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The Sims 4| Our Own Home: Interior design and Speed Build part 1 of maaaaany!!!

[Music]hello everyone and welcome back to mychannel so today we're going to be doingsomething that I've actually reallyenjoyed doingI haven't even completed yet that is whyI've actually been delayed the next dayand I don't do that but I'm trying myhardest I've never done anything likethis and I realized I actually suckerfor anything experience I don't know Ijust just get this right there was a lotof scaling putting it a little thing outthere just a bunch of get some attentionso just bear with me I really domy life is like five day today yeah thisgive it a thumbs up if you like it andthen we know what you think in thecomment section I can't wait to do thesame with you on the next episode[Music]wait a second let me catch my breathremind me how it feels to hear yourvoice[Music][Music][Music]she works nights by the way she is gonnastudents off always her father's God sheis my alpha babyoh no one will come she's trying to saveshe tells him loves no one's ever gonnahurt you love I'm gonna give you moneynobody matters like who she tells meyour typeain't nothing like yourOh[Music][Music]you don't know[Music][Music][Music][Music]I'm gonna rock you baby don't you cry[Music]somebody's gone from the side of Americawhere witches pride over character andwe pick sides but this is us this is usthis side of America with spin license aparadoxbesides this is us listenthis is and don't believe the Gnosticismwhen everyone protects and expects youto listen to them in prison[Music][Music][Music]to say when they don't take there isquite welcome to the Gnosticism whereunited under running their friends andthe familia side of AmericaI live on my side of America[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]there's just so much left see on aget-to-know-you in every kind of way butyou speak it it talksit's like a prince from my bones itshould be shaking in fear but insidejust what you scream but it's all icecream[Music]destroying a breakthrough but you makeit hard when you are how you do it theyshould be shaken[Music]it's like screaming out well can you[Music]

Helloa fandamily!!!

yep, not at all uploading when i meant to but hey here we are with a proper basic layout of our home and the designs that come with its architecture, i hope you guys enjoy watching me bring a little piece of my life alive through sims and let me know what you guys think in the comments section!!

I love you all so much and be sure to hit that subscribe button to see more of my upcoming videos!

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