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The Messy Room| Lps Skit| Lps Chasing Colors

[Music][Music]it's obvious Jason colors so before Istart this game I just wanna say thatthis video is inspired by LPS ill hairplease go subscribe to her as she makesreally good videos and your customersare oh I may sing but further ado let'sget on with the skit she not to say thatabout me just like wait there's not justlike button it in stir bar I'm G I'm aninsta paw I'll his he and I posted a newphoto boy I love instable honey I wantedyou to know that what the heck I thoughtyou just clean your room two days agowhat happened oh so um yeah about thisyou know I was trying to pick up a realcute outfit and then you know I kind ofover but honey half this stuff isn'teven close you know me always gettingcarried away over all possible room[Music]honey I know what you're doingwe're not playing the games how aboutthis by the end of the day at 8:30 ifyour room is clean then I'll give you$20 but if it isn't clean then I'mtaking away your phone for a whole weekmom you won't do that honey you knowI've done thatmany times before but but I finehey John by the end of the day I ain'tjust say by the end of day I said by8:30 8:30 but it's it's already it'salready 6 20 my you better get cleaningif you don't want to have your phonetaken away just fine ok I'll do this Iwill do this ok good luck then you wantthis will be the hard I mean there's notthat much stuff yeah you right yeah yeahthere's not that much stuff uh honey getcleaning no don't stop hey just I'm fromthis one silent okay where should Istart I don't know how to start there'sa ton of stuff alright do this I wasjust putting an outfitI was literally picking out an outfitand there's a piece of pizza on theground how it did this happen I have noidea or a star[Music]no I thought I'd put you on silent youknow what it won't hurt if I just checkit one time I mean it's probably justlike a software update or somethingare you seriousat time like this honey I don't seedifference what are you doing on yourphone againI didn't mean to there was no occasiondriver that's when I'm today like todaylike today yes today but momokay yes Emily just posted a photo sothat she's gonna star alive in fiveminutes five minutes just start cleaningyour room okay this has become a habitwait what time is it it's always seveno'clock fine get started[Music][Music]everything's clean what time is itand take 32 well she said she's beenBecky 31 so she's a me awayhoney I'm homeyeah mom and you're also one minute latehi I told you you never told me anythingbut okay yeah I guess that's fair wellas you can see mom I cleaned my roomare you happy for me yeah I mean you dida pretty good job Claireare those my sunglasses what I just yeahthey are phone

•This is a short skit about a girl named Claire who has to clean her room before 8:30 pm•

Hey Lpstubers, I am so sorry that I haven’t uploaded a video in a while🙁 I’ve been really busy but I should have some more videos coming soon!🌼

-Lps Chasing Colors💘🌈

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