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The Kids’ Choice Play Room – October 28, 2018

[Music]you[Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]and yes we're able to to all thosepeople okay finally subscribe to ourYouTube channelyour wildcard celebrity performers andwe really did see some level uhperformances for the last threecelebrity performers I wonder whenthey'll bring to the stage decide wellanyway - Vinny let's older the blockthat hits you what kind of performanceswe'll get to see todaysorry kappa bill yes I can't have a roseor something[Music][Music]it's a person I know I know it now Iknow it's now oh oh I need to do thelast one so this is a mic from the 90sbut if either 90s or 80s like so therewe have this mic so desperately if yousee a performer use it this kind oflight doesn't think we're dancing withit of course there's the possibilityanyways that we have we also have thesetwo cubes Rachel it's a guess one you'llmake it since I this thank youa Rubik's Cube I remember that wasticking over how do you know what I'mexcuse yeah just the right anyways wehave these two and eyes open today'smystery present so Rachel what do youthink our mystery present is I Oh NoI don't know okay let's get to thatalready oh there's one morewhat's that Ohoh yeah let's pack everything upI do not know how to play Jenga somehowonly get a maid oh the fastest to pickthe highest go norito meet the highestlike that go go go go go oh yeah okayokay like this so that we have tworoundsRachel's building and my building we'regoing on two rounds here okay reach ohyou excited you're supposed to go likethis you're supposed to do like thisyeah byemaybe this just going to be the harderversion yeah so we're gonna do the samepattern so I guess we're gonna have todo this the hardest okay readyI choose so the rule here is that you'resupposed to take out brick by brick nouh I can't all this warmed up to me Iguessoh yeah put it up Rachel[Music]oh that's nice[Music][Music]okay and they're smartokay go like that like that and ofcourse the easy way like that why areyou why no[Music]let's do it so right now we're justgoing to wait until gets fixed becausewe do not know how to make it evenly andstuff like that happening againRitowhile waiting let's let some get stuckso reach out so far how's your lifegoing yeah honestly what's happening andwhat do you think about like it's almostgoing to be grand finals what can yousay about that you can say I saw Rubyfell off yeah Oh varios and that no Mikefell offoh there okay you can get it so all Ican say about like it's all files I canjust say all my dummy after all of thoseperformances we are finally going to seeyouthe final let's start no longer getanything from the topOh papa Wow unjust kids lead for thechance to compete in the all celebritygrand finals madhava song comebackperformances P Billy and kini touchesNandalal Mohabbatein apenaand gusto and la cena fearsome ofantibiotic contestants and Papas r7l andstandard mother Aminah jana playinggebisa the kids choice and for bubbalick[Music]come back subpoena back you that we nevaneva Liana talent competitions atelevision time we go i'ma battle my k/dno Silla of my last say upon themelee casino so I get it up in a fatback you know Kitty judges can say myFifi Nix alive let's all welcome letjust could please welcome Johnyou[Applause]yeahparticular moment in the rain and cabanarerum demand and act upon celebrity frombatos number to perform tonight sidingfrom family condition java.lang zapathonartista families then I perform andMagua wagging gangabai at makkah fasosay grant by next week perform map to 0and another score scale on coming on butjust keeps me are you ready[Music]I think bubbly cluster deputy frombattle I am fierce at funny numbercompetence the neck Pamela stompingMonica zanpakutou gangabaiIto toting around Allah Cannella passingcloud behindFilipina then I can infer ganda socolumns Ibiza just gives me who said mawho Nakula who said Camilla Camilla kissapparel cool and pave on bounced up inagain I mean you energy effort examincluding a minor hindi na meaning thegoing best nabbing the lava that time kidigital I can be begin and I mean Ithought the Tour de amalah in departmenteducator analysis with bananaperformance masala pabulum OtungaGilligan must i lock up upon toe-to-toehand see Brian Paramus it or dunya orManila personal confidence magmacusamano homicide is on stage jazz kidsLeague Abenaki on impeccable Ignacioparticular see Brian Rick Ella and yeswe're back we repentance Tama Abileneyoung I mean pal my love casts on theshoulder[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music]Oh fear semi-nude welcome bro[Applause][Music][Music]yeah[Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music]see who don't know the violence fooshagencia see sonic booyah and pleasebleep you get on your polka up come onlet's play Thank You Leah again loadedupon charisma pioneer named Methuselahgot a babe is na bar owner claims oxaládo you know Anita to my Odense sass DeanMalenko