Kid's Room 

The little kids room tour

hey guys it's me again welcome back tothe one lunacorn squad is my little kidfamily the little kid part so there'sonly three people and then I'll give youa room tour of the room oh okayfirst this is my brother he's a littleand then this is Calissamy maybe sometimes stepsister and thenthat's everyone's little sister oh thenfor her moms and dads me and her have adifferent dad now time for the room towork okay first[Music][Music]next is the any bed cuz they share room[Music]hold on I got it give them the room tourthat's okay now what do you want to tellthem okay now to Calissa what do youwant to say uh I don't know oh reallyokay yeah I'm on this buzz and I namedmyself yeah I don't mind him okay that'sgonna be it for this video although Ihave to show you one more thing I haveone in my room - that's their TV what doyou want boywhy would I shut my door - I mean okaythat can't be it for this crazybut say bye everyone yeah we say bye saybye bye okay bye guys

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