Dining Room 

The Sims 4 Room Build | Luxury House Series – Living/Dining

g'day friends welcome to another speedbuild this time I am doing the livingroom slash dining room as part of theluxury speed build series you haven'tchecked out the series please do so onthe channel I am nearing towards the endof this series where I put all the roomsthat I've done together I do have acouple more rooms that I want to add tothis build and I'll release them overthe coming weeks before puttingeverything together into one big builddepending on whether or not that videois going to be super long I might divideup the garden section into a differentvideo but we'll see we'll see not atthat point yetbut super close so this video isfocusing on the living room and thedining room obviously this is the livingroom and you can see my frustration ingetting the correct coffee table thespace between the two couches is so bigso I needed a coffee table that waslarge enough to fill this space so Ireally needed a coffee table that was aswide as it was long unfortunatelythere's not an option like that in agame so move objects on was the solutionthis wall here is going to be theentryway from the front door into thisliving space and then to the left-handside you do have the dining room entryof course there is a large scalefireplace as the focal point of thisroom and it does have the insertbookshelves surrounding it this is thedining room I do change out thefloorings to the herringbone floorboardsjust because they're more traditionaland more luxurious I do reduce the sizeof this dining room because I don't wantit too big and I'm just really thinkingabout the proportions of this houseevery room is really big so I'm not surehow I'm going to fit everything ontothis lotanyway this was a super short video buthere are the screenshots this is thebeautiful living room that wall willhave an entryway when I complete thebuild and here is a sneak peek into thedining room thank you guys so much forwatching if you enjoyed these pleaselike subscribe andand I'll see you in the next one bye

G’day friends! Speed build of the living and dining areas as part of the luxury speed build series! Enjoy xx

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