Elka say of choreography new popgasa on your palm gonna be bad now youlet me buy you move in againapparently Nogales Michaele SalahiAbhinay discovered a lagoon on thediscovering in the conveyancer say Imean yo hiya hon you thank you for thatis happiness opinion wouldn't numperformance and thank you for thewonderful comments again Justice Leaguewe love SIA hi papou nothing Oh fierceopposite clapping Emma capitate ParimalPaso selasa Grand Finals alum in Pune inLatvia and detailing sur la piscinabegin coming in chance not a fajitaPeruvian and I mean indepen I got Goacalculate the power meter simpleparabola in Coronado : diamonds and aperformanceI'm from Babinec Mieleas Mahadeva media[Music]oh yes to be honest it's just like verysweetI can also tell that they practice it alot because wow that was one amazingperformanceit's like gymnastics gymnastics plentycomplicated jumpy stuff and dancingwhich is like my favorite form of themgymnastics and dance at the same timeyeah oh I saw the love and they're sotalentedoh yeahI like it so much well I just want tosay to all yo kids out there have yougotta do that dancejust make sure just like wow our hisbrother did I always always always bewith adults when you're going to be a weare gymnastics with everybody if you aredoing if you see those things that areare things that you can't do please gothrough that at home yes tell your mommyand make sure that if you do thosefantastic things and if it's hardyour mama's good you can't do it byyourself for some people when they dothat sometimes they will break your neck[Music]you might have a crack over your headover here and I don't want that tohappenokay we have some we have someone whofelt the same way once I'm getting nevera child never broke a bone ah gracias anobleman a mediatorParis Avila sobre una vez a compadrefirst performance I mean continue lapageneral Alumni minimus Kayla Kaname youboost up my energy muscular and it was aphenomena and then matteo messina begancome in and transplant for he topic IandFermi poem favorite part Co is yourperformance time and to say theperformance in is an animal memorableperformance Paris having to say Goombaon 11 basis man I mean tomatoes have tobe no kasama and then propagated mobilecell again confidence now in the lowerand like to first focus on balance ateach ricotta and commit this is oursecond performance you over soconfidence coming out Michaela and traceitbuoys bullsháá then Messiah Hotel I hadto go in Astana and then for me materialfocus a your comments Lumina bottom of avinegar and then knocked on open aMakino look a bit up there and I can ohI think for me English girl and when Iam the public Rachel okay my head of theone might expect any disappoint Bellaperilous Morgan Donna welcome mightexpect much break and I laugh yeah forme sagurulamina my name litigator I mean yourbest Nam and and then they go and haveminimizing performance okay I sign thatMcManus again all the hard work andsomething specially that it's a form oflife in this way what yes I'm 11sperformance it was so complicated if Ido thatable to do it very very well if you can[Music]on the floor so let's go[Music]okay okay we are not going to be writingon these mighty see stuff we are goingto be putting blocks of these let's makethis even Rachel you put one block hereand save us the other side why ohbecause it's not there think of oxidesanyways Rachel you see that this evenright we are going to do something notyet I yet they're going to do somethingokay I'm just going to move this andRachel can you tell me why is this whatheavierbecause oh gosh Rachel it's so easy tomake science hard you just look at thefirst together you can see first thingabout itwhat could this give what what whatcould this big would give to the weightof this side tomorrow comes a littlemound feelings writing notes the thingsit I don't know when tomorrow comestomorrow comes tomorrowand though I look up to the sky I bettertalk about so bad I won't[Music][Music]you get me good night[Music]it's a sweet[Applause]I[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]thank you so much kids develop youperform estimate edamame pommel are finespoon Imam[Applause][Music][Music][Applause]mm you bumTaman performer steady beau and a newparent I'd cut Santa neva neck doc Ijust put my pineappleI'm telling you Papa I am put betterthan super-continent vanilla[Applause][Music][Applause]I'm a melodica[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]but Aaron department level look barriopoet I say firangi no one you long foryou same para but Maggie no 101 PocoyoKiba my didn't duck Pocoyo Mata open andthey are my snow ghost Rancho de dépôt Iam getting you end up on your table youopen your mouth vs. new for you paramI'm blending[Music][Applause][Music][Music][Applause]see logon ki laughs mommy has a score ina BB gun just kids leagues Avila yeahbut I found surpass our Nevada biopicabout it now enjoy Papa male kakapofamiliar Kazama I think for my encoreperformance diamond Lumiere Belle EpoqueAmita - dynamic phenomena