Dining Room 

The kitchen and dining room plan for now…

okay so instead of the refrigeratorbeing where it was originally so if I'llbe moving over to here the top cabinetthe counter and bottom cabinets are allgetting burned but the refrigeratorthere I may build a shelf on one side orboth sides depending on how wide therefrigerator is and exact locationthere is water available on the otherside of the wall for the washer anddryer are so I can have the icemaker andwhat not hooked up there I'm leaningtowards just painting this wall eitherthis gray which kind of makes senseinstead of just perfect purple and thenpurple I don't want to overuse purple inthe kitchen which I'm already feel likeI'm doing the judgment panels that I wastalking about are basically this but onin the dining room there will be noshelves here it'll just be where it canhang like whatever midrib painting childof the month whenever add kids whateverthe rest of the wall will be titledalong with that wall however thesecabinets are all coming out the sinkwill remain in the same place the stovewill stay in the same place differentstove hopefully the microwave over thestove that's getting discarded and justa regular hood over it with actuallyusing the vent that's there okay sobehind where the the updated shelvingwill go though the open shelves withjust the basic plumbing pipes I wasconsidering judges panels behind them sothere could just be a square to onceagain saved me about eight square feetof tile there and also over here on theleft sidethe sink for the right side of the sinkI was looking and considering doing acorner shelf thing or I might not evenneed one I'm not sure yet but once againjudges panels behind that area so thatway this the bottom area and the toparea can be the subway tiles and thenfor this part where the the shelf orwhere the counter comes up to do subwaytile down to it and then just paintpurple behind it all the way from hereall around so purple below except forthis little chunk I might do two smalljudge panels and then the subway tilebut I'm I'm picky about how thattransition would go if I want the opencountertops or the open area under thecounters oh and there is no sinks thebad ideas because the flooring is allpulled out in here but then the the tileis kind of thick and I don't want tostart whipping out tile until everythingelse is out of here of course so it wasa bad move to start on the dining roomfirst

I have no idea what I’m doing.

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