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The Kids’ Choice PH Play Room – October 21, 2018

[Music][Music]let's do it one by one or maybe don'tfall into the box Rachel OHyesterday we got to see the celebrity offlip back okaynow let's open this one don't break itno bigstart inside okay this a star we aregoing to be doing something just thesong we like the stars I guess I have afeeling that this is a bowling ballwatching some historical Filipino eatingof two or more people having a contestand who can eat the book or the fastestokay anyways next one and we have thisone[Music]oh my gosh we are going to do all of thethings or props that we were supposed toplay todayoh hey Rach oh we already put them backin the box so now we're going to play agame that's the gameokay what about the marshmallow[Music]okay okay okaynow let's play the game this goop thislooks yummy so one for each one halftreats because I'm worse than Rachelfine come on Rach oh come hereOh something's[Music]here we go[Music]you're too close Rachel you should behereoh gee thirty-third s shooting thischeating but let's do one too close huhokay well they got the bus the lineI almost[Music][Music][Music][Music]Ohyeah yeah way to go first boy I'm gonnabe the honey that you are here Flynn[Music][Music]I wish more news here[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]Oh[Music][Music]yo[Music][Music][Music][Music]because it wasn't something about of the[Music][Music]I like boys and it's amazingyes because they can really modulatewell and yeah brings up speechless Wowvery goodwe're going to see that sample interviewvideo from this performance so let's gonot Samantha celibacy so bruffett awayMohammed daylight but Apophis enoughit'll grab a lamoco be quietelegance buttoned up with like a parenthaha oh yesfirst time colorful look for your ownfamily caucus a to winning to show for atypical silly cabal donítö nappa halet's go for the atomic firstcoupon and a second choice it's not ashave a hopper your family oh wowokay that was another very very nicemessage and it's so icky[Music]I read the galaxy hello okay that's goodthey really did a great job performingand that's a very very goodcharacteristicswe'll be performing in different kindsof places and especially when you're inother kinds of contests so yeah justkeep it up and hopefully you'll be ableto get the chance to win okay so nowRachel I just wanted a galaxy a whileago and look what I found a planetcalled the star said you wantwait let's divide them equally look atthat big star get all the big stars okayso we have six okay we need a bigger onewait this one this one so yes now wehave these three stars and we're gonnabe making a game all right doing againso we are supposed to make three sacksof cups over here and we're gonna haveto hit themwe're missing one cup and there it isready Rachel yes oh we're gonna have tobe over here here here no it's okay wecan sit on the end of your chair youhave to sit one two three go Vic we'redoing this game because we can't getover the thing that you are able toshoot any marshmallows you can get themback because we saw dancing it looksvery very well and wow the choreographyis just well and when they startedmixing it up with baby and finally amagical angel reveal that their back isjust amazing so yes Bravoand it also hope that you will hopchance to win and choice[Music]mom[Music]kesariya would beat though I say I sayfirst time come on stage oh yeah DeShazohappy ago and my setup setup monkfordfrom Copernicus on my own time anymorestings uh nakaka annual indeed a guletlonger para getting Daniela much judgewe make eatery Neela only Nikita nowmark I did not mean her mother to let namin so-oh in a man Mogadishu down nextour notes on two car lengths in our worknow and take Cyrus Barrowusako when it comes to Mormons guru yourown guy see HIV service a mess nosobbing linguist an SLBM hey I don't youbuy let's claim it I'm Elena then heyCarl along you know like like thesombrero current PellegrinoPharaoh I also know I love you know Imean um again better score to be a judgelet's ask you some superheroes if youwere a superhero what superhero[Music]superhero very very nice[Music][Music][Music]okay okay I'll do my side ready yesyou're good what do you want to do firstlivedon't color[Music]so what else do you want me to do itaway you want me to make it moredetailed[Music]kind of like more messy or somethinghaha yes in my opinion flex I okay retogo don't have to rise and raise your notto mess your clothes up make one stroke[Music]that was one gold performance I mean shewas incisor bread shards you caught arefrigerator anyways so then were yousurprised when you saw the woman insidethat inside a fridge I was so surprised[Music]you call it make a very very yummyrecipe which is called booka shadethey're the judges so there is apossibility or a chance that they willget a lot of points for that from thekids in judging time anyways yes RachelI know you like the chocolate yes it ischocolate okay I'm kiddinganyways so yes I actually really likedit because the kid was I saw I know thathe's nervous but he was able to do itvery very well and also Rachel I'mseeing that me practice it a lot so Ijust want to tell them that congratsbecause we were able to do yourperformance very very well anyways let'ssee that specials interview video thisokay run[Music]okay but before that we're gonna finishthis same thing[Music]somebody's covered by her I do the otherhalf dog on the scriptshe's swearing I have a very very strongthing with paintings okay the first sideof the dress that is what you call thefluffy skirt your turn you do the sameon the other side cake okay there thisstart dressing you don't one[Music][Music][Music][Music]no because to me it looks nice[Music]so they're they're finally we are donewith our ad Joe okay thereoh wait this performance let us know bymaking a tweet using original hashtag orcomment on the chat boxes[Music][Music][Music]choice[Music][Music]says solo but then once we found outthat with her brother beside her brotheryeah with her brother himself performedvery very well and that's another nicething about performances especially wehave other siblings or people that aregonna perform with and that's alsothey're a very important characteristicto siblings that are always performingright right oh okaybut anyways now we are going to be doinga challenge so we aren't going to bedoing this game we're going to be namingsongs with food and alerts okay waitcoconut where's the coconut where is thecoconut okay I'm gonna borrow thecoconut Rachel give me the coconutokay yes okay so there is magic so herewe have this giant coconut[Music][Music]you like the drinks so what is ournaming them[Music]I[Music][Music]

Join Kaycee and Rachel in another episode of TKC Play Room.

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