versus put ona para palma my monkey toponymy samajust in sleep and sherry for summerMatadors ah kya popolino me to incur hiswill upon - well next up I'm fumbling ina bench at pressureksama is a penelon Kapamilya NASA Coleypeople inside the kids choiceWow it's like we just saw the last partof pitch perfect and yeah I like that Iwanted Wilson it's a great movie butyeah and stuff anyways yeah that was agreat movie I know Nia Rachel Watson andstuff anyways I also really liked theperformance because they were able tolag when they call this show nicebonding and meeting off the flashlightsong is like you got that person thereto be your flashlight or that actuallyreally means that you have a personthere to always help you and yourflashlight sound like that but anywaysyes that that was all very nice andsweet way of showing that may all loveeach other yes dot family it's sweet youknowanyways let's say that samples interviewvideo from this performance let's get toitdominate Misawa and in an air[Music]I did four were you for performancesalmon Lou monvilleup Muhammed Ali Munna ksama Poonam inAlpena Bella at para unique we openAkita pooja mr. Han le Taha'a Depothomina homina homina -1 dynamic una menuPino pelipper pelipper bahahaha punemust thankful samara benefit eponymouspineapple the city of Paracas i'veopened an economy something in commonfor us a para in before mecha momentumminus 1 instead kumar before Caminos andportable boys are Chaka para it's thenatural available wow that's anothervery very nice message and all I have tosay is that Wow Ella is such a big girland all I can say is you so far you'vedone really really good in being a 1dwants a popular girl and stuff all I cansay is that you're very very talentedgirl and wherever you go I'll befollowing you you're my kid Idol andeverything that you say I'll follow youI hope you got Rachel what are you doingand flangingknow the banding and I saw the bonbonand it's super nice and when some peoplelike let me ask for a flashlight andsome people will help youthat's nice that's what I think whatsomething yeah that is actually themedium some somehow but anyways we aregoing to be doing something just likewhat they did in the performanceso right now Rachel what song do youthink you could sing I think it's goingto be better than three same they go tothe little spark yeah and it matches themind because scars are shiny yeah thatthis is my missus my mic my mouse thisis your mic and this is my lifego[Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music]Bato para mas malok a young chancellorpara mopohua a high score Salmonellafrom bubbling tonight support on a fireI'm Kendall Athena and that to impressthe kids Illuminati I just can sling andBob Mollica Marijuana Policy BenjaminAllah whose acacia Daniken's Rica melast timecinema for nothing so Papa Tennesseecoal in Manalihello sequel in this 13 years old insecrecy is 11 so basically parcel amongsisters technically piramide de cèllesecurity Nolan's I mean from the lastperformance that we did Tom the laminaKrysia su energy and your hat all partcreaking covers McGee Dumas a youngperformance now I mean to say from thelast time humming the devil any creationagain join I'm a what more salmon havinga sea cooling even family I mean bedroomand a he was evil a kami so feeling goat assign multiple a bit salmon who litnon-capital go to actually you know havethat kind of relationship and enjoy whatwe love to doMatic decadence a energy Nala and I meanas a performers as contestants the KidsChoice young wow factor in a hinny highdef not a new lungs I mean last timefeeling comedy beginning I mean the hell[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]see[Music][Applause][Music][Applause]but I gotta think I better go makeanything up but itBonanno family performance monitorlockup on beat the game performance inyou're never happy Boyle take R 0 V nonot be the shinobi[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]hey Susan on a Nokia our mother sobbingand just kids League sir comebackperformance nina benchKrisha at Colleen behind McCoy they wantto pass on young points[Music]Plus Misuzu on Hussaini Piolo Pascual aTV exclusive you wouldn't wanna misssupper nobody man look kids choice thatperformance just totally totally totallymade me so happy and made my day becauseI love Super Mario above the performanceis like almost all the dance moves thatyou have there are solid move andthey're all trending that's what I cansay and I love trending somehow exceptfor the songs yeah yeah Wow oh okay thenso before we do anything with these twoboxes else you can see let's watch I'llnever mind okay there's no postinterview something we are going toreach out no no not that one okay let'sdo something we're in the Mario Worldsorry show this is a pipe and you'regoing to run the cupcake I meant[Music][Music][Music]we got this yeah it's my you like it yesokay[Music]you[Music]to watch our mother video game dancethen a bench crusher at Colleen andwe're all mother sobbing I'm just kidslink so finicky