Green Design 

The Sims 4 – colour design – green

it's omelet mama today we are back inthe six full color design for the rightvideos okaydid I have my cake yes you guessed itgreen and you know what am i doing greenthat plum diamond thingygive me the same logo so I actually seenthat daddy exactly sure there are noabsolute custom contact websites[Music]these go quite well but you have femaleso I think I'm gonna have to change youinto female okay she needs to take ofthat ridiculous hat but I don't getalways it ridiculous stufflook at that hair but like I haven'talready use it on him and it lookssimilar to her she's gonna have to gowith different hairoh that one looks like she knows Ohannoying her face sucks this time I'mactually going for a darkest darkertoned skin toad character because I feellike my friend hope feels left outthat'll be good we also need lipstick Imean what I was going to breed how doyou noticed you don't even have anygrade[Music][Music]you got one so I'm going for this greendye Burroughs needs to be cleared aswell there we gocome on I have to say nice yellow lookslike really done yellow green turbulence[Music]and a green shirt or reminds me of greenis rust and what is grass in natureshe's going to be a free little psychoReba don't be active oh boy she's goingto because you can slip and glass grass[Music]little shits hoveringthat one looks okay[Music]okay don't know one who forgot one helooks like a pajama[Music]some of those old Seabreeze guys we areso close to finishing up the Syriac andlike whoa like it's my fourth episodeand they're going to be sick so like twomore and then we're done no go well[Music]and those[Music]serious she'd be like a bit of a hiphere you know like rose and the tanktops and then just sandals you get megood need to be great as well[Music]and green shoes there we go so let'spause which it was kind of okay but weReenaand those have to clean as wellthe shoes have to be green as well justperfect ones[Music]the sleeper I'm actually going to staywith wood because I'm too lazy to makeittherefore the party just going this andthen change the skirt[Music]the changes as well so then have a partywhere we swim across true just a perfectoneamazing that's the hot[Music]gonna need a long dress and she's got tobe firstand maybe those huhthen there's no threethat looks kind of okay it just needs tobe greensorry if I'm saying green too much thisis I warned you guys the title ward you[Music]title would you it's set this usefulcould a design dream so you knew I wasgoing to stick very volatile at lunch soyeah there I am done with herI'd actually figured out a way to makeevery I believe I'm just gonna have toplay with her like make her paint thingso then she can actually set it to thecollect I get a lot of money so I thinkthis would be and I'm not gonna makethis room maybe next episode I'll makethe room but by

what reminds you of green?
maybe even salad?

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