travel.How? We thought using the RV was a wonderful idea.Come inside.Our home!Where's the stove?and a microwave.When we don't need more room...Obviously the kitchen is this woman's thing.My responsibility is outside...We've been to 38 states so far with our RV.Our battery manpower.What's that? I'll show you.TV!Refrigerator...Why did we become full time RV travelers?When we met, he was a city boy at the time, I would share how Ilove to travel and go camping.I would try to pull him into it.He wanted to know more so he did research.Yes, I did some research. I was iffy.I grew up in a city and was used to a routine.No changes. Until I thought, "Go for it!"As long as I'm with her.She keeps me going and going.Does it feel like home?Yes, definitely!King sized!We can wash our clothes!Curious?Come and see.AHH! NO!This is the private bathroom with a toilet.Relax.I'm busy. I'm watching TV.Life is really short.We want to enjoy life.Many people ask us what the pros and cons about having a RV.Really, there's many of them.I've done research, found data and learned from mistakes.First, I bought a RV, 36 feet long, and used regular gas.I came to realizations after using it for almost a year.I switched to diesel gas and it is much better.The ride is smoother and more straightforward.Whenever a truck, 18-wheeler, drives past me,my RV doesn't budge.It's better, smoother ride, more roomy and has a betterresale value if we decided to trade it infor a smaller or a bigger one.With camping, we tend to do it at the last minute.Sometimes, at the last minute, we drive upto a campground and they're full.We learned from our mistakes.It is best to reserve early.This year, we've set up reservationsfor the next 3, 4 months.You must reserve beforehand!You should see America.It's beautiful with many sights.It's worth it rather thanstaying home being stuck in a routine.Go out of your home and travel!You will appreciate it and we appreciate it a lot.Yes, that's very true.Life is short!Please join us! Come on!Captioned by DPAN:

John and Allison are full-time RVer. They want to share their experiences and what mistakes you all should avoid if you choose to be full-time RVer.

One of the excellent advice they made – life is too short, so let’s live your life to the fullest. It doesn’t matter how old you are. It’s about making the best time of your life at any age!

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