panel on tallien PO seePiolo Pascual nephew say an acid bondinggame[Applause][Music]wooden leg I wouldn't they ass again[Music][Applause]oh mama[Applause][Applause][Music][Laughter][Applause]papazilla become a so ultimateheartthrob in the game yes[Music][Applause][Music]the owner Pasquale nag look so baka onTV no first you never never lovedPelican ugly but I've told it theperformance negative on your bench manwelcome back it's a Mesopotamia thehappy Millar kids just kids leave myvideo game using your phone Cohen wellCacique a nominee septum video gamenatok Asakusa having a party to say yomama just kids sleek colony money dollaruna been beforekanya recommend 11 Equis arabiya man theother programming games before tsunamishare saying you parties may experienceNewton shop Ohbut then again my video games benefit onyou put on like I said uh Chris chaseboth new for a super Parfum and pull myBuddhist over spoke Arabic is you MarioI'm getting point performance new pakkasupport paruppu the guy in yourunderwear my video games for aya /congrats / thank you thank you thank you[Music][Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Music]everything perfectly first thank youthank you[Applause]but if we only eat unity and performanceit's very entertaining at landfill forkids and I'm sure part of our videogames the soothing intervention familynavaja why not high score boy laughs Ithink just kids League alum in PuneDaniela mom Maya all that and morepsychopathic no sabemos is a performanceand happy una vaca Savin a secret ascooty an exciting commendeth I'm gonnabe no I know yump a good name isperformance in opava V Seuss annoyedxenovia and along celebrity for mottona Magua woogie sapa vietnam for kidschoice so but almost a good name in timeperformance the Obama beatpero sobre I know someone say I'm just aperformance stabbing Tobin again joycome here have a happy hour now my Casionasty fish has a good gonna stop me so Iknow not xhrs a phenomenal empu bagenowhenever I think there is a millionscores my papaya I think overall you Iknow do energy mapping in I mean for theperformance plus you young productionyou in a setting that you know enamel itadds doing catches a performance likeunlike last time that magic nama manycreators from way oh it's param verybasic a paranoid Perico brunette who'sproud they have a effort with the hostsrooms and everything so I think it'sworth 3d well and must enjoy the market[Music][Music][Music]okay so let's go okay okay okay oh mygosh sunny princess princess okay fromokay um Abood go see their onslaughtspite us a grand finalsyeah damnit I think so everything frombag us see nahHey[Music][Applause]family[Applause]we're gonna tackle any disaster the kidstonight the media we say congratulations[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause]maraming maraming salamat just kids thethe kids toys but I'm a celeb mathnabilla Konami the opportunity will letme perform and Sanna begin mass Messiah[Applause]the kidsthis week Vanessa Graham[Applause]the pinnacle choice tonight McGee beinglast celebrity from Bato lapis oxide thegrand finals let me say congratulations[Applause]congratulations ooh[Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music]I mean up whenever I do nothing I'm acelebrity from Burgos seven possiblemega 17.04 part I at the Elsa andlocation performance Milla seven pointscale and the plaza for you performanceilla llah fine Oscar say shreya homeasleep in a panga Karenina seven pointsfar away Korea bench and funny cuz immado freedom six points Baraka Allah andfor me before a tollbooth and again morevideo games at a gavotte in vanilla sothat it's choicesix for soap opera guy at the AC andactor the municipal Mogollon Pakistan[Music][Music]and crews and Johnny to push superpowersI at the Ln f1 andand[Music][Applause][Music]Bhargav Ameliamaraming maraming salamat approximatelySimon Peter said the kids choice nextweek Bella one male teen pasado i'magive a signal kamalahasan grab by NARSLaguna Wow two big events in one weekended up at Nepal on Peter and say inyour fabrikam combining every weekendmarkup Amelia this is[Applause]next week not just one but two grandfinals and I'm in your bubble and thekids have made their choice na kabhiLina I'm just get sleep apena come ohusain acontece that's sample muffinbottleMakka pakka and sasame dos Santos familywho all family joke no family Yama'sfamily bautista family then no lowfamilyAkhtar siblings Hernandez family oneFarrow family Pasquale family at samplemana celebrity combat oh man prophecyclapping size and money ninja lingo melike antivirus Francisco and daughterMela Alonso mother and family I ArabBermudez and family TNT boys and familypilot sorry ancestor Bala Dennis Padillaand family Salma Luba and sister andrufa me Quinto and family Elsa andbrother rap rap bench Manilow and familygrand final smash column Anna so back toback big weekend bonding company youngFilipino see the one beginning theultimate kids choice haha[Music]

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